Become an Extra in a Movie and Makeup to $100 Daily

Come closer for a lil secret; we have found a hack! Yes, a very easy way to break into the entertainment industry – be an extra!

Do you remember that friend who gave you advice not to expect much from directors when it comes to acting roles? He was probably right!

As a newbie, directors won’t trust you to take on lead roles. You may feel your auditioning was perfect but in the end, you find that the lead role was given to a more mature actor.

The fastest route to the stardom you seek is to start out as an extra.

When you apply to become an extra in a movie, that request is granted easily whether you have the talent or not. You will even get paid up to $100 daily to become an extra in a movie.

Now, we are here to teach you the ‘how’!

What is an Extra?

An extra is otherwise called a background actor who usually performs in the background during production in a nonspeaking role.

Have you seen a movie where someone was sitting in the office, a football game, restaurant while the main actors do their thing? Now, that’s an extra. Their role is to make the screen look more authentic and close to real-life scenarios.

Don’t look so down-trowden because you will not talk. You will be paid to be an extra in a movie. It is a cool way to make money without stress.

Why Become a Movie Extra?

There are many great reasons to become an extra in a movie. We will list them here.

  • There’s no audition.
  • You don’t need to be an actor
  • Great for networking and friendship with famous people
  • You watch yourself in movies
  • Very important, you get paid at least $100 daily.
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Steps on How To Become a Movie Extra and make $100 Daily

#1 Find a Casting Agency

There are numerous agencies but we have some trusted ones over time: Central Casting, Uni-Versal Extras, and Backstage.

If they are not in your location, simply google casting agencies and visit their websites to find out the kind of movies they’ve worked on.

Usually, once a month, casting agencies hold open casting calls for new actors. Find out where, and show up.

#2 Register

The paperwork for this is quite simple. Well, this depends on the agency. You will basically fill out the application, the tax forms, the proof of citizenship, and so on.

Then they’ll ask you for money. Never pay more than $30 to register with a casting agency. If they’re asking for more, something could be amiss.

#3 Wait for their call

For most extras we spoke with, they got their first jobs within a week f registration with a casting agency. Many even said a few days.

When you get the call, ask for details like what to wear, how much the pay is. Of course, you won’t forget the time and venue.

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#4 Do the shoot

Now, this is fun! Show up, look pretty, act your scene and collect your bucks. There may even be freebies and a new famous actors contact.

#5 Get paid

After the shoot, the check of at least $100 will be waiting. You just got paid as a movie extra.

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If you were early, friendly, and professional, the agency will give you more extra gigs. Just brace up for it.

Again, the more times you feature an extra, your paycheck will gradually rise even up to $300.

How Much Do Extras Get Paid?

A day in the life of an extra mostly starts early and ends late. You just have to stick around during the production for wherever you will be needed. I hope you know that those night scenes in movies were filmed at night? So some days, you may get a call for a night shoot.

For night shots, you may be paid better as an extra in a movie.

As an extra, don’t expect to be paid much to star in a movie, but, if you work on a regular basis, you will definitely make a living.

The payment for an extra is quite simple, either daily or hourly. The most common is the per-day payment.

How much you get paid to be an extra in a movie depends on whether the project is a big or small budget one. But, typically, the rate for one day is between $100 and $200.

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Becoming an extra in a movie is quite easy. You don’t even need an audition. It is just plain simple, fun, and profitable. You get to make at least $100 in a day. Hurry now and join our side hustle, who knows, you may get discovered and become famous!.


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