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10 Best Alternative to OnlyFans | Updated

Are you an influencer or creator? Do you know that you can monetize your content? Well, you can monetize what you do for fun and begin to make money from your passion/talents. And this can be done using the Onlyfans platform.

However, it’s no longer news that Onlyfans just disclosed that it will ban adult content on its platform. This in turn resulted in them being backlashed by the adult creator community. Though Onlyfans retracted its decision, adult creators on Onlyfans had to search for alternatives to Onlyfans.

So, in this blog post, you will learn about Onlyfans and some best alternatives to Onlyfans.

What is Onlyfans?

Onlyfans is an online social network where creators sell their published content to make money (through subscriptions from their fans). Its members make money from the videos and information they share with their subscribers.

The London-based company was established in 2016 and has a free membership. However, you would have to subscribe to the creator’s fan page if you need more content.

Onlyfans creators can freely publish any content of their choice, including explicit content. The platform allows creators to make money in several ways including live streaming, product sales, paid subscriptions, sales of PPV products, and so on.

Onlyfans generate revenue by taking 20 percent of a creator’s earnings. And since the advent of Onlyfans, the platform has grown with over 130 million users.

Who Uses Onlyfans?

All types of creators including influencers, models, actors, musicians, physical fitness experts, and sex workers use Onlyfans to generate income. The pay-per-view feature on the platform allows them to get paid or receive tips directly from fans.

For example, Rubi Rose raised $100,000 within two days on Onlyfans (just by sharing photos from her Instagram account). Blac Chyna charges her fans $20 monthly to gain access to her Onlyfans page.

In addition, actress Bella Thorne alleged that she made over $2 million from Onlyfans in a week. Below is a list of some prominent people on Onlyfans:

Is Onlyfans Only For Adult Content? 

It is believed that Onlyfans is basically for adult/explicit content. This in turn has discouraged a lot of people from sharing other content on the platform. However, Onlyfans is a great platform for various genres.

The porn industry adopted Onlyfans because, unlike other social networks, there are no restrictions on the type of content that can be shared on the Onlyfans platform.

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Although Onlyfans consist majorly of pornographic content, there are a lot of thriving accounts owned by people who earn from the platform.

10 Best Alternatives to Onlyfans 

Having had background knowledge about the Onlyfans platform, let us now look at the best alternatives to Onlyfans.

  1. FanCentro
  2. AVN Stars
  3. JustForFans
  4. LoyalFans
  5. AdultNode
  6. IsMyGirl
  7. Fansly
  8. MYM
  9. Unlockd
  10. AdmireMe

1. FanCentro 

FanCentro, a subscription-based platform was established in 2017. This free alternative to Onlyfans allows creators to post content (including adult content) and live streams and earn some bucks from it.

As one of Onlyfans’ competitors, it is described as a vocal defender of the rights of sex workers. It has so many great features that make it stand out from Onlyfans. Such features include the search tab which allows you to search for categories, models, niches, and so on.

Other features include messaging (free and paid), video clips, subscription, FanCentro feeds, and tips, and it supports multiple languages. FanCentro is one of the best alternatives to Onlyfans where stars can thrive.

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2. AVN Stars

AVN Stars is operated by one of the most prominent magazines, Adult Video News. This social community and fan club platform is synonymous with Onlyfans, making it one of the best alternatives to Onlyfans you might want to try.

On this social network, adult creators can make money from paid subscriptions, tips, live streaming, paid media, and so on.

The advantage it has over Onlyfans is that it is managed and owned by the largest adult industry magazine (which makes it more experienced in the adult industry niche).

They also host an award event called AVN awards where AVN Stars nominated models to compete and win various awards. People aged 18 years and above can sign up on the AVN Stars platform (regardless of their gender).

Other features include watermark options (to prove the true ownership of content), and the subscription price for models can be set between $2 to $50. It also offers the availability of the “Fund Me” feature where users can tip any creator of their choice.

3. JustForFans 

Launched by Dominic Ford in 2018, JustForFans is a free alternative to Onlyfans. JustForFans or JFF is alleged to be created by and exclusively for sex workers & adult performers. Hence, JFF does not allow non-sex workers to create performer pages on its platform.

Operated by someone with knowledge of the adult industry, JustForFans prides itself as an adult site and strives to empower sex workers to generate income through its platform.

Some features of this platform include an “explore” option where users can search for models and content niches of their choice, creators can choose to withdraw their earnings weekly or monthly as the platform has made these options available.

JFF’s subscription services are between $4.99 to $14.99 and the platform takes 30 percent of creators’ earnings. The platform also provides health packages for models on their platform.

4. LoyalFans 

On our list of best alternatives to Onlyfans is LoyalFans. The free alternative to Onlyfans offers you tools that help you through a seamless user experience and interface. LoyalFans approves all genders on its website.

It has a referral program and geo-block feature. To become a creator on LoyalFans, you will need to provide credentials like your ID, age, etc. They also offer a paid service that allows users to pay for sexting. With their camming feature, you can pay for one-on-one cam services.

Other promotional tools available to users of LoyalFans are auto-tweeting and widget builder tools. This new alternative to Onlyfans has a brief description and profile picture options that make it seem like a social media platform.

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5. AdultNode 

This free new alternative to Onlyfans functions with the token system to earn money on the platform. AdultNode is simple to navigate, especially for new users. The website is more like a hybrid of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with a close-knit community which makes it user-friendly.

This token-based website allows creators to earn money by charging tokens for private video calls, receiving tips from fans, charging for private messages, and so on. AdultNode generates revenue by taking 15% of the creators’ earnings.

With their subscription-based VIP account upgrade, creators on AdultNode can boost their posts for more visibility. This makes their profile to be displayed as “recommended” to new users on the homepage.

6. IsMyGirl 

Established by Evan Seinfield, IsMyGirl offers various ways to make money. And this adult social network establishes partnerships on other social networks for cross-platform promotions.

There’s a search option on the homepage of IsMyGirl which allows users to easily search for a specific content type, model, etc. Out of the earnings received by models on the platform, IsMyGirl takes 20%.

In addition, the minimum payout amount on IsMyGirl is $50 and the payout often takes place twice a month. This new alternative to Onlyfans gives models the ability to set up their premium Snapchat account on its platform and earn extra bucks from it when they share more exclusive content.

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7. Fansly

Fansly’s site has a lot of similarities with Onlyfans. Both Fansly’s and Onlyfan’s logos look alike. However, Fansly offers a few different features.

Fansly gained 4000 new users after Onlyfans had announced its ban on adult content. Let’s see some features that make this new alternative to Onlyfans a must-try.

Fansly offers both free and paid subscriptions to users. Users will only see content that a creator wants them to see. But there’s a need for them to subscribe if they want additional uncensored content.

Unlike Onlyfans, Fansly provides a search tab where users can search for creators, models, etc. The tier feature is one great feature that makes Fansly stand out—it allows creators to create several tiers (of a paid subscription) on their profile and post different content under each tier.

With its suggestion tab, you will see displays of verified and famous creators. This helps new users to better maximize the site. And they generate revenue by taking 20% from every creator’s earnings.

8. MYM

This premium social network is built for influencers, public figures, and celebrities too. MYM is much more than exchanging content. While the majority of MYM creators are French, there are still several other European creators on the site.

This free Onlyfans alternative also has a paid subscription service which they can unlock to access more of a creator’s content. MYM prides itself on its rapid growth rate and traffic generated on the site (especially from Europe and other countries).

Additionally, the platform carries one of the best conversion rates and constant engagement brings about more content reach (to a wider audience). This in turn makes creators create content regularly. Hence, fans can always have fresh content to feed with.

9. Unlockd

Unlockd, a new alternative to Onlyfans was launched in 2020 and comes with many perks compared to its competitor, Onlyfans. You may be wondering about some features that Unlockd possesses, we’ll explore them.

Contrary to Onlyfans, Unlockd has the search bar feature which allows users on the platform to make a specific search. Another interesting thing to note about Unlockd is that it offers automated weekly payment to creators. However, you must have made up to $100 before you can withdraw funds.

Even though Unlock is very similar to Onlyfans, it allegedly has a better customer support and pledges to deal with any issue within 24 hours. Additionally, they generate revenue by taking 15% of every creator’s earnings.

10. AdmireMe

AdmireMe was founded by Chelsea Ferguson, the British glamour model. This new alternative to Onlyfans was created by a former stripper who discovered that other adult social platforms were generating money from it. Thus, she felt it would be advantageous to creators.

Some things make AdmireMe a better alternative to Onlyfans. And they include the GBP currency it uses (as a British company), whereas international creators charge in Euros and USD (depending on their preference).

Just like every other aforementioned platform, it provides a search option for its users to search for any content or model of their choice. With AdmireMe, creators can arrange their content in albums, making it easy for users to locate any content they want to see.

Also, if you have posted up to fifty standard posts on the site, you stand a chance to be featured on AdmireMe’s homepage. Thus, giving you the visibility you need. Contrary to other platforms, AdmireMe takes 20% from each creator’s earnings. But if you want to withdraw an amount less than 100 GBP, you will have to pay an admin fee.

Final Thoughts 

Aside from being an adult social media network, Onlyfans has proved to be a beneficiary to millions of creators. Creators and influencers can leverage this platform to make extra bucks for themselves.

But if you do not like Onlyfans, you can explore the aforementioned best alternatives to Onlyfans which also offer other interesting features that might not be found on Onlyfans.


Does Onlyfans charge you to have an account?

Signing up on Onlyfans is completely free of charge.

Is starting an Onlyfans worth it?

One of the best decisions you can make as a content creator is to create an Onlyfans account. There’s so much potential for creators to succeed on the platform. So, consider joining Onlyfans if you’re a creator.

What can’t you do on Onlyfans?

Onlyfans users are not permitted to publish unlawful or fraudulent content on their accounts, share accounts with other people, or promote violence.

How do you find someone on Onlyfans?

Simply tap on the search button at the top right angle of your screen. Then input the username of the person you’re trying to find. After that, click enter.

What do girls post on Onlyfans?

Onlyfans is basically for adult content. However, some creators also use the platform for various purposes outside adult content.


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