10 Best Alternatives to Diamond to Consider For Your Ring Choice

When you think of getting that special person something special like a ring, you might be wondering that adding a nice piece of rock onto it would be a nice touch to it.

A diamond is the to go gem of choice but in a case, you don’t have enough money to afford one or you are looking for something a bit less generic if you feel diamonds are generic, then you came to the right place.

This article will be informing of the different alternatives of diamonds which would still look beautiful on that ring and wow your special one.

We will also highlight the pros and cons of going for diamond alternatives to help you in making the choice that fits your interest.

What Is A “Diamond Alternative”?

A diamond alternative is any gemstone that a person might choose rather than a diamond to put on a ring or any piece of fine jewelry of choice. A diamond alternative can mean different things to different people.

It can be any gem or rock that might have some significance to the owner who puts it on a ring or any jewelry.

Typically, when people hear diamond alternative,” they think diamond stimulants are nothing else but stones that resemble the physical appearance of a diamond, like zirconia, however, there are a lot of gemstones that can be used as a diamond alternative. A diamond alternative can be unique to whoever purchases it.

In this article, we carried out extensive research to find the very best diamond alternative that was most appealing to couples rather than the traditional diamond.

We really hope this list will help you when you go pick out a nice gemstone to replace your diamonds.

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Pros of Diamond Alternatives

If you have plans of getting an engagement ring but are still uncertain about the so-called diamond alternatives.

We put together some advantages of diamond alternatives you might not know about and hopefully these reasons would help with your decision making.

These are some of the pros of diamond alternatives:

You are at liberty to get something that has nothing else like it. You can truly get something unique just for you. This is assuming you pick a gemstone with a unique color or other characteristics.

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When you speak cost wise, diamond alternatives are more pocket friendly alternatives than getting an actual diamond. Diamond alternatives are a brilliant choice, especially when you are on a budget. 

If you are skeptical about diamond alternatives, then you have nothing to worry about. You should know that a lot of celebrities and royals also go for alternatives like sapphires, rubies, and emeralds in their engagement rings and other jewelry instead of regular diamonds.

One of the most famous engagement rings of all time, which was worn by both Princess Diana and her daughter-in-law Kate Middleton, is a beautiful sapphire ring.

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Cons of Diamond Alternatives

Only to be fair, anything with advantages definitely has its disadvantages. Diamond alternatives none the less has its downsides and I feel it’s only fair I let you in on these cons as well so you would be fully aware of what you are getting yourself into before you get in it.

So, without wasting any further time, these are some of the cons I found with diamond alternatives.

  • When you think of durability and hardness, the fact is that no other gem would be as hard and durable as a diamond. Sapphires and moissanites come close to diamonds in this, but none can truly beat the diamond in these characteristics.
  • In as much as these alternative gem stones come close, none is as brilliant and dazzling as a diamond piece. Don’t get me wrong, these alternatives dazzle too, but none will have that brilliance and shimmer like a diamond.
  • Diamonds have the edge of clarity as well as the ability to support a variety of cut styles and internal faceting. If you really want a classic diamond beauty, sadly, no diamond alternative can give you that.

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10 Best Alternatives to Diamond to Consider for Your Ring Choice

Now getting right into it. In this section, we found the best diamond alternatives that research popped up.

We hope this list will greatly help with your decision-making when choosing that beautiful ring for yourself or your special one.

Let’s get right into it

1. Amethyst

Amethysts are variants of quartz which has stunning purple and violet colors, which is because of irradiation. They make very beautiful and unique engagement rings.

Amethysts are not as hard as diamonds, but in terms of durability, we know them to quite as durable as a diamond ring and cost about a fraction of the price of a diamond.

It pairs best with silver or rose gold for a gorgeous and romantic feel. Amethysts are believed to have amazing healing powers and the ability to boost energy levels, expel negative energy, and relieve stress, which makes them an excellent alternative to diamond rings.

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2. Sapphire

Sapphire is a popular gemstone that is known for its typical blue color, even though it at times comes in other hues like peach, yellow, green, pink, and white.

Basically, Sapphires are known as the third hardest mineral in the world and can always substitute for diamonds. It definitely does not sparkle like a diamond, but it looks almost as good and also comes in stunning colors.

We think sapphire represents wisdom, virtue, and good fortune. Sapphires represent faithfulness and sincerity when placed in an engagement ring, a, giving your proposal a lovely meaning.

3. Emerald

Emeralds have this timeless green tome to them. They are gone out of style over the years but would still give that timeless feel to the perfect engagement ring.

The emerald’s green hue gives it the ‘wow’ element and adds a touch of color and glamour to your style. They are a popular engagement ring choice; they symbolize love and new beginnings.

Emeralds are godly, and signify compassion, love, and are believed to connect you to your energies.

They open your heart and mind which makes the emerald ideal for proposing your unending vow to your partner.

4. Pearl

Pearls have so many meanings to a lot of people. Its unique and elegant look give it a regal, loyal, generous and integral symbolism.

They are an eco-friendly choice and is an amazing alternative to diamond rings. On the downside, pearls should be more of an occasional wear because they are not resistant to scratches and tarnish.

5. Topaz

Topaz is a natural choice for engagement rings because of its array of eye-catching colors and tones.

Naturally, topaz is clear-colored gemstones but the presence of impurities introduces blue, orange, red, green, and pink hues into the stone. These imperfections make the stone outstanding for an engagement ring.

Topaz symbolizes honor and strength and is also known to bring longevity and wisdom to anyone’s life. It is a really durable stone; it would make for a great diamond alternative choice for couples.

6. Ruby

Rubies is known for their traditional red color, which makes it unique and exquisite. It is a well-known diamond alternative that has been used in engagement rings for years. We believe it to represent wealth, romance, and success.

Due to their similarity to emeralds and sapphires, they are one of the most valuable stones, which makes them an extremely popular option.

Rubies are tough and would survive the wear and tear of time, but these properties tell in the price. Rubies are rare and beautiful, long-lasting and yet classy.

7. Tanzanite

This rare and exquisite gemstone only came to the limelight in the sixties. It is much rarer than diamonds which makes it extremely pricey.

It is believed that only 30 years’ worth of supply of tanzanite are in the world which makes it precious and a remarkable diamond alternative.

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Most times, it comes in a beautiful indigo color and is believed to symbolize heart and intellect, along with intuition and purity. Tanzanite is used as a symbol of truth, judgement, dignity and longevity.

8. Opal

Opal is a precious gemstone with a unique rainbow sparkle which is different for each piece making it an amazing diamond alternative.

They are believed to symbolize loyalty and good luck. They are also available in black, white and crystal.

An opal is a preferred choice than dull colored gem stones for engagement rings. It isn’t as durable as a diamond but would give you the feel of uniqueness.

9. Garnet

Garnet gemstones are fast becoming the most common diamond alternatives.

Basically, Garnet is a complex gem stone which is known to represent higher thinking and self-empowerment.

Garnet is a gem stone of safety and strength. It is usually unique and paired pearls giving your ring a romantic and timeless feel.

10. Turquoise

The turquoise gemstone slowly creeped into the market as one of the popular diamond alternatives there is. It is trendy and chic and comes in colors ranging from bright blue to pale hues with flecks of metal.

Turquoise has an appealing sea-green color known to symbolize protection, good fortune, hope, wisdom and tranquility. Turquoise gemstones are quite hard to come by and also very valuable in finer grades.

Frequently Asked Question

What stones are comparable to a diamond?

Moissanites or white sapphires are most comparable to a diamond. They might not look exactly like diamonds but they have the closest resemblance to diamonds.

Q2. What is the all-round best diamond alternative?

A moissanite or sapphire is the all-round best diamond alternative because they are durable and offer a variety of colour options.

Q3. What is the most brilliant diamond alternative?

Moissanite is your best bet on brilliance with a refractive index from 2.65 – 2.69, which is higher than a diamond.

What is the most inexpensive diamond alternative?

The most inexpensive diamond alternatives would be gemstones like morganites, aquamarines, and amethysts.

What stone is similar to diamond?

Moissanite takes this and is also known as a diamond simulant. The durability, brilliance, and colour of the two gems are quite distinct.

What stone is more valuable than a diamond?

Emeralds are rarer than diamonds, and gem-quality green-blue-hued emeralds are more expensive than the same quality as a diamond.


They are top-notch diamond alternatives that would definitely give you that classy and romantic look on your ring.

They are less expensive than diamonds, and frankly, more unique in their individual properties than the traditional diamond.



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