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10 Best Alternatives to Selling on eBay | Latest Market Update

The next time you want to go sell stuff, you may need to consider any of these alternatives to selling on eBay.

Unarguably eBay has been a popular shopping website where individuals and businesses can buy and sell new and second-hand items.

The platform has been helping individuals access quality fairly used products. However, the platform has been limited with a number of downsides and as such may make you consider some of these alternatives listed.

These alternatives to eBay provide you with the same services like eBay and offer you better experience. So take your time to read through to find them.

Let’s get in…

List of Alternative Platforms to Selling on eBay

Here are some of the platforms that have proven to be better alternatives to selling on ebay. Carefully look through.


This is becoming the largest online market area, offering attractive and interesting products with differences both for the sellers and those purchasing.

Amazon gives a great platform for major sellers and allows free listing. However, it has high competition and higher fees.


People that sell handmade stuff, crafts, vintage products, etc on Esty are in for a safe bet. It is easy to use and allows the sale of massive products.


This is consistently gaining weight. It has a huge reach and customer background. This one is easy to set up and free.

Compare to eBay, Walmart doesn’t offer auctions and gives fixed price listings. Here owners of businesses pay referral fees for successful sales and don’t need to pay any maintenance fees.


This is gradually exploding it has a top-quality communication background, and this gives quirky items. That means you can sell virtually anything.


Here, there no listing or selling fees. It is basically for design and automation. On Craigslist, disputes are unavoidable so you must keep to your lane, also you can sell items locally and it has a free section where people discard things or items they don’t want.


eBid is an Online Auction and Fixed Price Marketplace for the United States. This is cheaper than eBay and has a lower risk option. Much work is needed here to get out the potential on this platform. Here you can promote your listings.


Rakuten is a large market platform that is very popular. It has excellent selling tools and support. On Rakuten, customers can earn Cash Back at 2500+ stores or shop for electronics, clothing, games, sporting goods, and more.


This is a platform for every item sellers can list. Here you have a well-defined audience and potential customer base. Newegg does fulfillment and takes commission rate. It also provides account managers who can help set up your business and guide you.

Bottom Line

We hope you find these platforms helpful next time you’ve got stuff to sell. You can check them out and have a feel of their services.

Mbagwu Amarachi Chilaka
Mbagwu Amarachi Chilaka
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