10 Best Apps For Galaxy Watch In 2021 | Full Review

The Galaxy Watch is one of the most resourceful smartwatches in the market. A big part of it is the growing assemblage of apps available in the Galaxy store.

Whether your thing is fitness, home automation, or productivity, music, or the internet; there’s an app for you.

The following Galaxy Watch apps will revolutionize your watch from just a digital timepiece into a functional tool you’ll use every day. Let’s roll!

10 Best Apps For Galaxy Watch

Here’s a list of the best apps for Samsung Galaxy watch.

#1 Spotify

Samsung and Spotify have a good relationship so it is no surprise that the Spotify app is first on our list of best apps for Galaxy watch. Samsung offers full Spotify support allowing users of the app to access their recently played songs, select their own playlists, or check out the top Spotify charts.

For Premium Spotify users, Samsung also allows offline playback support. All of this makes the Spotify app the first choice for anyone who wishes to listen to music through their Samsung smartwatch.

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#2 Uber App

With the Uber app on your Samsung watch, it is easy to book an Uber ride. The simplicity of being able to get a ride from your wrist is one reason this app makes it our list of best apps for the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Despite the size of the screen, you can drag the map around when selecting a pickup spot and the rotating bezel allows for zooming in and out. It’s easy to select a pickup spot and then wait for your ride to arrive.

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#3 Facer

The facer app on Samsung Galaxy watches offers a variety of packages that enables you to personalize your Galaxy watch and make it special to you.

Once you’ve found a face that takes your fancy, you’ll be able to see a profile of the app, which also shows a series of preview options. You can hit the play icon to see how animated watch faces work for instance, or see how it looks on different Galaxy watch models.

#4 Here WeGo

Here WeGo is one of the more popular map apps in the Samsung Galaxy Store. Probably because it offers interactive, real-time maps with clear audio navigation and notifications.

This free navigation app guides local and global travelers on journeys both familiar and foreign. The app now has a fresh design and clearer, easier-to-use navigation to enable you to enjoy a more carefree journey and reach your destination effortlessly, however you need to get there.

You can get traffic updates which are handy if you’re in a new place and want to know how long a taxi will take to get from A to B.

#5 Flipboard News Briefing

Flipboard Briefing is a one-stop app for all the latest news, event info, shopping and restaurant options, weather forecasts, stock prices, and more. With an elegant, magazine-style layout, you can flip through the day’s biggest news after a quick swipe to the right or left on your home screen. The Samsung watch app offers users a personalized rundown of the latest national and local headlines that matter most to you, not some algorithm.

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#6 Check Twitter

An app called ‘Watch Viewer for Twitter’ allows you to read your feed on your wrist in a nice and simple display. What’s more, you can check out other peoples’ profiles including their follower count. 

#7 Samsung Internet (Surf the internet)

If you forget to take your phone with you, it’s somewhere in the bottom of your bag, or you just want to look something up really quickly, the Galaxy watch gives you the option to surf the web on your watch. Samsung Internet certainly won’t be replacing tablets or smartwatches for ease of web browsing but it definitely offers an adequate alternative for a quick Google search.

#8 Gear Voice Memo

With Gear Voice Memo, Samsung Galaxy smartwatch users have access to a powerful voice recorder on their wrists. Once downloaded, users just tap the screen to record and again once they have finished. Along with the recording, the app also provides a transcription and both will automatically be synced with your phone.

Voice memos are quick to record and much more versatile.

#9 Samsung Speedometer

The Samsung Speedometer is used to track your speed. If you are training for a run, or you’re a cyclist and want to know your speed, this app on your Galaxy watch is just perfect The app calculates speed by using GPS data and also allows for journeys to be saved. It’s great to keep track of your training but also a fun app for if you just want to challenge your mates to see who is actually the fastest!

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#10 Strava

Strava app is one of the most popular and versatile fitness apps for those who are specifically into cycling and running. You can install the app on your Samsung smartwatch to monitor some very acute data about your training activities. Though Samsung has its own health app, Strava is wildly popular across all kinds of devices. 

Final Words

Having a Samsung Galaxy watch means that you have access to these top 10 best Galaxy apps and more. The great thing about a Galaxy smartwatch is it serves as a perfect fit.


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