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15 Best Author Websites of 2023 | Complete Guide to Creating one | Template

As an author, you need the inspiration to create a great author website to take your work to the next level.

You need to visit other authors’ websites so you can create an interesting website that positions you for success.

You’ll find in this article examples of authors’ websites you can follow in creating a functional author website for your work.

In this article, you will also find answers to frequently asked questions to make creating an author’s website seamless.

What should an author put on a website?

An author should put on a website basic information about him and his world.

You should include content your readers cannot find anywhere else.

These are the content you can include on your website:

  • Author bio
  • Books information
  • Blog
  • Contact information
  • Media page
  • Excerpts from your work
  • Reading guides to your work
  • Media page

What is the best writing website?

A writing website is an excellent resource you should have in your toolbox as an author.

You can find on writing websites resources from creative writing to publishing guidelines.

There’s no one size fits all. What makes a writing website the best is if it contains quality advice to help your work reach its full potential.

Writing websites give concrete advice for implementing literary techniques in your writing.

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Do Authors Need a Website?

Yes, authors need a website. We are in the information age. And if you want your audience and prospective publishers to find out about you and your work, you need a functional website.

A fully functional website would serve as the public relations for you and your work.

How do you create an author’s website? | Complete Guide

There are 6 steps to create an author’s website

1. Choose a domain name

Build your author platform around your name. This is important because you won’t choose a domain name for each work.

And if your name is not available, choose something close to your name that your audience or prospective publisher can easily find.

2. Sign up for a web host

Choose a web host with great affordable products and world-class support.

Also, they should make it simple to install your website and get it up and running.

3. Choose the right platform

There are several platforms to choose from. However, WordPress stands above the rest.

You have access to free plugins to add customized functionality to your website.

Also, you have access to thousands of themes to customize the design of your website.

There is someone to help if you have major trouble with your website.

4. Choose an author website theme

WordPress makes it easy to change the design of your website. Install website themes suitable for the website and customize them to your taste.

5. Add your content

Add everything your audience and prospective publishers need to know about you and your work.

Make it easy for the buyer to buy from your website.

6. Customize your plugins.

Add functionality and customization to your website by using available plugins.

5 Templates for creating an Author website

1. Chayma

This template comes with amazing visuals and features that set it apart. It is completely responsive and adjusts to all the device screens.

It is great for audiobooks, 3D animated books, and promotional content.

2. Odrin

This comes with a book preview element that lets your readers read snippets and demos of your book.

It is a shop-friendly design and multi-author support. You can use it as an independent writer or a publisher.

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3. Book Covers

This template is designed primarily for book publishers and bookstore owners.

It is marketing-friendly and comes with features specifically with e-commerce in mind.

4. Novella

It is designed to market your books and preview them most fashionably.

This template comes with a clean and minimalistic design.

5. Bookstore & Library

This author’s website template can also double as an e-library.

It is e-commerce ready meaning you can easily sell your books independently.

15 Best Author Websites in 2023

1. Mariafelipe

Maria Felipe writes about happiness. And she leverages a professional image above the fold combined with a clear call to action.

There is social proof.

This is a website to visit for a nice colour scheme, a clear call to action, and dominant images.


2. Writtenbydavid

You can visit this website for unique typography and the ‘about me section.

It has a unique web design.


3. Kirandellimore

This website is a conversion-focused author website.

It is a great website with great images and a nice color scheme.


4. Samanthaaltea

Samantha Altea is a writer, copywriter, journalist, and author.

The website has a playful design, unique styling, and bold and powerful design.


5. Judymoody

Judy Moody has a website for authors of children’s books.

The menu is set up around the main character which makes the website unique and engaging.

You can visit for inspiration for playful design, a great fit with the target group, and bold and powerful design.


6. Whoisamy

Need inspiration for fun design, playful typography, and a unique website?

You should pay visits to this website.


7. Davidsedarisbooks

David Sedaris focuses on the target group ‘who likes to read’.

The website has a clean design, lots of white spaces, and magnificent structure.


8. Bradthor

This great author’s website is filled with enticing calls to action and personal images.

It has a clean design, a great focus on conversions, and splendid pictures.


9. Jkrowling

JK Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter Series should be on the list.

The website has a unique design. It has a simple yet effective design.

Visit for inspiration.


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10. Sandrabrown

Sandra Brown understands the power of personal branding.

The author’s website has lots of whitespaces and a clear call to action above the fold.

It’s nice and big images of the author help the visitor connect.


11. Spilledink

Nicole Laidler focuses on converting website visitors to paying clients.

The website has lots of whitespaces and a clear call to action.

The images make the design more personal.

If this is your inspiration, pay a visit.


12. Jakeknapp

Jake Knapp is the inventor of the Design Sprint. He has written 2 books Sprint and Make Time.

The website has a simple yet effective design.

Jake shows great social proof by embedding the ‘as seen on’ logos.

There is a lot of whitespace on the website.


13. Erinedits

Erin Edits is a great author website of a text editor. It is filled with some powerful copywriting.

There is a clear call to action at the bottom of the page.

If you are looking to get more writing clients, have a look at this website.


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14. Francescaerritella

The author’s website has an engaging background image.

It has lots of white space and a clear call to action throughout the design.

You can visit for inspiration for your author’s website.


15. Davidbach

David Bach is a New York Times bestselling author who wrote 10 consecutive bestsellers.

There are 7 million books in print and translated in over 19 languages.

The website is a professional and conversion-focused author website.

David included lots of social proof on his website.



What is an author’s website?

It is your primary online presence, where your readers find out about you and your work.

What makes a good author website?

It allows communication between the author and his or her readers.

Does an author need a website?

Yes, an author needs a website dedicated to his work.

Does an unpublished author need a website?

Yes, an unpublished author needs a website. It is an essential element of his or her online presence.

How do I create an author website for free?

You can use any of these to set up an author’s website.


There is no point in reinventing the wheel. The author websites listed above should serve as an inspiration for you to create a great author website for your work.