Best Banks In North Carolina NC In 2022 | Rates, Account Types, Min. Deposit

Keeping money in the bank to some seems more trouble than it’s worth. But the question is, where else can you keep your money?

If you choose to keep your money in a box, hole, or even under the mattress, will you be able to earn interest on the money you deposit? I’m sure the biggest hole in North Carolina can’t make such promises – only the best banks in North Carolina guarantee interest on any money you deposit.

So, if you live in North Carolina and need help to find the best bank in NC, this article will be of great help.

Banks in NC offer customers interest on deposits, helping to protect against money-losing value against inflation.

Having a bank account opens you up to various investment plans, loan options, and also makes creating a budget easier.

In this article, we’ll be listing the best banks in North Carolina (NC). We chose our list of best banks based on the services they offer, the interest rates obtainable, and the minimum deposit.

You can take a quick look at the table of contents.

What Services Should I Look for at Top Banks in North Carolina?

While researching for the best banks in North Carolina, here is the list of services to look out for:

Type of accounts available

Majority of the banks in NC offer traditional checking and savings account. Additionally, you’ll find banks that offer money market and CDs.

These accounts allow for many or unlimited deposits and withdrawals via check, ATM, and mobile app.

Interest rate

We know good banks by the interest rate they offer. Therefore, any bank that should top your chart of the best banks in NC should have a good interest rate.


Just like every other bank, your choice of a bank in NC should be the one that provides various loans like car loans, house loans, student loans among others. You also have to consider the rates to be paid for a loan, as it will help you determine which one to go for.

Investment services

Most banks offer investment services to their customers, which helps them plan for the future and events and also make reasonable financial decisions.

Additional services

Besides the accounts, interest rate, minimum deposit, loans, and investment services, also be wary about the availability of mobile banking services, credit card.

Which Are The Best Banks In North Carolina

Choosing the best banks in North Carolina isn’t an all effortless task as there are so many banks offering services. To help you select the best banks in NC, we considered the bank’s rates, account types, and minimum deposit. Here’s a list of the best banks in North Carolina:

#1 First Horizon Bank

RATE: O.61% APY (varies according to account)

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ACCOUNT TYPE: Checking, Savings, CDS, Money market


This best bank in North Carolina offers multiple banking services that include checking/savings accounts, loans, investment products, credit cards, and private client services.

First Horizon Bank is part of First Horizon National Corporation, which offers wealth management and fixed income products as well as regional banking from approximately 250 locations throughout the Southeast.

First Horizon Bank has digital and mobile banking features that allow customers to access their services from anywhere and anytime. In addition, this best bank in NC gives customers access to budgeting and other financial management tools that enables them to save money and manage their paycheck well.

For more details on the First Horizon Bank, Click Here.

#2 First National Bank

RATE: 0.01% APY

ACCOUNT TYPE: Checking, Savings, CDS, Money market


First National Bank is part of F.N.B. Corporation. This North Carolina bank has close to 350 branches spanning seven states and the District of Columbia and over $35 billion in assets.

With branches in Charlotte, Raleigh, Durham, and the Piedmont Triad area all in North Carolina, First National Bank offers a wide range of services to its customers in form of diverse accounts, investments, loans, and retirement options as well as insurance.

When you visit First National’s website, you’ll find a comprehensive layout that makes it easy for individuals and business owners to find the banking solutions they’re looking for pretty quickly.

First National Bank offers average interest rates on its bank accounts. The highest interest rates are attached to the bank’s certificates of deposit. For other accounts, you must maintain higher balances to earn at a higher interest tier. If you’re simply looking for a bank that will let you earn at the highest interest rate possible, you will want to look at some of First National’s competitors.

For more details, Click Here.

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#3 BB&T

RATE: 0.01% APY

ACCOUNT TYPE: Checking, Savings, CDS, Money market


With over 350 branches in North Carolina, BB&T now Truist helps clients achieve economic success and financial security. (SEE THE BEST FINANCIAL MA


On BB&T now Truist you can find savings, checking, CDs, individual retirement accounts (IRAs), insurance, and a variety of loan options. In addition to services, BB&T offers health saving accounts (HSAs), which you can pair with a high-deductible health plan (HDHP).

Mobile banking is also easy with the BB&T app. It includes features like mobile check deposit and bill pay. You can also create budgets and track your spending.

For more details, Click Here.

#4 Fidelity Bank

RATE: 0.02% APY

ACCOUNT TYPE: Savings, checking, CDs and Money Market Accounts


Founded in 1909, Fidelity Bank has over 58 locations throughout 26 counties in North Carolina and Virginia.

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Here, the long-term success and financial well-being of our customers is the top priority.

A factor that makes this one of the top banks in NC for those in search of the best bank in North Carolina is that it has continued to be independent, profitable, and dedicated to a customer-first philosophy.


#5 Wells Fargo Bank

RATE: 0.01%APY

ACCOUNT TYPE: Savings, checking, CDs and Money Market Accounts


Established in 1852, Wells Fargo Bank has a rich history as a pioneer bank that focuses on customer convenience. With over 7,400 locations serving over 70 million customers, Wells Fargo has helped customer grow their economical and financial life.

Being one of the best banks in NC, Wells offers lending, investment, and wealth management services to individuals, businesses, and communities.

Click for more details on Wells Fargo Bank.

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#6 PNC Bank

Rate: 0.01% APY

Account Type: Savings, Checking

Minimum Deposit: $25

PNC Bank is perfect for small businesses and uses its wide range of services to make banking easier and more convenient.

With a wide network of operations and over 80 branches in 36 different cities and towns in Kentucky, PNC bank offers good credit card options, lending solutions for students, as well as a student banking option known as Virtual Wallet Student. (SEE THE SIMPLE WAYS TO USE CREDIT CARDS)

Additionally, you can get access to mobile banking, online banking, text banking, money transfer, to mention a few other banking tools for free. The bank also offers wealth management services to help you invest in the stock market.

However, the downside to this bank is that it has a low savings account interest rate.

Get to know more by clicking HERE.

#7 Fifth Third Bank

RATE: 0.01% APY

ACCOUNT TYPE: Checking, Savings, CDs and Money Market accounts


Established in 1858, Fifth Third Bank is one of the oldest banks in the country. With over 1,200 centers spread across.

Some of the services provided by Fifth Third include mortgages for financing or refinancing a home, education planning, retirement planning, and general personal and business banking options, such as a Fifth Third checking account or savings account.

At Fifth Third Bank you can deposit into your checking and savings from your mobile app.
In addition to banking services that cut across opening accounts, facilitating cash transactions, and adding interests, Fifth Third Bank also offers loans and cash management tips to its customers.

You will also have access to more than 1,200 branches to do in-person banking, should you wish.

Visit their official website.

#8 Bank of America

RATE: 0.01% APY

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ACCOUNT: Checking, savings, CDs


According to advisoryhq, Bank of America is the second-largest bank holding company in the U.S., in terms of assets. With locations across the United States, the bank’s headquarters is situated in Charlotte, NC.

With over 4,600 retail financial centers, Bank of America stands as one of the best banks in NC.

Bank of America does not just offer account options to clients, it runs a system that supports small business owners, students and clients in general

Bank of America offers clients easy access to a secured free mobile banking app.

For more information on Bank of America, Click Here

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#9 First Citizens Bank

RATE:  0.03% APY

ACCOUNT TYPE: Savings, Current, CDs, Money Market


With its headquarters located in Raleigh, NC, First Citizens Bank prides itself as one of the best banks in North Carolina that has operated in the value of integrity and a customer-centric approach.

First Citizens Bank gives customers access to a plethora of ways to save, investment options, and amazing interest rates.

Just like every other bank on our list, First Citizens Bank protects all account information of its clients.

Using their digital banking platform gives you access to features that will help you track your spending habits, seamlessly move your money, set alerts for your transaction, and do lots more.

At the core of business is the desire to help individuals, families and businesses attain greater heights.

For more details on First Citizens Bank, Visit their website.

#10 Pinnacle Financial Partners

RATE: Undisclosed

ACCOUNTS: Checking, Savings, CDs and Money Market

Minimum deposit: $50

Driven by the goal to become one of the best financial services firm in North Carolina and beyond and also the best place to work, Pinnacle offers its customers the best of services in terms of personal and business banking solutions, wealth management, loans, and other financial services.

To make money management easy, Pinnacle offers dynamic online and mobile banking options to its customers.

Pinnacle Financial Partners branches in NC are in Charlotte, Greensboro/High Point, Raleigh/Durham, and Winston-Salem.

Visit their official website for more details.


Here’s a table of the best banks in North Carolina.

1.First Horizon BankO.61% APYChecking, Savings, CDS, Money market$50
2. First National Bank0.01% APY Checking, Savings, CDS, Money market$50
3. BB&T0.01% APYChecking, Savings, CDS, Money market$100
4. Fidelity Bank0.02% APY Checking, Savings, CDS, Money market$1
5. Wells Fargo Bank0.01% APY Checking, Savings, CDS, Money market$25
6. PNC Bank0.01% APYSavings, Checking$25
7. Fifth Third Bank0.01% APYChecking, Savings, CDS, Money market$0
8. Bank of America0.01% APYChecking, savings, CDs$25
9. First Citizens Bank0.03% APY Checking, Savings, CDS, Money market$25
10. Pinnacle Financial Partners—-Checking, Savings, CDS, Money market$50


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