15 Best Beach Towns To Retire In 2022

If you have plans to retire, the first thing in your mind should be the perfect place to retire. If you love the water and the serene environment, where else to retire than a beach town. Many people dream about retirement in a beach town.

If you plan to retire in a beach town, this article provides a list of the best beach towns to retire in 2022.

Why Should You Retire In Beach Towns?

Some of the reasons why you would totally love to retire in the best beach towns are:

  • In beach towns, there is always something to do. You would constantly be entertained by the frequent shopping, dining, and entertainment.
  • Retiring in a beach town is healthy. Outside of the obvious benefits, like being able to work on your tan whenever you want, the fresh air and vitamin D are great for your health. Studies also show that people who live near the beach are often less stressed and live happier lives. 
  • The beach towns you can retire to have the best places properties to drive a return on your investment are beach homes. 
  • Depending on which part of the beach town you live in, you can enjoy the silence, accompanied by a community and town feel. 

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Disadvantages Of Retiring In A Beach Town?

With the aforementioned advantages, you might think there are no disadvantages attached to retiring in beach towns. Nonetheless, here are a few disadvantages of retiring in beach towns:

  • In beach towns, the weather can be quite unpredictable. Just as often, however, the beach brings heavy rain that can often last for days at a time. Natural disasters are also a concern for beach dwellers. Hurricanes and floods, for example, can leave lasting damage.
  • The maintenance cost of beach towns is also on the high side. The corrosive nature of saltwater, potential flood damage, and expensive insurance threaten to cut holes in your pocket. 
  • Also, when you retire to beach towns, you would barely have the privacy you need. If you just want to escape to your own private corner of the beach, you would not like this very much. Beach towns are prone to tourists, so that could be a problem. 
  • When you move to a beach town, expect to have visitors. A lot of visitors, or at least a lot more than you’re used to. Your brother who could never find the time to visit you before may suddenly be available now that you live near the beach. 
  • If you live near a beach or go often, you’ll find sand everywhere: in your car, your cooler, your shoes, the pocket of your favorite jacket, you name it. At first, it may be a welcome reminder that you’re where you want to be. But after a while, when that on-vacation feeling wears off, it can get a little annoying, especially if you like to keep your home clean and tidy. You’ll need to either vacuum frequently or resign yourself to the sand. 
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What Is The Average Cost Of Retiring In The Best Beach Towns?

Depending on the beach house you have chosen, the average cost of living in beach towns is about $1000 – $3,000. Broken down, the costs are usually:

  • Rent and internet- $400
  • Electricity and water- $200
  • Food- $300
  • Transportation- $20
  • Entertainment- $50

15 Best Beach Towns To Retire In 2022

#1. Miami Beach Coast, Florida

Retirees who crave a city vibe may opt to head to Miami. Also called “The Magic City,” Miami, constantly lures retirees to fast-paced South Beach or laid back Key Biscayne. They can also soak up the sun all year long, although Miami also faces occasional rain storms and hurricane threats.

Housing will cost those age 60 and older $1,529 a month if they have a mortgage or $589 if they don’t. Renters should expect to pay $998 per month. The weather in Miami is nice and depending, it could also be one of the safest beach towns to retire in 2022.

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#2. Melbourne, Florida

Melbourne is an affordable beach town for retirement. The median home price among people age 60 and older is $191,600. The Indian River Lagoon separates the mainland from a barrier island, which is a popular spot to catch glimpses of passing dolphins and sea turtles.

You can visit the beach where Juan Ponce de León first landed in North America in 1513 near Melbourne Beach or observe and help protect sea turtles at the Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge, which stretches 20.5 miles between Melbourne Beach and Wabasso Beach.

Residents of Melbourne enjoy a beach retirement along the Atlantic Ocean at reasonable prices.

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#3. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach attracts plenty of tourists with its SkyWheel, boardwalk and Atlantic Ocean beaches. The low cost of living makes it affordable for retirees to live near the beach permanently. It costs a median of $1,267 per month to own a home with a mortgage in Myrtle Beach, and just $913 monthly to rent.

You’re likely to find plenty of other retirees for company, since a third of the population is 60 or older. Myrtle Beach scores high marks for desirability, according to a U.S. News survey about where people age 45 and older most want to live in retirement. Myrtle Beach has a wide variety of golf courses, including designs by Robert Trent Jones and Jack Nicklaus.

#4. Daytona Beach, Florida

If you’re looking for a cheap place to retire near the beach, consider Daytona Beach. The median home price is just $188,000. Homeowners age 60 and older pay a median of $1,258 per month with a mortgage, and the median rent is $1,029 per month.

Daytona Beach is a popular retirement spot, and almost a third of the population 32% is age 60 or older. The headquarters for NASCAR is home to several large motorsports events each year. Health care services are provided by Halifax Health Medical Center of Daytona Beach and Advent Health Daytona Beach. 

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#5. Clearwater, Florida

The Gulf Coast city of Clearwater features miles of white sand beaches that have ranked among the best beaches in the U.S. and world. The area has amenities like a robust public transit system, two conveniently located major airports, a bustling downtown and active nightlife, and the renowned Clearwater Marine Aquarium, which offers rescue, rehabilitation, and release of marine animals. It is one of the best beach towns to retire in 2022. 

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#6. Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville boasts 22 miles of white-sand beaches along the Atlantic coast. The Jacksonville Beach Pier provides opportunities for deep-water fishing and strolling nearly a quarter mile past the shore. Less-crowded Neptune Beach often attracts surfers. This northern Florida city near the Georgia state line is bisected by the St. Johns River, which provides additional opportunities for boating and fishing.

The median housing expense is $1,427 per month among homeowners with a mortgage, and it costs a median of $1,059 per month to rent an apartment near the beach in Jax, as the locals call it.

#7. Edmonds, Washington

One of the best beach towns to retire in 2022 is Edmonds, Washington. This beach town is affordable, has a high weather rank, has a high safety rank, high economy, education and health rank.

Edmonds residents have direct access to Puget Sound and are only a 30-minute drive to Seattle. Locals can whale watch, fish, or take advantage of hiking trails. If you are planning to retire in a beach town, you should really consider retiring in Edmonds, Washington. 

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#8. Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida is located along the Gulf Coast and the Tampa Bay. This beach town has the powdery sand and swaying palm trees of a beach destination as well as the skyscrapers and high rises of a major metro area.

The combination can work well for retirees who are looking for a place to retire near the beach on a budget, but don’t want to give up the amenities and services of living in a city. Tampa’s entertainment options include a port for cruise ships, theme parks and professional sports teams. Tampa is one of the best beach towns to retire in 2022. 

#9. Fort Myers, Florida

Located on Florida’s Gulf Coast, the Fort Myers metro area boasts a number of beaches within its reach, such as Fort Myers Beach and Sanibel and Captiva islands.

The median home cost for those age 60 and older is $200,200. The median monthly mortgage payment is $1,364, while monthly costs for a paid-off house is $562. Median rent is $1,033 per month.

#10. Sarasota, Florida

Just about an hour south of Tampa, Sarasota is a popular tourist and retirement destination thanks to the white, powdery sand beaches like those on Siesta Key. About 2.7 million people visited Sarasota County between October 2017 and September 2018, according to the latest statistics from the area’s tourism bureau.

Approximately 26.50% of the population is aged 65 and older, making it a good retiring beach town. 

#11. Monterey, California

With a high affordability rank, and a high weather rank and safety rank, Monterey California is one of the best beach towns to retire. In this beach town, you would enjoy everything you can possibly enjoy in living in a beach town.

Life here is generally affordable, with a high education and health rank. Retirees in Monterey, California can head to Monterey State Beach to lounge in the sand, fish, or swim in the Pacific Ocean. The beach town is also right off California’s scenic Highway. 

#12. Daytona Beach, Florida

For a cheaper retirement option, head to Daytona Beach on Florida’s Atlantic coast. It may also be a little livelier. The median home price for those age 60 and older is $160,200. The median mortgage payment is $1,173 per month, while the monthly cost of a mortgage-free home is $433.

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The median monthly rent is $910. The Daytona Beach, Florida, having reasonable security, education and health updates, is one of the best beach towns to retire in 2022. 

#13. Ocean City, New Jersey

Ocean City offers its residents many opportunities to stay entertained, active, and involved in the community. The town boasts myriad local organizations from an arts center to sailing group, miles of bike paths, a bustling board walk, and year-round calendar of events. Ocean City,

New Jersey is affordable, safe, and has a high quality of life rank. It is one of the best beach towns to retire. 

#14. Coral Gables, Florida

Coral Gables is rich with culture and offers a public art program and cultural grants to the local community. The close-knit community offers dozens of amenities to its residents, including a youth center that provides members with year-round access to its theater, basketball courts, roller hockey ink, camps.

The Coral Gables, Florida is one of the best beach towns to retire in 2022. 

#15. North Palm Beach, Florida

North Palm Beach, Florida is another one of the best beach towns to retire in 2022. It is very affordable and the weather is honestly not so bad. It is also very safe to live in, with an economy rank of 52%.

The education and health rank is also on the good side, so is the quality of life rank. North Palm Beach has good schools, higher-than-average home prices, a busy calendar of year-round community events, and functions as a veritable paradise for boaters. 


People innately love being near the water. Just the act of looking at a body of water in real life or in a photograph measurably lowers stress levels. The average cost of a waterfront home in the U.S. is about double that of a similar house located inland, but you get what you pay for. You would get to live happier and healthier than those who live away from water. The advantages of retiring in a beach town are definitely worth it. 

FAQs On The Best Beach Town To Retire

What is the cheapest beach town to retire in?

Biloxi, Mississippi. Biloxi, which sits right next to Gulfport, is America’s most affordable beach city, according to SmartAsset. The median home value is $161,700 and the median annual property tax is $1,1986 a bit more expensive compared to Gulfport but you’ll pay about $737 in housing costs each month.

What is the safest beach town in the United States?

Naples, FL and Laguna Beach, CA are the safest beach towns in the United States. 

What is the best small beach town to live in?

The best small beach towns to live in are Watch Hill, Rhode Island with a population of 154, Bald Head Island, North Carolina with a population of 230, Trinidad, California with a population of 324.


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