Best Beach Towns To Retire In 2022

Feeling the warmth feeling of the sand beneath your legs and the sound of the waves from the beaches evoke a chill feeling. With the beaches being popular outdoor locations and having the power of invigorating you, most beach towns are a dream destination for retirement.

The United States has many beaches scattered across various states including New Jersey, New England, California, and Michigan. These beach towns are popular destinations for tourists and retirees as they provide convenient access to the beach and all the amenities retirees need.

Retiring in a beach town requires proper research to ensure that the selected town offers all facilities and access needed for a completely comfortable retirement. A good beach town for retirement should have basic amenities like good housing, low cost of living, easy means of transportation, state-of-the-art health facilities, and a good tax rate for employees.

Are you interested in retiring to one of the beach towns in the United States? This article will focus on reviewing the best beach towns to retire using housing affordability and retiree taxes as major determining factors.

What Are Beach Towns?

Just as the name implies, beach towns are towns that are located near various beaches. Living in a beach town gives you the opportunity of enjoying the delightful feeling of saltwater rushing over your toes and the hit of the sea breeze. All beach towns are similar in having beautiful coastal views and have an easy-going chill vibe to them. The fusion of these various combinations makes beach towns popular destinations for tourists and retirees. America has an impressive spread of beaches over its various states.

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Benefits Of Retiring In A Beach Town

With coastal destinations being popular retirement spots, what benefits are involved with retiring in a beach town? Retiring in a beach town has several benefits like:

1. Scenery

Most beach towns have an alluring beauty. During your retirement, you’ll probably want to shake up things, wake up to beautiful views, and generally relax. Beach towns allow you to satisfy all these wishes. By going to the beaches in these towns you engage your body to new smells, sounds, and feelings; this can bring about an overall improvement of your mental state.

2. Fresh air

Beach towns have one big feature you’re sure not to find in urban settlements. The beach towns have fresh air not contaminated with various industrial fumes and automobiles which is a trademark of the urban air. The fresh air from beach towns is one of the attractive features to retirees, especially the older ones.

3. Nice feel of nature

Beach towns enable their residents to be very close to nature. Being close to nature is known to help in alleviating stress, blood pressure, and improving overall well-being. Retirees who are seeking a place where they can go to just to relax without stress, anxiety, or stress usually have beach towns as top considerations. Time spent on the beaches in beach towns is known to increase your self-esteem as they create this feeling of invincibility while feeling less isolated and happier.

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Best Beach Towns To Retire

With the various benefits which beach towns grant their residents, which beach towns are the best in the United States. There are various beach towns in the united states but the best beach towns for you to relax and soak in life throughout your retirement are:

1. Melbourne, Florida

The town of Melbourne is one of the best beach towns to retire in with its beautiful beaches which are located along the Florida space coast. The beaches in Florida are ideal for fishing and snorkeling. The city is one of the Top picks for retirees due to its “NO FLORIDA STATE INCOME TAX” which entitles retirees to be exempted from any tax on social security, pensions, and any retirement funds.

Melbourne also offers retirees an affordable cost of living with the home price being within the national average. The city also has a comprehensive medical facility which is one of the basic features retirees search for.

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2. Hilo, Hawaii

We can’t review the best beach towns to retire in without throwing in the city of Hilo in Hawaii. The high cost of living doesn’t compare to what the town delivers retirees.

The city retirement tax is about average as they tax income from the internal revenue services. The beach town has an impeccable health care system and can be referred to as one of the best in the country. The city witnesses a rainy climate. Residents of this beautiful city can indulge in Golfing, nice scene picnics, art gallery exhibitions, and enjoy the convenience of a farmers market.

3. Fort Myers, Florida

The state of Florida has a lot of beautiful beach towns and the city of Fort Myers is one of the best. The no Florida state income tax is applied to this town hence endearing it also to retirees. The city has about a 7-mile stretch of white sand beaches lying along the southwest coast. The cost of living in this town is below the national average which is beneficial to retirees who might be living on a limited amount of money.

Residents o Fort Myers enjoy the myriad of health care facilities and services open in the town. The city is a dream location for retirees with its various outdoor activities like golfing, fishing, and swimming.

4. Lincoln City, Oregon

Lincoln City, Oregon is one of the best beach towns to retire in with its beautiful stretch of sandy beaches. The cost of living in Lincoln city is not so affordable as the average cost of living in the city is slightly above the national average.

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The retirement scene in Lincoln city is average with the city exempting tax on social security and state sales but applying tax from any income on the internal revenue services and 401 (K). Lincoln city has a very small population of residents hence reducing the percentage of crimes that occur in the town. There are various activities retirees can indulge in the state like hiking, fishing, and whale sightings.

5. Sarasota, Florida

The city is one of the beach towns on the list that does not just have one beach or just two. The state of Florida ‘NO FLORIDA STATE INCOME TAX’ is applied to the town with just this tax law placing all beach towns in Florida at the radar of retirees in the country. Sarasota offers its residents quality health care through the Sarasota memorial health care system.

The cost of living in Sarasota is quite affordable and the median home price ranges around $270,000. The residents can engage in golfing and hiking. This retirement haven has an active cultural scene with its impressive museum of art.

6. San Diego, California

The town is thoroughly covered with various beach communities and you might face a tough challenge trying to figure out which one to settle in. The health care sector in san Diego is impeccable with the city being home to the reputed UC san Diego health. the housing scene in San Diego is not so affordable with houses on the beach costing up to $300,000. The city of San Diego offers residents all the perks of urban life including shopping, entertainment, and vibrant cultures. The weather also attracts people from everywhere around the country.

7. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach is also known as the Grand Strand. The city probably beats all other beach towns hands down when it comes to affordability with the overall cost of living in the city being below the national average.

The city of myrtle beach is covered by South Carolina’s social security tax exemption but other retirements income care is subject to tax. The medical needs of the city are covered by a comprehensive three-hospital scheme which includes McLeod health, George Town hospital, and grand strand regional medical center.

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8. Gulfport, Mississippi

Think Florida beaches but with lesser people, this is the type of amazing sandy beach found in Gulfport. The city is one of the best beach towns to retire in with its very attractive retirement tax schemes. Pensions, social security, and all retirement funds are exempted from tax in the State of Mississippi.

Gulfport offers an affordable cost of living with the overall cost being below the national average. Comprehensive health care services are offered to residents of this beach town. The city gives retirees the advantage of enjoying a serene and relaxing retirement while indulging in soft activities like fishing or golfing. 

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9. Naples, Florida

The white sand of the Naples beaches gave its name ‘paradise coast’. The no Florida income tax makes the city one of the Top picks for retirees. The cost of living in Naples is not so affordable but is not expensive at the same time, the median home price is estimated to be an average of $330,000. The city of Naples attracts its fair share of retirees. Features like comprehensive health care, low retirement tax rate, and beautiful location all fuse to making the town one of the best beach towns to retire in. 

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10. Jacksonville, Florida

Previously known as Pablo Beach, Jacksonville is an ideal spot for retirees seeking a scenic shoreline and maximum relaxation. The city attracts various retirees and people just looming to settle in the town with its beautiful Florida climate and white sand stretch of beaches. The city has over 10 beach communities. The residents of this beautiful beach town can engage in various activities like kayaking, surfing, fishing, or just relaxing on the beach. The town is one of the best beach towns to retire in as it also has an add-on of being covered by Florida’s impressive retirement tax exemptions. 

FAQs On Beach Towns To Retire In

What is the disadvantage of living in a beach town?

Beach towns are popular destinations for tourists so if you hate visitors, beach towns might be a wrong fit for you.

Are beach towns affordable?

The affordability of beach towns usually depends on their location but some have a really low cost of living.

Which state in the U.S has the most beaches?

The state of Alaska and Florida have the highest no of beaches.


The various beach towns above provide retirees with needed space for relaxation during their retirement stage. A good beach town for retirement should have an affordable cost of living, a good tax rate, and of course beautiful beaches. 


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