15 Best Books for Teen Boys | A Must Read For All Teenagers

The outrageous Impact of books cannot be neglected in the life of the masses, most especially the teen Child as it exposes them to a lot of knowledge and inspire ideas to boost and actualize their visions.

Besides that, books Also helps the teenage Child to understand him or her self better and make them strong as the read about people Who has passed through the same challenges in life and excelled therefore giving them an Upper hand over depression and negative influence. 

By major analysis of the NIMH(National institute of mental health), 15.7% of the U.S population aged 12-17 suffer depression(3.8million adolescents).

This is to say that our teen children are getting bankrupt of knowledge about the basic necessity and virtue of life which books are capable of teaching.

Reading is a non-negligible pathway to Success in life resulting to the sayang that knowledge is power. If our teens must grow to be successful then reading must be in their culture. 

As powerful and life transforming as knowledge is, it is Also destructive when released to a wrong person. When certain books are read(knowledge) is read by some persona it give them a wrong perspective, therefore this make us to answer some vital questions that are as follows. 

What Books Do Teenage Boys Like To Read?

Teenage boy can be varying but on a spec, we will look out on the majority. Majority of teen boys like exploring their mind to the imagined word, why some like getting motivated, others also will like heroic stories so let’s explore the best books that teens love to read.

They include:

Fantasy Books: This book genre can be the best for a boy Child Who feels comfortable in reading illusions as well as explore his mind to great imagination. Examples of such books are: The Way of Kings, the Fifth Season, a Game of Thrones. 

Scientific Fiction: This research has it that the impact of science is yet to be more amazing in the age to come so most teens like to know Where the next push of science is going to maling science fiction the best for such Child. This is a very GOOD BOOK FOR TEENS as them seleves can not do without it. Examplw of such books are:the martian, brave new word, dune. 

AUTO biography: This are books that contain life stories of some kind of prominenent men.This can be rated as the BEST BOOK FOR TEEN BOYS as the get motivated by the stories of different herpes, how the succeeded and why some failed therefore giving them a landmark to pursue their goal. Examples of such: “Dream from my Father” by Barack Obama and “I am Malala” by Christina Lamb and Malala Yousafzai.

This book genres are books that most teenage boy loves reading because it helps embroiden their scope of view and realita about life, therefore making them responsible. 

It will also please you to know that a teen can be classified into two, therefore making a bridge for the kind of books each of the stage can read. The include;

  • Pre teens (12-14)
  • Adolescent (15-19)

Not every book type is recommended to this pre teens age despite been on the same chain as teens. 

Good Books For 13 Year Old Children

This set of persons fall under the pre teens age bracket and the best book genre for them is said to be the science fictions and fantasy. The following books are recommended for your 13 year old child. They include:

The Martian

The Martian by Andy Weir, is a GOOD BOOK FOR TEENS at such age bracket.

The book talks about Mark Warney, the American astronaut, who became stranded alone in mars in 2035 and must improvise a means of survival. The book was however also documented in a movie adaptation in other to enhance a better reach out.

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That can be quite interesting to find out how Mark Warney could survive in mars alone without the basest of life. You can get one at Amazon and check out for your self. 


You would love to read this non stop, trust me as the “ghost” talks about a boy Who wants to be the daster sprinter on his elite middle school track team, But his past is slowing him down in the First electrifying novel of the acclaimed… 

This book was inspired by Mathew Carter and written/documented by his Jason Reynolds. Ghost has been quite a cool experience for multiple readers all over the world e.g: Middle school students and a lot more and I know you will not be left out. Get a copy for 13 year old now and put a smile on his face at Amazon.com

The Little Wave

This can be mind blowing. I really think that pip harry did a lot of work to produce this must read for every 13 year old “the little wave”.

You may actually be thinking what is mind-blowing about this book until you read about this fiction that talks about a true reason for friendship new experiences and why you should stay true to your self.

Every 13 year old is advised to read this book which the will love as the begin to feel their obliged existence and will like to mingle with outside world(friends).


Superman is a very popular movie that almost everybody has watched but only but a few has stumbled upon its comic book. Superman is a dc brand that was written by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster as the artist.

A lot of teen guys may be longing to read through the pages of this book. Do well not to deprive them fun by getting a copy at Amazon or Wikipedia books. 

There are many more books that a 13 year old boy will love to read not in negligence of HOLES by Louis Sachar which centers on Staley Yelnats, who is sent to camp green lake, a correctional boot camp in a desert in Texas, after been falsely accused of theft.

The plot explores the history of the area and how the actions of several characters in the past have affected Stanley’s life in the present. This interconnecting stories touches themes such as racism, homelessness, illiteracy and arranged marriage. You can really get more of this kind on Wikipedia books, Amazon etc. 

Good Books For Adolescents at 16

More Happy Than Not BY Adam Silvera

More happy than not was written by Adam Silvera and by standard known as a heartstring novel. The book is about a boy from the bronx who wants to undergo a memory alteration procedure to forget that he is a gay.

Not only is the book authentic to the neighborhood Silvera grew up in and not only does it make you laugh but it forces you to ask yourself what would you decide if you could erase a piece of who you are.?
Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Bookshop, Walmart are the locations for a copy. 

The Hate You Give

The hate u give is about a 16 year old African, American girl, Starr, who lives between two worlds-her predominantly black neighborhood and her predominantly white prep school-and witnesses the shooting of her friend. Pick up your copy before the movie comes out next year so you can say you read it before, it was cool

Salt To the Sea

Salt to the ada was written by Rata Seperti and it contains everything a 16 year old boy will like to read such as :Tension,romance,undercover opertions, hope and utimatly tragedy.
  Salt to the sea is told from the perspective of four teens who have different reasons for boarding the Ship, and believe me, you will find yourself rooting for each one even when you know very well their inevitable fate 

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  There are much option that fall info the category of a 16 years old Child,do well to get them this fabulous books in Amazon and watch them experience a fantastic teenage life. 

Harry Potter

This is considered as the best books for teen boys as well as probable adults. 

Harry potter is a fantasy novel written by a British Author J. K Tolong and is portrayed in respect to the lives of a young wizard, Harry Potter and his friends.

The content of this book is quite captivating as it pulls you from series to series and it is recommended to all teen irrespective of age in other to experience a lively teenage age. 

15 Best Books For a Teen Boy

The are certain books that are grafted on the account to satisfy a teen boy quest for books and this reason made those ones the books for teenage boys. They include:


“Gone” was written by Michael Grant on an account of how everybody in Sam’s town is disappearing and the ones left behind are turning to him for help. In this story teens must unit and find a Way to rule themselves while preparing to battle supernatural elements. You can get a copy now at Amazon. 


Award winning, author Westerfield creates an alternate reality of world war1 in this biology versus technology tale. Two teens that are supposed to be enemies, a girl disguised as a British Airman ,and a prince on the run, cross paths and find themselves sailing on the airship LEVIATHAN.

The black and white illustrations by Keith Thompson help readers visualize the alternate world. You can grab a copy on Amazon. 


Buckingham palace becomes a refuge for fleeing zombie infested London. In yet another fast-paced futurist is thriller, readers are interested by the actions and rate of teens trying to survive as a horrible diseases sweeps across England. Charlie Higson is the author of this exciting TEENS BOYS BOOK “THE ENEMY”. You can get a copy now at Amazon. 

4. THE RUINS OF GORIAN(The Rangers Apprentice, Book one) BY John Flanagan

A lot of readers are following the adventures of 15 year old Will who fights fantastical beasts and evil warlords trying to take over the kingdom. John Flanagan does not only end here with Ranger Apprentices but also continues to entertain his readers with a long running series of adventures of “A Shy Boy Who Became A Hero”. You can get a copy of this books on Amazon. 

5. MALICE BY Chris Wooding

A line between reality and fiction is blurred in this unique story by master Chris Wooding(story teller). Malice was as a combination of graphic novel and traditional print which carries readers into the comic world with Seth and Kady.

The big question is will you come out of the comic book? Get a copy and see what happened to Seth and Kady at Amazon. 

6. PLUTO BY Naoiki Urasawra

Pluto was written by a well known artist Naioki Urasawara who has created a dark retelling of the popular comic book”Astro Boy” which was originally written by Osmau Tezuka. 

Pluto is a fiction story about man and machine. Detective Gesicht was in the place of solving several murders. Read how he succeeded or failed in this mission of his in “Pluto” which is rated top TEEN BOYS BOOK in the American library. Get a copy now at Amazon. 

7. REVOLVER BY Marcus Sedgwick

“Even the dead tell stories”.In the tradition of Jack London and Gary Paulsen is a new book by Marcus Sedgwick set amidst the gold and greed of the Alaskan gold rush.

Sig is alone and isolated in the artic with his fathers frozen corpse when a stranger comes to the cabin demanding his share of some stolen gold: Sigs only protection is a Revolver. “REVOLVER ” has just the elements to satisfy a teen reader and you can have by going to Amazon books option. 

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8. SHIP BREAKER BY Paolo Bacigalupi

This novel portrays a futuristic world destroyed by global warming. Nailer a 17 year old ship breaker must scavenge among ancient oil tankers looking for copper and other treasures to sell.

Paolo Bacigalupi has created an award winning novel(ship breaker) that invites teens to explore environmental issues and to think about how their choices today can affect future generations. Buy one now and see for your self at Amazon. 

9. I AM NUMBER FOUR BY Pittacus Lore

I am Number four consist of a non stop action and adventures as nine teens from planet Lorien to earth to train and develop their powers in order to take back their planet from the destructive Moregadorians.

Teens who wants a quick read that’s exciting and easy to follow will enjoy reading this popular series as it ranks as one of the top books for teenage boys. Get one from Amazon now. 

10. THE MAZE RUNNER BY James Dashner

If your teen liked Hunger games, then he would definitely love the Maze. In this sci-fi thriller, a group of teen boys who don’t remember their past are locked together in a maze with nightmarish creatures.

Hope is nearly lost until the arrival of a Comatose girl bearing an alarming message. The big question is will the teens escape the maze?. Get a copy and find the answer for yourself at www.thoughtco.com


This beloved classic presents a principle centered approach for solving problems. With penetrating insights and practical anecdotes, Stephen R. Covey reveals a step by step pathway for living with fairness, integrity, honesty, and human dignity.

Principles that gives us the Security to adapt to change and the wisdom and power to take advantage of the opportunities that change creates. Such a book teaches and prepares a teen for adulthood. Get one from Amazon today. 

12. I AM STILL ALIVE BY Commonsense Media

This book is a publication of commonsense media that features a teen who survived alone in the wilderness in gripping thriller. Find out how he survived by reading at COMMONSENSE MEDIA.com

13. NEED BY Commonsense Media

This can be a mind blowing option for technical teens as the explore fresh cyber thriller which shows the dark side of social media. Get a copy from COMMONSENSE MEDIA.com.


The Dark Endeavour is the COMMONSENSE Media publication that gives a gripping sensation. It talks about a fascinating story of one soon to be mad scientist. 

Unbelievable! What could have want to make him mad. Get a copy and find out what and why soon at commonsense media.com

15. ALL THIS IS TRUE BY Commonsense Media

A peak of this hilarious story is how that a writer used teens secrets for stories in riveting thriller(2018). Don’t be too eager to know the secrets as you get them on your disposal by clicking get it at CommonsenseMedia .com

These books are head tops at different genres and lot more that will catch your teen boys non stop and give them real fun and education. 


Reading books at an early age helps the mental development of any child – male or female. But reading falls under a broad category so your responsibility as a parent is to ensure your child reads up the appropriate information.


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