10 Best Business Email Template for Startups and Companies in 2022

A good business mail can be the only reason why you keep going back to patronize a particular business. Hence, the need to show you how to craft your own business email from the templates that will be outlined in this article.

For startups and companies, there is a lot to know about business emails that will be unveiled.

See the highlights of this content in the table of contents above.

How do I Create a Professional Business Email Template

Do you sometimes, wonder why your emails don’t get read when you send them to your clients?

It is mostly as a result of a bad email layout. To not trash your efforts, we will share some useful tips to help you create business email templates.

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#1. Define your Brand

In the event that your clients get emails from you that don’t in any way portray your brand, they are likely to trash them.

So, it is important you include your logo and other elements peculiar to your brand in every business email you send.

#2. Always Insert the Calls-to-Action at the top of the Email

The aim of every business email is to propel the recipient to take an action. So, it is important to tactically place the CTA in a position where it can draw the reader’s attention.

The first few lines are highly recommendable as it saves the reader the time and effort it takes to scroll all through the bottom part of the email.

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#3. Use Web-Friendly Fonts in your Emails

Basically, your email fonts should as a matter of fact resonate with the different clients you handle and the various types of devices.

So, it will be nice that you use fonts like Arial, Times New Roman, Verdana, and Georgia. These fonts are not only readable but are supported by most operating systems and gadgets.

Do all you can to avert the use of fanciful fonts on your business emails.

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#4. Arrange your text towards the right of the Images

Research has shown that those who read get attracted to images than plain text. So, you should insert your image on the left such that it is what meets the readers’ eyes first.

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#5. Do not Add Images in the Background

While handling a business email, it is important to not add any background images. Keep it simple with a plain background.

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There have been cases where users are unable to view the images included as part of an email. You can make sure that all your recipients view your email alongside every visual element.

So, be sure to always include the ‘view in browser’ link.

What are the Benefits of Using an Email Template?

There is an array of reasons why you should have an already-made template to serve as a guide for you.

Using a template allows you to quickly create, write, and send emails without having to start from scratch as well as staring at a blank screen if you’re lost for words when it needs to be done urgently.

Other reasons why you should use a business email template include:

  • Saves time
  • Consistency
  • Brand consistency

10 Best Business Email Template for Startups and Companies

  • Verification email
  • Sales email
  • Confirmation email
  • Invoice email
  • Review email
  • Survey email
  • Customer service email
  • Follow up email
  • Meeting email
  • Promotion announcement email

#1. Verification Email Template

This type of email is also known as the ‘Double opt-in email’. It is usually the first thing a new client gets upon signing up on your site.

The aim of this verification email is to make your clients confirm their subscription as well as acquaint them with the call-to-action button as early as possible.

Below is a template of what a verification email should look like.

Dear (Name),

Thank you for signing up on our website. Before we get going, there is a need for you to verify your email address.

Click on the link below to become a part of our business.


#2. Follow-up Email Template

So many times, the first emails sent to clients are usually forgotten and unnoticed. When this is the case, it is important that you have a follow-up email to increase your chances of reaching a greater audience.

See how you can draft your business follow-up email from the template given below.

Dear (Customer’s Name),

We understand that you are indisposed at the moment. However, we are writing you in a sequel to the former mail as we didn’t hear from you.

It will be nice if you find some time to do us a mail so, we can take it up from there.

Warm Regards,
(Your Company’s name)

#3. Sales Email Template

In business especially startups, you will do a lot of emails for every action you need to take. So, if you’ve been trying to establish a sales relationship with a client, you can do them a sales email using this template.

Remember that it is adjustable to suit your niche and the needs of your clients.

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Hi (Name),

I hope this email meets you well. We are reaching out to you because your partnership will improve our business and we’ll be glad to talk with you about it.

Kindly let us know when you would be available for a quick meeting to discuss more on how our service can help you.


#4. Confirmation Email Template

The reason for the confirmation email is to notify your clients that their order is being processed. You could do well to make extra offers using the template below.

Dear (Name),

Thank you for your patronage. We are glad to take your orders and even more glad to inform you that the process is ongoing.

We will inform you before your order leaves and send you the tracking information in the next email.

You have qualified for our free shipping bit for your next order. Enter the code in your next checkout.

See you soon!

#5. Invoice Email Template

The advent of technology has made everything seamless. So, the invoice email contains a direct payment link for payment completion.

See the template below and make sure it fits into what you need it for.

Dear (Name),
Attached is the invoice for the business (business name) services we rendered from (date) through (date).

Click on the payment link to complete your payment process and download a copy of your invoice in CSV or PDF formats (Insert link).

Do not hesitate to ask us questions if there is any.

Thank you for trusting us,
(Company name)

#6. Review Email Template

One way to constantly improve your Company’s brand and reputation are to indulge your clients into sharing their positive experience of your business with you.

You don’t have to wait too long before you do them a mail. This is to enable them to capture all of what their experiences are and not forget some.

Here’s a guide you could use to make yours even better.

Dear (Client’s name),

You recently bought a certain (product) from our company.

It is our hope that it meets your needs as much as we do. Kindly leave us with your honest feedback.

Your thoughts could help other customers know what services we provide and just how much our products can do.

Spare us a few minutes of your time to leave us a review. Below is a link to reviews.

Thank you.

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#7. Survey Email Template

There is no better approach to knowing what your customers think of your business if not through surveys.

Through the survey, you collate as many responses as possible to a set of questions you previously designed.

Here’s a template for you.

Hi (Name),

Our Company is currently looking for ways to improve our brand’s services, and we’d like for you to spare 10 minutes of your time to fill out the following survey.

Here’s a link to the survey (insert link) as your answers will go a long way to help us improve our products and services.

Warm Regards,
(Company name)

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#8. Customer Service Email Template

Irrespective of any business you do, customer relationship is an important aspect of it.

The best way to not make your customers grumble over your service is to devise a means to attend to their complaints quickly.

One potent way is to have an already made response to recurrent complaints such that you can send them out when there is a need for you to do so.

This customer service email template will only serve as a guide but is subject to some adjustments which you deem fit.

Dear (Customer’s name),

We are sorry that you had to experience that (customer complaint).

Our team is doing everything possible to sort that out. In the interim, kindly let us know areas where we can improve as we are here to serve you better.

Expect an update from us in the next (give time).

We appreciate the notification.

Best regards,
(company name)

#9. Meeting Email Template

For a meeting email, you can send out an invite to would-be attendees incorporating the necessary details.

Make sure to indicate the date, time, venue. This is to make sure no vital information is left out as well as keep them abreast.

Here’s a meeting invitation template that you can adjust to suit your business niche.

Dear All,

A meeting has been scheduled to enable us to discuss vital issues (state meeting’s purpose and goals).

We are looking forward to seeing you at the (venue), at (time), on (date).

Here’s our agenda for the meeting: (agenda).

Kindly, confirm that you will be in attendance or let us know if there are uncertainties.


#10. Promotion Announcement email Template

This type of email is often used when an employee has been promoted or transferred and you want to inform the rest of the team.

Here’s how to go about it using this template.

Greetings team (company name),

It is my pleasure to announce to you that (employee’s name) is being transferred to (department) to serve in the team as our new (position).

While (employee’s name) has worked with us, (he/she) has achieved (number achievements).

(Employee) has worked effortlessly to see that this (company) moves forward. I hope that the rest of the team appreciates (his/her) efforts as much as I do.

We hope that this new position will bring good tidings. Send in your questions if you feel some way regarding this change or reply to this email.

(Your name)
(Your title)

Final Thoughts

This article has presented you with the best email templates you’ll be needing for your company, business, or even startup. Replicate them and meet your goals.

Also, I hope that they are able to provide you with what you are looking for.



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