Best Car Insurance Companies In 2022

Your choice of a car insurance company can affect the service and satisfaction you enjoy from your policy. Therefore, it is essential to do your background research well before settling for an insurance company.

The car insurance companies at the top of the list go beyond coverage to provide affordable services and customer satisfaction. However, it is also important to note that the best car Insurance companies are not necessarily the cheapest or the biggest.

The best car insurance companies for 2022 are the ones that put their customers first from the beginning of the quote to the insurance claims. They also endeavor to make it hassle-free for clients to manage their policies and make their payments.

Surprisingly, big companies like Nationwide did not make it to the top 5 positions on the list while a smaller company like Erie took the top positions for 2022.

While different websites have their specific criteria for scoring car insurance companies, this article aims to help you find the best car insurance deals for your car.

Note that every choice you make when it comes to a car insurance company has its pros and cons, and these were also part of the considerations before compiling this final list.

Other criteria include the average car insurance rates, feedbacks (negative and positive), the collision claims grade from vehicle body repair experts on CRASH Network.

All things said, below is the list of our best car insurance companies for 2022

Top 5 Best Insurance Companies in 2022

#1. Erie Insurance

Erie Insurance is relatively small and offers local insurance coverage. However, they have what it takes when it comes to quality Insurance. While their complaints level is a bit higher than the industry average, Erie Insurance has the best insurance rates with an A- grade for collision repair.

The company has a 5/5-star rating, which makes it the best bet to get value for your money.


  • Best grade for claims among other top insurance companies
  • It has the best rates across all driver types


  • The level of complaints against Erie insurance is greater than the industry average
  • Erie is a local insurance company that operates regionally in only 12 states and your state may not be included

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#2. USAA

USAA is excellent for their auto insurance rates with a C+ rating for auto collision repairs. The average compliant level for USAA is okay.

However, USAA writes car insurance for only those that are affiliated to the United States Military, which includes serving members, retired and veterans that are separated with an honorable military discharge, and eligible members of their family. USAA also has a 5-star rating.


  • They are consistent with good rates


  • USAA is not available for everybody due to high eligibility requirements.

#3. State Farm

State Farm remains very popular for its highly competitive rates and low complaints from customers.

It has a collision repair claims rate of C and is a good choice for those looking for a car insurance company. State Farm has a 4.5/5-star rating.


  • State Farm maintains a very low auto insurance rate, which makes it suitable for drivers with a good record.
  • The complaint level by customers is very low.


  • The rates are high for drivers with bad records or poor credit scores

#4. Travelers

With a 4.5/5-star rating and good auto insurance rate, Travelers is number four on our list of top car insurance companies.

The company’s car insurance also has a very low complaint level with a C+ collision repair claims score.

While it may not be number one on the list, Travelers have all the qualities of a good car insurance company. One of the key reasons it appears on this list is its highly competitive rates.


  • Their complaint level is the lowest among car insurance companies


  • While rates remain low among the top-tier car insurance companies, they are also not the best.

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#5. Auto-owners Insurance

Auto-owners Insurance has a 4.0/5-star rating and ranks number five on our list of top car insurance companies of 2022.

While the company maintains good rates, they also have a B+ rating when it comes to collision repair claims, according to Forbes Advisor ranking.

There are also very low complaints about this company, which means they maintain a cordial relationship with their clients. If you are looking for a good insurance company in 2022, Auto-owners Insurance is certainly one place to start.


  • They maintain the highest grade when it comes to collision repair claims
  • Their rates are also good for drivers who have a penalty for speeding


  • Drivers with poor credits suffer high rates when dealing with this company

While the companies above represent the top 5 positions, other companies are worth mentioning when it comes to car insurance in 2022.

#6. Nationwide

With a 4.0/5-star rating, Nationwide is among the top insurance companies that are worth mentioning. Even though the company did not make it to the top five on this list, its auto insurance rates are okay with a C rank in collision repair claims.

Over the years, the company has maintained good relationships and offered quality service delivery to its customers. Nationwide is popular for its very low complaint rates.


  • Very low auto insurance complaint rates
  • Provides a competitive rate for drivers with bad or poor credit


  • Their rates are not the best when you consider other top insurance companies

#7. Geico

Geico is also another company that offers good insurance rates to its clients. The company’s 4.0/5-star rating stems from the fact that it has enjoyed a low complaint level through the years.

Geico also scores C- when it comes to collision repair claims, which is not a bad score. For companies below the top five ratings, Geico has a good track record and is also very popular in the United States.


  • Provides one of the best rates for drivers with poor credits
  • Drivers with good records and those with a speeding penalty also enjoy good rates from this company


  • The company is not the best choice for collision repair professionals
  • Very high rates for drivers convicted of DUI-related offenses

#8. NJM

NJM bags a 5-star rating from Nerdwallet for many reasons, which includes customer satisfaction and overall performance. It also received fewer complaints before state regulators.

However, the downside to this insurance company is the fact that its services are available in only a few states.

NJM policies cover all the requirements for the state and when you purchase the comprehensive cover, you also enjoy extra coverage like new car replacement, pet coverage, and transportation expense reimbursement.


  • Good history of customer satisfaction
  • Low complaint level to state regulators
  • New Jersey policyholders may enjoy dividends


  • Available in a limited number of states
  • NJM does not have a mobile app at the moment

#9. Amica Auto Insurance Company

When it comes to customer satisfaction, Amica is top-class. The company has also enjoyed fewer complaints from its customers to state regulators. Overall, the company has a 5/5-star rating from Nerdwallet.

The company may not be among the nation’s largest insurance companies but when it comes to customer satisfaction, they are very reputable. Amica offers a standard coverage policy, which caters to all state requirements.

However, customers also have the opportunity to upgrade to Platinum Choice Auto for additional coverage choices. Amica policies are state-tailored and the requirements may vary from one state to another.


  • Customer satisfaction is very high with Amica
  • There are many discounts attached to Amica
  • They are also other opportunities for earning dividends with Amica


  • The company may deny coverage to some people whom they regard as risky

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#10. Shelter Insurance

Shelter insurance operates in 15 states and has fewer than expected complaints. S-Auto Insurance policy costs about average.

According to J.D. Power’s (2020 satisfactory studies), the company ranks number three among fourteen other insurance companies in the central region.  Shelter policies include car replacement for new vehicles.

Shelter Insurance is reputable for the many discount opportunities it provides for its customers.


  • Offers more discounts than many car insurance companies
  • Fewer complaints to state regulators than other companies
  • Mobile app and user-friendly website interface


  • The policy is not available in all states
  • Some discounts are not available in some states


With many options available today, finding the best car insurance companies can be a bit tasking without the right guidance. Some of the best car insurance companies do not often appear as the largest or even the cheapest.

Therefore, there are certain factors to put into consideration when selecting an insurance company for your car. They include factors like customer satisfaction, collision repair claims, complaint level, and the ease of accessing policies.

While the above list remains our personal opinion, other sites have their ranking criteria.



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