20 Best Delivery Services to Work for in 2022

Delivery service is one of the major and most sought-after jobs in most recent times, thanks to the increase in online purchases.

There are over 5000 fast-growing delivery service companies in the world today. One major poser for a prospective delivery job seeker in this growing industry is, among the many of these Delivery services is the “Which is Best to Work for”.

Well, this question could be rhetorical as under listed here are 20 best delivery services with insight on their operations, terms of engagement, and likely pay.

A glance at the table of contents below will give you an overview of these companies.

#1. FedEx

FedEx is one of the best delivery services to work for. Through its delivery service, connects people with goods, services, ideas, and technologies. They do this with the core aim of creating opportunities that fuel innovation, energize businesses, and lift communities to higher standards of living.

People operating with FedEx can apply for same-day services, enabling you to get your delivery on the same day you sent the request. 

According to PayScale, workers in FedEx get an average of $73,538 salary a year. So, salaries at this company range from an average of $46,650 to $112,880 a year.

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#2. United Parcel Service UPS

UPS is an American multinational package delivery and supply chain management company established in August 1907. UPS has different delivery divisions: cargo airline, freight-based trucking operation, and delivery drone airline.

The major aim of this company is the delivery of packages, letters, and documents worldwide. 

UPS’s major advantage over other delivery companies is that they deliver on time, and it has a range of tracking tools that deliver precisely the information you need, where and when you need it.

According to Payscale.com, UPS Inc. pays its workers an average of $17.08 an hour. Hourly pay at United Parcel Service (UPS), Inc. ranges from an average of $10.88 to $28.83 an hour. 

#3. XPO

XPO is among the top delivery service companies anyone can dream of working for. The reason is that the company creates a workplace that allows everyone to thrive by providing a safe, inclusive environment. And also providing competitive pay that helps its members achieve their personal goals. 

The company is a top ten global transportation and logistics services provider, with a highly integrated network of people, technology, and physical assets. Currently, XPO Logistics pays its employees an average of $16.10 an hour. Hourly pay at XPO Logistics ranges from an average of $11.96 to $23.35 an hour.

#4. The United States Postal Service USPS

USPS is an independent agency of the executive branch of the United States federal government. It provides postal service in the United States, including its insular areas and associated states.

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In the United States, USPS is the second-largest employer that offers variety, training, and ways to move up to its employees.

Working for a USPS company comes with premium benefits such as life insurance choices, retirement and thrift savings plans, vacation time and sick leave, and education assistance.

To qualify to work in this delivery company, you must be above 18, be a United States citizen and have a safe driving record.  

Currently, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) pays its employees an average of $60,562 a year. And as a worker, your salary will range an average of $39,708 to $88,773 a year.

#5. Walmart

Next, in our list of the top delivery companies you can work for is Walmart. 

Walmart Inc. is an American multinational retail corporation established in 1962. The company has a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores. 

Workers at Walmart enjoy premium benefits and opportunities aside from the fat salaries they get. They have health care and insurance options, education benefits like earning a debt-free, high-quality degree in business or supply chain management for just $1 per day.

According to usatoday.com, Walmart’s workers earn more than the federal minimum wage of $7.25, with the average wage for full-time hourly workers $14.26 per hour.

#6. Amazon

Amazon is another delivery company you will love to work for this 2022. The company is an American multinational technology company based in Washington, with over 1 million workers. Amazon focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence.

Its delivery service is one of the best. Amazon has a tracking system that can help you track your orders. The company would make three delivery attempts on consecutive days if the supposed recipient were not around the first day.

According to glassdoor.com, Amazon Warehouse Worker salary ranges from $14 – $21 per hour.

#7. DHL Express

DHL Express is among the best delivery service companies to work for, founded in 1969. Currently, DHL is the world’s leading logistics company, with over 380,000 workers working in over 220 countries globally.

The company provides a unique working environment and many benefits for its workers. 

According to Payscale.com, a worker at DHL Express, your average salary will range from $42,584 to $111,305 a year.

#8. Blue Dart

Blue Dart is the most popular delivery company and number one in India, founded in 1983. This company works with DHL in over 220 countries, covering about 33,739 locations. The company has a subsidiary cargo airline, Blue Dart Aviation, that operates in South Asian countries. 

#9. Schenker AG

Schenker AG is a global leading logistics company with its headquarters in Berlin, Germany, known for its high-quality, accurate services.

The company provides thousands of products for customers who are focused on finding the best shipping solution. 

DB Schenker Logistics hourly pay on an average ranges from $12.05 per hour for Sanitation Worker to $21.65 per hour for Senior Coordinator. On annual bases, it ranges from $24,432 per year for Order Picker to $131,330 per year for Senior General Manager.

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#10. DTDC

DTDC is a one-stop store for all e-tail services, offering tailor-made solutions in India established in 1990. It Delivers over 10 million Parcels a month in over 5200 locations in India. It also offers low prices for larger parcels to India, the USA, U.K., or any other destination worldwide.

Currently, the company has over 50000 workers DTDC. In fact, the company is one of the most renowned and trustworthy delivery company in India.

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#11. YRC Worldwide

YRC Worldwide Inc. is a holding company of freight shipping brands that offer to ship industrial, commercial, and retail goods.

It’s known as one of the oldest pioneers in this industry. A YRC Freight Driver makes $24 per hour. Driver hourly pay at YRC Freight can range from $13 – $27.

Besides the salary, YRC gives its workers comprehensive benefits in the following areas: Medical, Prescription Drug, Dental, Life Insurance, and 401k Plan.

What is the best Food delivery service to work for?

Here are some of the best food delivery services to work for this 2022 and reasons you should consider any of them.

#12. Postmates

Postmates is among the best food delivery service to work for that pays well. The company is a San Francisco-based urban logistics platform operating in 18 U.S. cities.

Postmates have a mobile app that allows users to order things easily, especially restaurant meals, groceries, things, alcohol, and more. 

According to Payscale.com, the average salary for Postmates Inc. employees is $106,682 per year. Aside from the salary, workers get multiple health insurance options, vacation and time off, compensation, and retirement benefits.

#13. Thomas Nationwide Transport (TNT)

Established in 1946, TNT is an International Express Delivery Service company that enables its users to send anything they want to any country they want. The company is operating in over 200 countries all around the globe. 

According to Indeed.com, the average TNT salary ranges from $35,000 to $120,000 per year.

#14. GrubHub

GrubHub is another best food delivery service to work for. It’s an American online and mobile prepared food ordering and delivery platform founded in 2004. This company connects diners with local restaurants.

GrubHub has the largest and most comprehensive restaurant partners with over 300,000 restaurants in over 4,000 U.S. cities. 

According to usatoday.com, GrubHub driver’s salary ranges from $22,894 and $24,960 annually if working as a 40-hour per week full-time job.

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#15. Deliv

Deliv is a crowdsourced, same-day delivery program that stretches omnichannel retailers’ scope and provides its customers with a more outstanding shopping experience. 

The business helps retailers improve their consumer service by giving consumers the ability to get their products anytime and wherever they choose. 

Deliv helps merchants to give their consumers the same-day shipping service when they buy on their website.

According to salary.com, the average Delivery Driver salary in the United States ranges from $35400 and $51200.

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#16. Instacart 

Instacart is one of the best food delivery service anyone looking for a delivery job can work for. This delivery service company is an American company that operates a grocery delivery and pickup service in the United States and Canada.

The company offers its services via a website and mobile app to its users to order groceries from participating retailers. According to record, Instacart operates in over 5,500 cities with over 200 staff in the U.S. and Canada.

According to Indeed.com, the average salary of an employee at Instacart ranges from $27136 to $198170 per year.

#17. DoorDash

DoorDash Inc. is an American on-demand prepared best food delivery service founded in 2013. They connect people with the best in their cities through local businesses and generate alternative ways for people to earn, work, and live. 

This delivery company is one of the best delivery services to work for because it pays a minimum rate per delivery and lets you keep all your tips. Even at that, they still make big money themselves.

According to Indeed.com, as a DoorDash driver, your salary will range from $25,032 to $188,465 annually. On hourly bases, a driver at DoorDash earns up to $15 per hour.

#18. Point Pickup

Point Pickup is like Instacart in the sense that it allows for same-day delivery of items ordered by customers.

The company provides opportunities for every type of driver, including everyday people looking for part-time work, professional independent contractors, and trucking companies. 

Point Pickup is one of the best grocery delivery services to work for because they allow you to keep all your tips and make money from each pickup.

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#19. Uber Eats

Launched by Uber in 2004, Uber Eats is an online food ordering and delivery platform that allows you to make food other and have it delivered to you as fast as possible. This platform offers a dine-in option in over 500 cities that allowed customers to order food ahead of time and then eat in the restaurant.

Uber Eats is one of the best food delivery services to work for because it pays well. Aside from the salary, Uber Eats drivers get incentives like Quest and Boost.  Uber Eats drivers make around $8 – $12 per hour excluding vehicle expenses.

#20. Just Eats

Just Eat is one of the leading food distribution agencies and the best food distribution platform available. It helps consumers browse for nearby restaurants, order food, make online purchases, and rate restaurants.

The company also offers options for either pick-up or distribution at a charge. The organization now has over 82,000 restaurants in 13 countries around the world. Over 22 million consumers put over 170 million orders on the Just Eat app every year.


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