20 Best DIY Christmas Gifts Ideas

Your friends and family will agree that the best Christmas gifts come from the heart. While it’s easy to find personalized gifts from major online retailers like Amazon Handmade and Etsy, nothing beats putting a homemade Christmas gift under the tree.

Browse through this list of DIY Christmas gifts to find something for everyone on your holiday shopping list: parents, co-workers, friends, kids, grandparents, significant others, best friends, and anyone else who has a place in your heart.

Don’t be discouraged by your lack of crafting skills. Most of these best do it yourself Christmas gift ideas are simple to make if you have patience, creativity, and a desire to give. Some DIY gifts even use items you already have on hand, so you won’t have to spend a fortune to complete them.

And, because we know that even last-minute shoppers want to put thought and care into their DIY Christmas gifts, we’ve included a few ideas that can be completed as late as Christmas morning.

Read on!

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20 Best Do It Yourself Christmas Gift Ideas

#1 Clay Keychain


With just a few additional materials, you can easily manufacture this clay keychain out of polymer clay. You may personalize the recipient’s colors and designs, thereby making terrific DIY gifts for everyone.

#2 Copper and Marble Jewelry Stand


This is one of the best do it yourself Christmas gift ideas for jewelry lovers. It’s an ideal gift for someone who has jewelry pieces that are attractive enough to display. The copper marble jewelry stand is a simple DIY that requires you to take some basic hardware store goods and turn them into something unique. 

This contemporary jewelry organizer is as attractive as it is functional and will add a touch of modern flair to the bedroom of anyone you give it to. It helps the person organize their jewelry and exhibit it as if it were a work of art or make a display piece out of tangled necklaces and stacks of rings. They’ll remember it among the many DIY gifts they have received whenever they get ready for school, the office, or a night out.

#3 Wooden Polaroid Frame


You will appreciate using this as one of your best do it yourself Christmas gift ideas. Use pre-made wooden frames to make it, so that your loved ones can use them to frame a special photo. Put it in a memento box, and you’ve got yourself a gift that will be remembered for a long time.

#4 Christmas Gift Card Holders with Ribbon


Gift cards make excellent Christmas gifts. It enables the recipient to obtain what they desire. However, just because you’re giving a gift card doesn’t mean you can’t personalize it into one of those DIY gifts. To personalize it, make gift card holders that can house the gift cards. 

#5 Flour Sack Towels


Nobody can easily resist DIY Christmas gifts consisting of towels, especially when they’re very lovely. This is a very simple DIY project that only takes a few minutes to complete. Bundle them up to make them look more special and add some winter foliage to the top. 

This bundle of white flour sack towels comes in various sizes and may be used for various purposes. Expert embroidered cloth, cleaning rags, window cleaners, cheese strainers, salad spinners, stain removers, cloth diapers, and much more are all made by them. 

The towels were intended to provide people with the greatest domestic solution. It’s as though you’re wielding a magic wand. You can play around to get your daily duties completed quickly and easily by using these towels. Include them in your best do it yourself Christmas gift ideas and thank me later.

#6 Different Modern Baby Rattles


You can make different baby rattles as DIY Christmas gifts for babies or someone who is expecting. This trendy baby rattle is built with materials that you may get at your local hardware shop.

You can paint it any color you choose or stick with this trendy color scheme. During infancy, these soft baby rattles can bring an infant a lot of delight and satisfaction. Furthermore, it is among the numerous ideal DIY gifts for a birthday, holiday, or Christmas.

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#7 Cornhole Game


Popular DIY Christmas gifts include games, and the cornhole game is one that you can put together entirely yourself. Your friends or family will be ready for their next game with this regulation-size cornhole board. 

There’s no better way to spend time outdoors and get your friends and family moving than with a traditional game of cornhole. Players of all ages will enjoy this popular bean bag throw game, and the hours will fly by as everyone is absorbed in the competitive atmosphere. It’s one of the best do it yourself Christmas gift ideas you should try this season.

#8 Customizable Aroma Diffuser and Humidifier


Instead of flowers, place essential oils and reed diffusers in this small porcelain vase to give their home a unique scent. Mix Douglas fir, cedar wood, juniper berry, spruce, and patchouli essential oils together for a festive smell. You probably don’t want to miss checking this in your list of best do it yourself Christmas gift ideas.

#9 Christmas Star Drink Picks


Bring something to the party if you don’t want to be left out. You can give your hostess a colorful drink skewer assortment to brighten up her party presentation. Cut drink skewers to about 3″ in length, and then hot glue a little star shape to the top. 

#10 House Ornament


Make this ornament to celebrate their next chapter. It is ideal for someone who has recently made a huge shift. You can print a snapshot of the house and trim it down to remove any unnecessary white area.

After that, trace the shape, cut out a thin sheet of cardboard the same size, and then use double-stick tape to adhere the photo. You can also sprinkle glitter or artificial snow on top of the glue around the base of the home, on the roof, and on any awnings. 

If you want a love present that will last a lifetime, try out personalized wedding DIY Christmas gifts. These decorations are one of my favorite DIY gifts since they make a meaningful statement that a happy couple will cherish throughout their marriage. 

House ornament as a gift is one of the simplest yet best do it yourself Christmas gift ideas that bring good memories.

#11 Reindeer Gift Card Holder


Even if they’d prefer to open an Amazon gift card for Christmas, you should glam it up with this charming card holder. It’s produced from used toilet paper rolls, so go to your recycle bin as soon as possible.

#12 Jingle Bell Christmas stocking


It’s very simple to make this bright stocking! This should be why you should include it on your best do it yourself Christmas gift ideas list. You can make this using a small Christmas bell, red stocking, ribbon, white marker, sprinkler, fur, and hot glue.

#13 Christmas Coaster


Make this coaster if you want to give your loved one a festive decor that is utilitarian and can be shown all year. You’ll need crepe paper, wooden coasters, scissors, mod podge, and a sponge brush to make it.

#14 Wooden Felt Letter Board


Letter boards are always good DIY Christmas gifts; this one is much better because it’s wooden. It would make a wonderful Christmas gift for a tween, a teen, or a young adult. Don’t be put off by the complexity; it’s simpler to create than it appears!

#15 DIY Pickling Kit Gift Box


DIY Pickling kit gift box is among the best do it yourself Christmas gift ideas that may pique your curiosity. If you’re seeking something truly unique to include as one of your DIY Christmas gifts this holiday season then consider it.

You’ll be making a bread and butter pickling kit so the recipient can prepare their own. All you have to do now is make the pickling mix (recipe provided) and supply the jars and instructions.

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#16 Busy Bee House Mug Toppers


The busy bee house that fits above a cup of hot coffee or cocoa is also among the best do it yourself Christmas gift ideas you’ll find easy to do and useful. Cup toppers always make wonderful DIY gifts for teachers or neighbors! 

They can be used to decorate your kitchen, shelf, tiered tray, mini riser, fireplace, and coffee table. Also, they brighten up your empty walls and keep you in a good mood.

#17 Chunky Knit Blanket


Make this fashionable chunky blanket for your friends and family members, and they will be blown away by how creative some DIY gifts can be. You’ll need some large knitting needles and thick yarn to achieve this appearance. It’s one of the best do it yourself Christmas gift ideas to consider for winter.

#18 Peppermint Brownies Mix In a Jar


Consider peppermint brownies mixed in a jar as one of that homemade DIY Christmas gifts that are sure to please. The contents can be layered in a jar, and then some free printable tags can be added. 

You might have the perfect gift for any sweet craving you know if you tie it all together with baker’s twine. Peppermint brownies mixed in a jar are surely one of the best do it yourself Christmas gift ideas you can try out.

#19 Paper Poinsettia Flowers


Put this gift on your list of best do it yourself Christmas gift ideas and you won’t regret doing so. These gorgeous poinsettias are constructed entirely of paper. You should know how to cut the paper, construct the flowers, and add some finishing touches to make them look more lifelike. 

You won’t have to worry about this plant dying, you’ll be able to utilize it year after year; making it one of the genuine DIY Christmas gifts to give out.

#20 Painted Bowls


Painted bowls are simple DIY gifts suitable for the holidays or other occasions. The strong motifs are added with stencils and stand against the white ceramic. They would make one of the best do it yourself Christmas gift ideas to give to anyone who enjoys trying out new recipes. 

The bowls are lovely and useful pieces that look great in any setting. It will bring a touch of elegance to your workstation or kitchen table, whether you use it as a centerpiece on a festive table or as a catch-all. It’s absolutely one-of-a-kind and also one of the wonderful DIY Christmas gifts for yourself or someone special.


This collection of DIY Christmas gifts aims to make something that will make someone smile. These best do it yourself Christmas gift ideas are likely to wow a friend, family member, or just an acquaintance.

Some of the best do it yourself Christmas gift ideas here, make lovely DIY gifts and are also inexpensive. These ideas show that you don’t have to spend a bunch to provide a thoughtful present. Most of the projects are also quick and simple, allowing you to spend more time with your family and friends during the holidays.

FAQs On The Best Do It Yourself Christmas Gift Ideas 

Do DIY Christmas gifts provide good vibes?

Handmade DIY Christmas gifts make someone feel especially special because, rather than giving them a store-bought gift, you took the time to make something yourself. Without a doubt, the individual who receives these DIY gifts will be filled with positive energy.

What makes homemade DIY Christmas gifts unique?

These Christmas gifts are unique because of the thought and love that went into producing the DIY gifts such as a piece of jewelry. Additionally, seeing someone wearing or utilizing something you’ve made for them can give you a sense of accomplishment.

Do you think it’s vital to give gifts?

Gifts are given on special occasions and when you want to make someone happy. Nowadays, giving gifts is commonplace in all situations and relationships. Gift-giving is something that no one anticipates, and when you receive something unexpectedly, it raises your enjoyment or excitement to new heights.

Why is it that giving DIY gifts makes you happy?

The sight on the recipient’s face as they open their gift gives them a psychological boost and causes endorphins to be released into their brain. This produces the same euphoric emotions of pleasure and delight we get after a hard workout or when we fall in love.

When it comes to presenting a gift, what matters more: the cost or the effort?

The effort is more significant than the cost of presenting a gift. This is partly because the attractiveness of one particular gift, whether expensive or inexpensive, varies from person to person.


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