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Electronic books brought about the need for having an ebook reader.

Try running a search on either google play store or apple store for android and iPhone users respectively and you’ll discover thousands of not millions of ebook readers.

The irony of it all is that they all have great ratings, similar critics and applause. This brings confusion to the ordinary user who just wants the best ebook reader.

This article has reviewed the best 15 ebook readers in 2022. Meanwhile, we have also given tips on how to choose the best ebook readers.

What is an Ebook Reader?

An e-reader, also known as an e-book reader or e-book gadget, is a portable electronic device intended specifically for reading digital e-books and periodicals.

An e-reader can be any device that can show text on a screen; however, specialist e-reader devices may be better for portability, readability, and battery life.

They have several advantages over printed books, the most important of which being portability.

This is because an e-reader can carry thousands of books while weighing less than a single book, as well as the convenience given by add-on functions.

How Ebook Readers Work

Many e-readers have built-in software that allows them to connect to the internet through Wi-Fi and connect to a digital Open Publication Distribution System library or an e-book vendor, allowing them to buy, borrow, and receive digital e-books.

E-books can also be downloaded from a computer or read from a memory card by an e-reader.

Many major book stores and third-party developers provide e-reader software for computers, tablets, and mobile devices, allowing users to read e-books and other documents without the need for specific e-book readers.

E-reader software is available for Mac, Linux, and PC desktops, as well as Android, iOS, and Windows Phone smartphones and tablets.

Benefits of Ebook Readers

The advent of e-readers ushered in significant changes in the publishing sector, as well as anxieties and speculations about the eventual extinction of books and print periodicals.

However, E-readers are still beneficial because they can store hundreds of books and take up the same amount of physical space as a traditional book.

Because most text displays on E-readers do not have backlighting, they appear to produce no more eye strain than a regular book and less eye strain than LCD screens while also having a longer battery life.

People who have trouble reading can benefit from features like the ability to modify text size and spacing. Some e-readers provide links to crucial word definitions or translations.

All this being said, it becomes somewhat difficult to choose which ebook reader one should go for owing to the number of eBook readers both for PC and mobile that exist out there.

Meanwhile, in this article, we have examined the various ebook readers that are in the market today and have compared their features and function and have come up with this list of the 15 best e-book readers for 2022(both desktop and mobile).

How to Choose An e-book Reader

These are the features of the best ebook readers you can download

1. Auto-Adjust Backlight:

In nearly every situation, an e-reader with an adjustable illumination can be used. The light will highlight the text, but it will not cause any inconvenience to anyone around you.

2. Wide Content Source:

If you don’t have access to a wide selection of reading material, even the best e-reader is nothing more than an expensive paper book. This might arise from a number of various sources. If you buy an e-reader that supports a range of electronic publishing formats, you’ll have access to an almost infinite number of free publications from public libraries and other sources.

3. Large Storage Space:

Whatever ebook reader you choose, you want to ensure that it has storage space for you to hold a number of ebooks. That is, you not only have access to the books available in online stores but you can also read books when you are not connected to the internet because they are saved on your device.

4. Battery Life:

A good ebook reader must have very strong battery life and low power consumption. The battery life of the e-book reader must be able to last for at least one for needing to recharge.

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5. Good internet connection:

Although I have stated earlier that your ebook reader needs to have storage space to save books offline, your ebook reader must also have a good internet connection to access the wide range of books that are available online.

6. User Experience:

The summary of the qualities that a good ebook reader needs to have is user experience. Factors that influence user experience include font size, and font types, adjustability of the screen lights, bookmark, navigation. Most eBook readers out there have already done a good job as to user experience so you need not worry too much about this.

Now over to our list of the 15 best e-book readers of 2022. This list contains a mix of dedicated eBook readers and the best software and apps for desktop and mobile respectively.

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15 Best ebook Readers in 2022

  • #1 Kobo Clara HD eReader
  • #2 The all-new Kindle Oasis
  • #3 Onyx BOOX Max3
  • #4 The Likebook Mars
  • #5 NOOK Glowlight Plus
  • #6 Icecream Ebook Reader
  • #7 Adobe Digital Editions
  • #8 Calibre#9 Freda
  • #10 Kobo
  • #11 Wattpad
  • #12 Libby app
  • #13 FBReader
  • #14 ComiXology
  • #15 Kindle app

Best Dedicated Ebook Readers in 2022

#1 Kindle Paperwhite

With a flush-front design and a 300 PPI glare-free display that reads like genuine paper even in bright sunlight, this is the smallest, lightest Kindle Paperwhite yet.

Since it’s waterproof, you may read and relax on the beach, by the pool, or in the tub. This Kindle has been tested to survive water immersion in the event of an accident. With 8 GB of storage, you’ll have twice as much space. Alternatively, you can choose 32 GB to store additional data and audiobooks.

It is also now available on Audible and so you can listen to narratives using Bluetooth headphones or speakers. A single charge of the battery lasts weeks rather than hours. You can read indoors and outdoors, day or night, thanks to the built-in adjustable light.

It also gives you instant access to over a million titles for $2.99 or less, including new releases and bestsellers from Amazon.

#2 Kobo Clara HD eReader

The Kobo Clara HD eReader is a fantastic reading companion for everyone who enjoys reading. It has 6 inches anti-glare properties. A print-quality reading experience is provided by the high-definition Carta E-Ink touchscreen.

No matter what time of day it is, the ComfortLight PRO gives the best illumination possible, progressively diminishing blue-light exposure for more comfortable nighttime reading.

This Kobo 6 is a great way to get into reading. In its 8GB of memory, the reader can store up to 6,000 ebooks.

In direct lighting, this glare-free reader can be read. The screen is illuminated in the dark by ComfortLight PRO, and the touchscreen display is simple to operate.

The only downside is that to access your media library, you’ll need a Wi-Fi connection. However, the battery can last for weeks without needing to be recharged

The all-new Kindle Oasis: This is the best 7 inches flush-front Paperwhite display with 300 ppi. It has warm light that may be adjusted to change the color of the screen from white to amber.

With this device, you can read in the bath or by the pool because it’s waterproof (IPX8). Your Kindle has been tested to survive water immersion in the event of an accident. It has an ergonomic design with page turn buttons that is thin and light.

With the newest e-ink technology for rapid page turns, it reads like genuine paper.

Thousands of books, newspapers, and audiobooks are available right away and it can pair with Bluetooth headphones or speakers to smoothly switch between reading and listening with Audible.

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#3 Onyx BOOX Max3

You can read, write, and draw thanks to the front light’s colour temperature and brightness modulation.

Large storage and ultra-fast data transfer speeds are provided by 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM.

The use of Android 10 OS increases security, smoothness, and compatibility by allowing third-party software installation and integration with Google Play Store.

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The incredible 13.3 inches E-Ink Mobius flexible display provides a comfortable reading and annoyance-free experience. Available on Amazon at $880.

#4 The Likebook Mars 404*1872 300PPI E-ink HD Touchscreen:

7.8 inches Super high resolution and a thin 9.3mm thickness provide a light and comfortable touch experience; special anti-glare technology reduces reflecting light and protects the screen.

It supports a variety of mainstream formats on the market. Excellent PDF reading experience, automatic edge cutting, grey-scale adjustment, re-layout, and rotation orientation would be very useful to you. To optimize your setup performance, it uses A2 refreshing.

They also supply you with after-sale support for a period of 24 months. If you have any issues, simply notify them at any time; they will be happy to assist you. Available on Amazon at $229.

#5 NOOK Glowlight Plus:

This device is easy to read anywhere. Reading is simple with the largest E-Ink display. It has a 7.8 inches 300 dpi high-resolution display.

With Night Mode, you can seamlessly transition from day to night reading. Even on wet days, it provides a worry-free waterproof reading. It’s the ideal present for the reader in your life.

Best Desktop Ebook Readers in 2022

#6 Icecream Ebook Reader:

Icecream Ebook Reader is a simple program to use. It allows you to keep track of your reading progress, make notes, translate text, and bookmark pages.

You can view ebooks in EPUB, MOBI, CBR, and other readable file formats with this program.

It allows you to see how many pages are left to read and to resume reading where you left off. Your e-book library can be moved from one Windows PC to another. It aids in the discovery of a book based on the name or title of the author.

This software also allows you to explore pages faster by using the navigation scrollbar and copy the text from an eBook and paste it into a Google search result.

#7 Adobe Digital Editions:

Adobe Digital Editions is a software program that allows you to create digital

Adobe Digital Editions is a simple eReader to use. You can also use the program to download and buy digital literature that you can read both online and offline. It allows you to search for keywords throughout your eBook’s chapters.

It allows you to borrow eBooks for use with Digital Editions from a variety of public libraries. Adobe Digital Editions makes organizing and managing your digital publications a breeze.

With this software, you can read eBooks in a variety of formats, including EPUB, EPUB3, and PDF.

#8 Calibre:

Calibre is open-source e-book management and reader that is simple to use. You may customize the font size, margins, metadata, and add an auto-generated table of contents with this tool.

It is one of the top ePUB readers for Windows that allows you to manage your e-book library more efficiently.

It’s an e-book viewer with a lot of features: News/magazines can be downloaded via the internet, you can effortlessly share and backup your library, edit the books you have in your library and meet all of your e-book requirements and receive assistance.

#9 Freda:

Freda is a program that allows you to read electronic books. It’s a universal ebook app, which means it’ll work on both your desktop and tablet computers.

It’s one of the best ePUB readers, and it’ll run on any Android phone or tablet running Jellybean, Kitkat, or a more current version of the OS.

Bookmarks and annotations are possible with this ePUB reader for PC. Feedbooks, Smashwords, Gutenberg, and other online catalogs are all supported. You can download books by connecting this app to your OneDrive or DropBox accounts.

Your Calibre ebook library can also be linked and your reading experience is synchronized across all devices. It is dyslexia-friendly to help persons with dyslexia read.

#10 Kobo:

Kobo is an EPUB reader app that allows you to carry a library of books in the palm of your hand. It closely mimics the dedicated eBook reader.

You can begin reading on one device and then move to a different one. The reader has an almost limitless number of options.

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Thousands of eBooks can be stored on this server, it allows you to look for book recommendations.

ComfortLight, a special feature, is built-in for enhanced nighttime reading and all its features are easily configurable.

Best Mobile Ebook Readers (Android and iOS) in 2022

#11 Wattpad:

Wattpad might be the greatest eBook reading software for novices who don’t have a lot of technical skills.

Users can search for material using book codes or internal browsers on this eReader, which emphasizes simplicity. You can customize the text and browser color to your liking, as well as modify the font size to something more comfortable for you.

Wattpad is also a great place to go if you’re looking for something new to read. You can go through selected lists of new and upcoming authors as well as ideas from the community.

You may also create and publish your own stuff on Wattpad.

#12 Libby app:

The Libby app is a lovely eReader that works well on a smartphone. Libby, a service developed by Overdrive, allows you to search through millions of audiobooks and eBooks.

You may also borrow titles rather than purchase them, giving you the best of both worlds.

If you don’t want to take up too much space on your phone, you can download your titles for offline reading and stream them. If you’re reading in the United States, you can also send eBooks to your Kindle.

Libby also has a want list feature, so you can keep track of the books you want to read in the future.

#13 FBReader:

For Android and Apple users, FBReader is a fantastic ePub reader app. You can utilize this service on any device that runs Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, or even Blackberry, so the possibilities are endless.

This is one of the most versatile ePub reader apps available, with compatibility for a variety of eBook formats.

For easy searching, FBReader organizes your library by title or author, and you may read in up to 34 languages.

There are also many features to discover, such as synchronized reading positions, bookmarks, and more.

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#14 ComiXology:

You’ll need an excellent comic eReader app if you enjoy comics. That’s where ComiXology enters the picture. The app contains many manga, graphic novels, and digital comics from publishers such as Marvel, Image, DC, and others.

While reading, you can use the app’s features to improve your overall experiences, such as brightness adjustments, zoom, reading modes, and direction.

ComiXology also has a feature called ‘Guided View,’ which focuses and zooms in on each individual panel, making reading on a smartphone or tablet easier. It also allows you to create a Wish List of all the titles you’d like to get your hands on in the future.

You can even share the list with your family throughout the holidays to assist you to achieve your goal of acquiring all the books you desire.

#15 Kindle app:

In the realm of eReaders, the Kindle is undoubtedly the most well-known. Kindle is Amazon’s preferred electronic reader, providing access to millions of fantastic books, newspapers, and periodicals.

The good news for individuals who don’t want to invest in new technology is that the software may be used without a Kindle device.

The free Kindle app is available on Google Play and the iOS App Store for Android and iOS users. It has useful features like syncing your last-read page across devices, highlighting phrases, and taking notes.

If you need to look something up, the program also has access to Wikipedia.


And that makes our list of the 15 Best ebook Readers in 2022. With these ebook readers, you should not have any issues with reading.

They cover both convenience, user experience and functionality for the typical Ebook Reader, desktop and mobile.



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