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15 Best Free Google Tools for Business | Updated

Are you an eCommerce entrepreneur or a small business owner looking out for avenues to have a more productive business, then this write-up is for you? Google has attractive and free tools for more or less, every aspect of online productivity.

Google tools are tools made available by Google for the purpose of helping persons that surf the network, marketers in particular to utilize their search engine and social media marketing experience.

Majority of these tools are free to use and you are just to download them and login to use them.

These free Google tools have the potential of giving one business owner an edge over his/her competitors when used appropriately.

The Wealth Circle in our commitment to bringing relevant information and resources on how to make wealth your way, brings to you the 15 Best Free Google Tools for Business in 2022 and they include:

  1. Google AdSense
  2. Google AdWords
  3. Google AdWords Keyword Tool
  4. Google Alerts
  5. Google Analytics
  6. Google Books
  7. Google Calendar
  8. Google Chrome
  9. Google Docs
  10. Google Insights
  11. Google Translate
  12. Google Trends
  13. Google Webmaster Tools
  14. Google DoubleClick Ad Planner
  15. Google Gadgets

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is among the free goggle tools and is a program run by Google through which persons that own websites/ publish on websites in the Google Network of content sites serve text, images, video, or interactive media advertisements that are focused to the site content and audience. These advertisements are supervised, ordered, and maintained by Google. They can generate Revenue can be generated through them either via a per-click or per-impression basis. 

The amount (passive income) the person in question earns will be dependent on the topic of the website and the amount of persons that visit the site.

Google AdWords

Peradventure organic search traffic is not getting you good enough gain, then the sure alternative we recommend is a paid search campaign using Google AdWords.

Using Google AdWords, you can bid for the right keywords which has the potential of gaining you a considerable amount of qualified traffic where the conversions will be equal to or be above the value paid for ads.

Using advanced targeting options for location, mobile or desktop browsers, and other criteria, you are sure of getting the target audience you want.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool

Do you run search engine marketing campaign or paid search advertising? If yes, you obviously need keyword ideas and need to try Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool is among the Google tools and allows a user to enter a term that makes available a wide range of ideas, like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) through which you will get groupings of keyword ideas that you can delve some more into.

This free Google tool can give the user an idea of whether one keyword is almost popular than another and in addition, enables the user to also see an approximate cost per click (CPC) amount, if the target is on the keyword using Google AdWords.

Google Alerts

Want to keep up with the latest news, mentions of your brand, or other items in Google search? Then you would have your want satisfied in setting up your Google Alerts.

When a search query is entered, the response received is a sample of the results and the option to have them delivered often to your email inbox or RSS reader. A user can use this to stay up to date with competition as well as see where they are getting mentioned or are building profiles.

Google Analytics

Are you a marketer and looking out for free Goggle tools to use? Here’s a powerful one – Google Analytics.

Using Google Analytics, you can learn the following:

  • About your audience the more, their location and language (Demographics)
  • The social networks visitors come from to visit your site and how they interact with your website’s social plugins.
  • The browsers, OS and networks your visitors are using to view your website.
  • The number of your visitors that are using mobile technology.
  • The websites, keywords, search engines, and other referrers that send traffic to your website and how to analyze it.
  • Finding out which visitors get done with conversions such as purchasing a product or signing up for a mailing list.

Google Books

As a marketer, you can get your book listed on Google Books so that you can have it sold to an even larger audience.

Google books is a website that contains a list of published books. It also hosts a large, searchable selection of scanned books.

Google is currently competing with iTunes and other online media retailers with their new Google play store for music, books, movies, and Android apps and this will make for more traction.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is among the free Google tools andenables users to stay posted with important events in their daily schedule.

This Google tool allows a user to share his/her calendar with other users or even to the public and embed it onto his/her website.

When you’re logged in to your Google account or via email, you can receive reminder alerts that will come as a popup. This is to be set up by the user and once done, one will be kept posted with guest posting opportunities, Twitter chats, editorial calendars, advertising expiration dates, the list continues.

Google Chrome

If you’re not using Google Chrome, then you’re missing out.

Think of a browser that is quite fast and has a ton of extensions, apps, and themes that you can install to increase your marketing productivity? Then you have all of these and many more in this one – Google Chrome.

This Google tool provides other favorites which include

  • Google +1 Button 
  • Google+ Notifications 
  • Klout
  • SEO Site Tools 
  • Simple Social Metrics 

Google Docs

Google Docs is among the free Google tools that you would want to use.

It allows you to share documents, presentations, spreadsheets, drawings, and tables with other users to view online or download.

A user can collaborate with multiple users or just grant someone else access to a read-only version of documents for instance the publicly accessible Twitter Chat Schedule spreadsheet.

 In addition, forms can even be created and sent via a link or directly in an email to collect survey answers, crowdsource post information, and other data.

Google Insights

With Google Insights, you are allowed to search for keywords to see their trends in the course of time.

Google Insights enables a user to see whether a keyword is top ranking in popularity, see global search trends in a year to find popular months or seasons for a search, see search volume by region, and find a list of top ten related searches and rising searches.

Google Translate

Google Translate is among the Free Google tools and as the name implies, is used for the quick translation of words written in another language in an email, blog comment, or webpage into yours.

The beautiful thing about this Google form is that the user does not need to even know what language it is in before translation.  All thanks to the auto-detect features.

You are to note that the translation may not be a perfect one, but it will get the main point across.

This Google tool makes the following known to a user:

  • searches that are popular, on a current note.
  • Google Insights data for keywords, and
  • traffic trends for websites.

Multiple domains and even be entered and separated by a comma, for the purpose of to traffic comparison.

Note: Traffic trends are only available for websites with a high volume of traffic.

 Google Webmaster Tools

Using Google Webmaster Tools puts a large amount of valuable data at a user’s fingertips. In cases where a website has already been set up with Google Analytics, it can easily be added to Google Webmaster Tools for the purpose of learning the following.

  • Site Configuration 
  • Site Health 
  • Site Traffic 
  • Site Optimization 

Google DoubleClick Ad Planner

This tool enables a user to access some quick traffic or demographics information for a website.

The amount of information gotten is dependent on the size of the website.  

The following information can be found:

  • the average visitor’s age, gender,
  • education,
  • household income,
  • other sites visited, interests, and
  • keywords searched for.

Google Gadgets

Google Gadgets is among the free Google tools and is used for the extension of the functionality of a website, browser, or Google Account.

There are freebie Google gadgets you can easily find and they are organized in categories including news, tools, communication, games, sports, finance, lifestyle, technology, and politics.


Indeed, Google has made life easy for persons that are into one business or the other that operates online. Whether you are a marketer, blogger, freelancer, etc, in these tools lie your being successful and breaking even to a very large extent. Also, you don’t have to pay to use these tools are they are free. So, you have no excuse to give and the ball is right in your court to play. Play well!



Mbagwu Amarachi Chilaka
Mbagwu Amarachi Chilaka
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