10 Best Free Stock Picking Services | Ultimate Guide

Stock investors, this post is for you! We’ve found an easy way to eliminate those confusing thoughts about the stock to invest in.

That’s using stock picking services!

What these best free stock picking services do is to sift the list and narrow down your search to a handful of stocks in line with your trading style.

They also provide real-time information on the performance of particular stock. You can confidently build a healthy portfolio with these freestock picking services.

Wanna learn about the best services? Patiently read this article.

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What is a Stock Picking Service?

Thousands of companies have thousands of stock out there for you to trade. Because of this, traders often have a problem deciding on which to opt for. That’s where the need for stock picking services come in.

A stock picking service is one that helps investors and traders choose the best stocks for their portfolio.

There are many platforms that offer stock picking services. The paid ones are known for their high-quality content more than the free ones. However, not everyone can pay high charges.

Even though the quality of these free services isn’t as high as the paid services, it is still decent and can help you find the right investments for your portfolio.

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10 Best Free Stock Picking Services

Since the majority of stock picking platforms offer their services for a fee, there is usually no place for the ordinary man who cannot afford the fees.

In order to help, we have compiled a list of the best stock picking services that are for free. Although their services may be of a lesser quality to the paid ones, they are not substandard either.

Get relevant analysis on stock picking from these platforms.

#1 TD Ameritrade Stock Screener

This is one of the best free stock picking services. It has a comprehensive thinkorswim trading platform.

They sort securities by industry, fundamentals, valuation, dividends, etc. Mutual funds, ETFs, and options can also be screened using this free tool.

#2 Zacks Stock Screener

Zacks is a well-known stock research company that offers a free stock picking service.

The stock screener allows you to check through US-based stocks using metrics like book value per share, etc. This is a metric used by Warren Buffett to value companies for Berkshire Hathaway.

The paid subscription adds a few features, but the free version is a top stock market screening tool.

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#3 Google Finance

The Google Finance free stock picking service is the best if you want to keep things simple.

Actually, it has fewer features and filters than Zacks, it is quick to use. Google users will find its interface easy to use.

#4 StockTwists

This is another platform that offers stock picking service for free.

StockTwits uses dollar signs to help you follow stocks by their ticker symbols.
To see what people are saying about a particular stock, watch the real-time feed or click on a specific stock.

In order to track your portfolio, Sign up to StockTwits. Also, create a watchlist for particular stocks.


This is a free stock picking app that is best for connecting your brokerage accounts.

Once you log in, you can compare your portfolio with that of professional investors. With this, you’ll get information on the stocks you own and the ones you may be interested in. You may also hedge funds.

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#6 247wallst.com

This is an investing site that offers free stock picking service. Subsribers usually get free analysis. In addition, there is free articles on finance and business topics.

The site is part of the AOL-HuffPost family of sites. This means that every content here is verified. However, use the analysis tool and make your own decision.

#7 Day Trading Academy

This is one of the best stock picking services that has some of the best trainers like Marcello Arrambide.

They offer a hands-on approach to trading as you will be taught. Day Trading Academy is great for beginners who are willing to dedicate their time to learn to trade. If you want just indicators and software analysis, this may not be the best place for you.

#8 Seeking Alpha

With Seeking Alpha, you will find many articles that will give detailed stock market reports, and tips on particular stocks that are highly profitable. The good side of this mega investing site is that they explain reasons for the stocks behaviour.

You can access all these articles with free registration.

Besides, you can read about market news and investment strategies to further enhance your investment skills.

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#9 Minyanville.com

This is another best stock picking service provider. Most of the stock-picking features are available for free. You will get real-time information and details about stocks and why they should be bought or dropped.

Similarly, this long-time investing site offers some premium paid products.

#10 FinViz

FinViz is another popular online screener and research tool.

Although there’s a fee to get the best from the site, there are still features that go for free.

With the free version, you can do stock screening, access quotes, and create basic charts.

But, the real-time information is available only for paid accounts.

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These 10 platforms offer real-time and accurate information as regards your stock picking. Before investing, make sure to get all the information about that particular stock from these platforms. The Wealth Circle cares!


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