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15 Best Free Video Editing Software For Android, PCs, iOS, And Mac

Video editing is both a skill and a passion. A great video editing software makes it all fun. It is a hobby and a job, a well-paying one for that matter when coupled with amazing video editing software.

With the pandemic ravaging people and jobs, having an enjoyable part-time job like video editing comes in handy.

It is better if you know the best video editing software of all times. A perfect video editor needs the best video editing software to achieve the delicate prowess and fine touching that is highly covetable.

Here you will get to learn about the topmost video editing software on the market for different devices, where you can get them and their features.

Pro or amateur, a good video editing software excites your passion and makes your work pay well. Pick the one that will bring out the pro or enthusiast in you!


Are you in the film industry? Are you a YouTuber? Are you a home video maker? Do you love posting videos on social media?

If a yes features for any of those questions, then you need a good video editing software.

Video editing software manipulates and rearranges video shots to build a flowing script. It involves tilting, color correction, image sharpening, adding filters, and other effects.

Video editing software also creates a transition between clips, remove unwanted footage, sensor where necessary, add graphics like music and soundtracks, give the video pace, speed and angles the video in preferred angles.

With good editing software, you will achieve the best angles, clear unwanted footage completely, have the best resolution, and choose from a variety of effects and graphics to create a masterpiece.  


A perfect video editing software should have the following qualities:

  • Compatibility with as many devices as possible, i.e. android, mac, iOS, PC, Windows, among others.
  • Should be affordable. Some are free, some allow a period of testing, some guarantee refunds after a given number of days.
  • Should offer the highest number of filter abilities.
  • Should be able to triangulate, at 360 degrees
  • Clarity of above 4K, 8K and even VR
  • Allow sharp trimming, smooth video importing and exportation, clean footage alignment.
  • Allow both professionals and amateurs to operate, through tutorials and video editing demos.
  • Offers multi-cam editing
  • Gives a range of MP4, 2D, 3D to the preference of the editor.
  • The software should be easy to use and efficient as well
  • Should support Multi-GPGPU acceleration
  • You should look at customer support.


From the above list, you can create a table to cross off and tick on what you are looking for when shopping for a video editing software.

The knowledge of exactly what you want the software to do for you will help you pick the best once and for all, hence avoiding inconveniences and time wasting.

Professionals know the exact video editing software they might want to go for but enthusiasts and learners might have less knowledge.

Below you will find a list of the top fifteen video editing software for you to pick from, pro or learner. Compare each one of them and see what works for your intent, passion or profession.

Here are some of the famous, most used video editing software with their features and how they the work:


Are you a learner or a beginner? Adobe Premiere Element is your software. It is cheap, very simplified in its use and achieves professional results. If you are just out of college and you want to try out your skills, go for this.

You will totally afford it and will be able to convince your client if any that you are professional video editor.

This editing software is also good for filmmaking, TV, and web videos. Wide-angle shooting, up to 360 degrees with over 4K resolution in all directions.


Professionals use this video editing software. It comes with a 90-day free trial.

Adobe Premiere Pro can edit footage in all formats,  has native file support a light weight proxy, and is ProRes, HDR. Can work as you wish. Works with other apps including adobe photoshop, after effects, audition, adobe stock among others.

Most videos on YouTube, ads, short films, broadcasts make use of this. You will enjoy free regular updates on the software once you update it.


Final Cut Pro X is best for the social media enthusiasts. Unfortunately, it is only available for mac users.

Comes with the 360degree viewer advantage, HDR, and multi-cam editing ability. It can transcode an 8K resolution. It is faster on MacBook and Mac Pro. This software is for professionals as well.


Adobe Premiere Rush comes with Adobe Premiere Pro. All in one. Works with all devices including windows, mac, iOS and android. It comes with a free trial thus gives you a chance to review it before settling for the software.

This software works even on your mobile phone. Can be used to share on social media from phone. You will have the advantage of working with Creative cloud if you chose using Adobe Premiere Rush to edit your videos.

Adobe gives the option of membership on this software thus making it ultimately affordable.


This software works for freelance editors. It is also appropriate for social media posts. Can be used by editors with experience in creating varieties between 15sec Insta to 45-60sec clips.

You can add all manner of special effects on your video. However, the adjustments using this software is long and unnecessarily wound, making it slower. You can get a Filmora for android trial here and one for iOS here.


For $99.99 you will have the ultimate video editing experience. It is fun and easy to use. It gives you many drag and drop graphics, titles, transitions among others.

You will also have an improved video steadiness, dynamic split screen editing, which gives the software an ability to create notable movies that draw inspiration.

The multi-camera helps in personalizing capturing and creating charming constructions. You also get more than 2000 customized filters. You will manage to share the videos on various platforms without any trouble.

This is a software for both windows and mac. Currently Cyber Link Power Director 365 said to be the best video editor. It is very affordable and can be used by both professionals and learners.

However, it is tough for newbies and does not offer tutorials. You can get a free download or choose the payable one that comes with a longer stringent of effects. 

Some of its features include: massive stock library, ability to create hype-realistic images, both composite and expressive, merging images from different clips, perfect animating tools, color mixers and green screen editing among others.


This is a cheap, easy to use but effective video editing software. Using it gives you a chance to use video editing features that only pros access even if you are not one, like the ability to import and export any format.

It takes control of the edits and you can access hundreds of creative effects together with graphics and overlays. It will cost you $99.95 to get a full version. Enjoy advanced video editing, full-color controls, video masking amongst others.


The Vimeo software is used with browsers. The only flipside is that you cannot use it unless you are a member.

With its browser abilities, it is a friend of the YouTube pros. Its stock footage helps video developers and editors to have their videos on other platforms.

For this reason, it is great for social media posting. It is entirely free and can be used by both professionals and learners.


Kinemaster is the best for android users. It is easy to use especially in subsequent trimming and transitions. It has the ability to clear the footage as you add media, has amazing effects an overlays.

The audio additions are well taken care of and a beautiful animated cropping also made available.

However, compared to other video editing soft wares that have similar qualities, Kinemaster is very expensive.

You can get a kinemaster for iOS here.


A Lumafusion is paid for. You can get it here for $19.99. This video editing software is meant for iOS. It matches with some features on iMovie except that it has a wider scope on preview areas.

When using it, it gives you an allowance to add new footage. It is very powerful when doing heavy editing thus is recommended for the pro film industry. 


HitFilm Express is for both windows and mac devices. It has a 180 degrees’ visual effects with bot 3D and 2D effect with a 4K video support. HitFilm Express is also used in community training and is good for YouTube.

The video editing software is good for both professional video editors and enthusiasts. It is free but comes with many cool features that much other software make you pay for.

HitFilm has features to die for.

You will enjoy combined timelines, a personalized workstation, personal playback, color-coding that is unique, mask editing, the export queue, export presets, clean voice recorder, and all the professional formats, UHD and RAM.


This is specifically designed for iOS video editing. It is very fast, simple, and very powerful. Its simplicity makes the video editing software a catch for learners but also efficient for professionals with deadlines.

On the low side, every clip has to be stripped back unlike in other software like Adobe Premiere. Comes with good effects, ease on cutting, cropping, adjusting, and transforming.

Spice for iOS is free.


This is a free video editing application. Both amateur and professional editors can use it since it is simple and exceptionally accurate.

It is free with all the features and effects that can be found in premium soft wares.

The app allows you video demos for free and clips for your practice if you are not yet a pro. Depending on your location, you can buy the app at different prices online.

#15. APPLE Imovie

Apple iMovie is available on your Mac device. It supports 4K resolutions and gives a wide range of effects and filters.

This software is easy to use and can create polished work, it is however not the software to be used by professionals. Use this to make your home movies to a beautiful finesse.

The downside aspect of this software is that it can only work with mac devices and not any other.


Enthusiasts, professionals, and learners need to pick video editing software to make their work spectacular.

The human mind is geared towards well done, well-trimmed, well finished, and sharp images.

Using perfect software within your abilities will give you the skill you need. Pick one from the wide range above!




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