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10 Best Home Insurance Companies in Canada | 2023

Home insurance is essential for Canadians to protect their homes and personal belongings. With numerous insurance companies offering various coverage options, it can take time to determine the best home insurance company in Canada that fits your needs.

In this article, we have researched and compiled a list of Canada’s top 10 home insurance companies. This list is based on their financial stability, customer satisfaction, and coverage options.

Whether you’re a first-time homeowner or looking to switch to a better insurance provider, this article will provide valuable information to help you make an informed decision.

So, let’s get to it.

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What is home insurance?

Home insurance, also known as homeowners insurance, is a type of property insurance that covers damage to a person’s home and personal possessions within it. It also provides liability coverage in case of injury to someone on the property. Home insurance policies typically include protection against perils such as fire, theft, and natural disasters.

The cost of home insurance depends on factors, such as the property’s location, the type of structure, and the amount of coverage desired. A standard home insurance policy generally covers the home’s system, personal property, loss of use (additional living expenses if the house becomes uninhabitable), and personal liability.

It is crucial to have home insurance because it provides financial protection for homeowners in the event of a covered loss. Without insurance, a homeowner would have to pay for repairs or replacement out of pocket, which can be very costly. In addition, liability coverage can protect against lawsuits and other legal issues that may arise from accidents on the property.

When shopping for home insurance, comparing policies from different insurance companies and choosing a policy that fits your needs and budget is essential. It is also crucial to regularly review your coverage and update it as needed to ensure that you are appropriately protected.

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How home insurance works in Canada

Home insurance in Canada provides financial protection for homeowners in case of a covered loss. This type of insurance typically covers damage to a person’s home and personal possessions and liability coverage in case of injury to someone on the property.

In Canada, home insurance generally comes as a package policy. This includes coverage for the home’s structure, personal property, loss of use (additional living expenses if the house becomes uninhabitable), and personal liability. The amount of coverage a homeowner needs depends on factors such as the home’s value and its contents and the homeowner’s risk tolerance.

To purchase home insurance in Canada, homeowners can work with an insurance broker to help them select the right policy. The cost of home insurance in Canada can vary depending on factors such as the property’s location, structure type, and desired coverage. Homeowners can also add endorsements or riders to their policy to provide coverage for specific perils, such as flooding.

In the event of a covered loss, homeowners must file a claim with their insurance company. The insurance company will investigate the claim and determine the compensation to pay the homeowner. It is essential for homeowners to keep their insurance coverage up to date and to review their policies regularly. This is to ensure that they are appropriately protected.

Overall, home insurance in Canada is an essential financial protection tool for homeowners. It provides peace of mind and helps safeguard one of the most significant investments people make in their lifetime.

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What drives your home insurance premium?

Replacement cost

Insurance costs are dependent on the home’s market value and square footage. Insurance for a home will cost more if it costs more to replace it. The maximum cost of replacing your home is known as its replacement value.

Exterior Construction

Different insurers may offer a more significant discount for a newly replaced roof. This is most at times based on the quality of the roofing material and the cost to replace it. Your premium will change depending on various factors, including whether your home has a wooden frame, brick exterior, vinyl or stucco siding, and a gas furnace or a boiler for heating water. Your roof’s age will be reflected in increased premiums from your homeowner’s insurance company if no replacement has been made in the last 20 years.

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Internal Construction

If your property has knob-and-tube or aluminum wiring, your insurance company may refuse to cover your home. They may require you to make repairs before issuing coverage.

As an additional point, circuit breakers are usually superior to fuses in electrical systems. In the same way, insurers view copper and plastic plumbing favorably, while galvanized or lead piping is negative.

Insurers also have concerns about wood stoves because of the dangers of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning they pose. Insurance companies consider how close your home is to a fire hydrant or fire station. Albeit the degree of specificity varies from company to company.

Location of your home

Just as the value of a home greatly depends on its location, so does the cost of homeowners insurance. Your house insurance premium may be affected by factors such as the frequency and severity of crimes in the area and the frequency and severity of weather-related incidents.

Both the frequency and severity of natural disasters in Western Canada contribute to the region’s comparatively higher average home insurance premiums.

Several of Canada’s most devastating natural disasters have occurred in Western Canada in recent years.

Home insurance history

Your ability to obtain insurance will be impacted by your claim filing and denial history. This is the case with any insurance.

Multiple claims make an insured look like a risk to insurers, regardless of whether or not the claims were legitimate. Also, insurers will charge extra if a customer has a history of premium payment delays. Which they interpret as a symptom of a person’s financial instability. 

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What to keep in mind when shopping for home insurance Companies in Canada

Every potential homeowner ought to consider the cost of home insurance when purchasing. Some areas of the country have higher insurance prices than others. A home that needs work could end up costing the owner more than they bargained for between premiums and renovations.

You may make an informed choice by comparing home insurance quotes with and without endorsements, such as overland water coverage, earthquake insurance, and coverage for needing to rebuild according to new bylaws.

If you are a landlord, encouraging your renters to investigate renter’s insurance could save you both time and money in the long run.

You can save 15% by comparing and bundling many rates for car insurance at once.

We hope that comparing the best Canadian house insurance providers and their prices have been helpful to you if you place a premium on customer satisfaction.

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The Best Home Insurance Companies in Canada for 2023

Below, you’ll find some of Canada’s most reputable and popular home insurance providers, with general descriptions of each company’s offerings and policies.

#1. Intact Insurance

It is likely the most significant home insurance company in Canada, with a network of 6,000 insurance brokers across the country. Intact Insurance (formerly ING Canada) offers a wide variety of home insurance policies, from tenants and condo insurance to more unique options like home-based business insurance, cottage insurance, and rented dwellings insurance.

A comprehensive policy also covers the garage, gazebo, or shed in your backyard.

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#2. Aviva

With $12.203 billion in assets in 2020, Aviva is the tenth-largest home insurance company in Canada.

In addition to the standard $1 million policy, Aviva also provides a wide variety of optional coverages and discounts. These include protection against sewer backup, identity theft, flood overland, a service line, and a disappearing deductible, which reduces your deductible by a small amount each year you go without filing a claim.

#3. TD Insurance

Bundling discounts are a hallmark of TD Insurance’s property and casualty policies, which include homeowner’s insurance. As a bonus, you’ll receive a 5% discount immediately if you request a quote online.

By capping coverage at $1 million rather than imposing strict limits on individual categories of costs, TD provides policyholders with greater leeway in deciding how and where to invest their insurance proceeds.

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#4. Wawanesa Mutual Insurance

Despite its peculiar name, in 2020, Wawanesa was among the top 20 home insurance companies in the United States and had assets of $10.5 billion.

Because it specializes in providing coverage for dwellings, condominiums, tenants, and farms in Western Canada, it has a large customer base. Damages from water, fire, smoke, hail, wind, lightning, broken glass, explosion, vandalism, vehicle impact, and theft or attempted theft are all under the standard policy.

In addition to the standard forms of protection, you can purchase “Broad” and “Special” levels of insurance that extend your protection into broader areas.

#5. The Co-operators

As far as house insurance providers in Ontario and Atlantic Canada go, The Co-operators has the most outstanding customer satisfaction rating.

As a cooperative owned by its brokers, the company has 100% Canadian ownership.

They provide coverage for things like sewer overflow, accidents like spilling paint on the floor, fire, and weather damage, which are all quite common in homeowners’ insurance policies. The policy can be adjusted to fit your needs, for example, if you run a home-based business from the comfort of your own house.

The Co-operators does not provide funds for temporary housing if you must vacate your home due to a covered loss; therefore, it is essential to have a savings cushion in addition to your insurance.

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#6. Sonnet

Sonnet, the first Canadian insurance agency to operate exclusively online, can provide more affordable home insurance policies because it saves money by not maintaining a network of offices around the country. The trouble is, though, this needs to be more comprehensive coverage.

If that’s what you’re after, it could be a wise option, especially for first-time buyers with brand-new houses who worry about premiums and expenses.

But if you value having access to dedicated customer support and a wide variety of intricate plan alternatives, you might be left wanting.

#7. RSA Canada Group

Because it is in the United Kingdom, RSA requires you to go via a broker when purchasing house insurance.

Many of RSA Canada Group’s competitors, such as sewer backup, storm damage, and fire, offer similar services for similar prices. Still, RSA Canada Group guarantees low rates and a wide selection of extra coverage options.

However, there needs to be more specifics on the web; therefore, it is recommended that you locate a broker for RSA and inquire with them.

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#8. Square One

In less than five minutes, you can get a free, no-obligation quotation for cheap house insurance with Square One. If so, how much? For less than $12 a month, you can get coverage, according to their ads.

In addition, you can adjust the parameters of your policy as much as you like, including the maximum and minimum limits, deductible amounts, and types of coverage.

Theft, fire, and high winds are all accounted for in the base plan. As one of the few home insurance companies that guarantee to rebuild and replace your home if it comes to that, even if the cost ends up exceeding the coverage limit policyholders have picked, they have a lot of satisfied customers. They have received high reviewer marks (though everyone should be skeptical of reviews and testimonials).

#9. Economical Insurance

The company employs brokers to help consumers navigate Economical Insurance’s home insurance policy options. Discounts are available for purchasing multiple policies at once, bundling them together, and putting in place security measures to make your property less of a target.

Your home and any outbuildings, such as a garage or a shed, and any attached structures, like a gazebo, are protected.

Economical Insurance’s capacity to ensure clients are in higher-than-average risk conditions may be a key differentiator for the company.

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#10. La Capitale Insurance and Financial Services

With La Capitale, consumers may pick and select their coverages, including water damage insurance, and pay only for what they use.

No of the cost, your home and bike are safe havens for valuables like books, computers, and cameras.

Bundling numerous policies with La Capitale allows you to pay just one deductible on all your insured items and save you up to $425 annually.

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Insurance Companies in Canada

Can I combine home insurance with other forms of insurance?

Yes! If you purchase multiple types of insurance from the same provider, such as home, auto, travel, boat, RV, and life, you may be eligible for a discount on your monthly rate. Bundling can save you money, but it doesn’t guarantee that your policies fully cover you. Homeowners insurance quotes from multiple providers will help you find the best possible rate, especially if your circumstance is unusual.

Is home insurance mandatory?

Even though home insurance isn’t required by law in Canada, many financial institutions, such as mortgage lenders, will only give out a loan with confirmation that a home is insured. While you ultimately must make mortgage payments, mortgage lenders require homeowners insurance to safeguard their investments.

What makes home insurance cheaper?

You can save money on your homeowner’s policy if you have multiple lines of insurance with the same provider, including auto, boat, RV, life, and more.If you have yet to file a claim in a particular number of years after purchasing your policy, you may be eligible for a discount on your homeowner’s insurance premiums.

How much is homeowners insurance in Canada?

Ratehub reports that annual premiums for house owners insurance in Canada come to about $960. Nonetheless, the cost could be higher or lower depending on the state or country where you reside.

Why is home insurance so expensive in Canada?

The rising cost of building materials directly correlates with the cost of homeowner’s insurance. Insurance premiums for Canadian homes and mortgages rose by an average of 4.9% from the beginning of the summer to its end. Insurance rates were significantly affected by the massive rise in costs.


Having homeowner’s insurance is mandatory. It pairs well with both renter’s and homeowner’s insurance. Many mortgage companies will only give you a loan if you can prove you have home insurance. This is because disaster can strike anytime, and you never know when it will. There are unquestionably good choices available to locate an acceptable level of protection at a reasonable cost.



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