20 Best Investing Blogs In 2022

Before you can go into investing, you need to learn more about investments. However, not just any content is good content when your money is at stake. That is the role high-quality investing blogs are here to play. 

Personal finance can become a challenge at times but stories and experiences of others make it much easier for you.

Note that a good number of these blogs and investing websites were either founded by a former Wall Street professional or someone curious about the financial industry and wanted to learn more.

What is an Investing blog?

An investing blog is a content site where individuals interested in the financial industry share their ideas and experiences with their readers. Some of these writers are certified financial planners while others have become experts in their own right through gained knowledge of investment during their time in the market.

As an investor, walking on paths that have been trodden before, cushion you from some of the unforeseen risks the former had to go through. Stick around to know more about what drove some of these investment bloggers into the field, and lessons they learnt that they hope you can too.

Why are there Investing blogs?

Individuals knowledgeable in finance have taken the extra step of sharing their experiences, opinions and ideas about the market. Therefore why we have investing blogs.

Whether just starting in the area or a well-established investor, your needs are taken care of. Interestingly, investment is a broad topic and not one blogger can cover everything there is to know about investments. 

Plus, every blogger seeks to curve their niche and build on it. That is why we have investment blogs about wealth management, others focused on the stock market while others talk about value investing. 

By the time you go through the below list of investing websites, you will understand why there are a variety of blogs on investing and each thriving in their own capacity.

Let’s get into it!

What are the 20 Best Investing Blogs in 2022?

As you go through this list, we have put together some of the most popular blogs in investing but not cast on stone. The investment space keeps evolving as demand in different subjects increases and interests change. So stick around to find out the best investing blogs you should subscribe to in 2022.

1. A Wealth of Common Sense

This investment blog stands out for it’s simple yet practical investment strategies. Ben Carlson attempts to break down concepts of the financial market, how to go about wealth management and a bit of investor psychology. The top financial advisor has in his entire career managed portfolios of individuals and institutions to help them realize their objectives.

He has authored a few books on saving, investment and money and runs a weekly business podcast series ‘Animal Spirits’. Visit the popular investing blog to find out more. His Twitter account is also definitely one to look out for. 

2. Financial Samurai

Sam Dogen’s investing blog slices through money’s mysteries. The “Financial Samurai” is not your ordinary kind of blog, but one that delves deeper into money matters including personal finance. Funny enough, this investing website was initially created to help Sam and others in his position, to effectively manage personal finances. 

Whether you are into real estate, general investment, in the middle of your career or actually drawing up your retirement plan, the “Financial Samurai” should feel like home. Sam’s blog contains a wealth of articles drawing off his 22 years plus experience in the financial industry. A website that has drawn the attention of world’s major publications like Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, to mention but a few.

Don’t get left out! Start your journey to financial independence by finding out what the “Financial Samurai” has in store for you.

3. Oblivious Investor

If you are looking to do simple, low-maintenance investing, this is your guy! “Oblivious Investor” is an investment blog run by well-known investing blogger and published author, Michael Piper. Mike’s key principle is one: investing doesn’t have to be complicated.

His blog will teach you how to diversify your portfolio, minimize costs such as taxes and mutual fund expenses, as well as learn how to ignore the financial media’s noise. The author of several personal finance books believes that as long as your portfolio is well established, then the daily talk about the stock market should be the least of your worries.

See more details about the “Oblivious Investor”.

4. The Big Picture

Barry Ritholtz dedicates his time and professional money management wisdom to this blog. Every day, there are multiple articles to catch up with from “The Big Picture”. The investing expert who has been in the industry since 2003, lays bare his thoughts about the market and the economy. Shedding light on how a blend of behavioral economics and data affects investors.

Just as its title suggests, “The Big Picture” exposes you to what goes on in the mind of a high-level investor. A site that attracts half a million page views monthly, so far with over 250 million visitors. This finance weblog has in the long run earned Ritholtz the title “blogfather”. Explore this investing website to find out more.

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5. The Reformed Broker

A widely-read financial blog invested in helping individuals align their investments with their financial goals. What stands out about “The Reformed Broker” is its client diversification, whether you are a corporate, a young investor, a high net worth household or a charitable foundation. Josh Brown has market insights for you.

He talks about economics, politics, media, culture, finance and the markets. A forecast-free blog run by an easy-going investment expert who is not here to tell you what to spend your money on, rather act as a guide with financial advice from his life experiences. The pro-investor has also authored several investment books and runs a podcast too.

Visit Josh’s blog site to find out much more about his new book, most popular articles and what he has coming up next.

6. The Belle Curve

We take an interesting curve to an investment blog that focuses on current events with a unique insight into the achievements of women in business. Run by one of the top women investing bloggers, Blair duQuesnay, “The Belle Curve” delves further into the financial market.

Blair works with clients to create sustainable financial plans and investment strategies. You do not want to miss a chance to know how to manage your investment portfolio from an advisor’s perspective. Find out more from “The Belle Curve”.

7. The White Coat Investor

Student loan debts might often stand in the way of early investing especially as you launch into your career. But worry not, Jim Dahle shares with you a couple of financial strategies on how to go about debt while investing. It starts with his story of what drove him into learning personal finance and investing, to keep off unethical financial professionals for life.

“The White Coat Investor” majorly targets medical doctors and other high net worth individuals to boost their financial literacy. Jim’s 12 years’ experience as a practicing physician, however, does not restrict his investment blog articles only to the above category of individuals. He also aims to inspire his readers to build something larger than themselves, make money and connect the community with good financial advisors.

Check out more details about his investment courses, how to manage your student loans and his published books.

8. Crossing wall street

Eddy Elfenbein’s content is very market and stock-oriented both about individual companies and the market. His focus is on buying and holding shares of outstanding companies, something that the majority of investors miss or learn the hard way. Every year, Eddy publishes his buy list of 25 stocks. For more resources on stock and investing, please visit “Crossing Wall Street’s” website.

9. Collaborative Fund Blog

This investing website is run by a journalist whose writings about the financial market have a unique perspective towards macro-economics. Morgan Housel is known for his financial book “The Psychology of Money” which heavily touches on money and wealth.

His blog “Collaborative Fund Blog” therefore comes as a plus to his works. Housel’s intellectual view on the financial market highlights similarities between historical and current events. For more insights on economics and investment, check out Morgan’s rich “Collaborative Fund Blog”.

10. Sure Dividend

“Sure Dividend” focuses more on dividend stocks. The investment blog is dedicated to helping individual investors build high quality dividend growth portfolios long-term. Ben Reynolds, designs his blog with easy-to-read in-depth analysis topics incorporating charts and graphs for better understanding.

The goal here is to ensure that investors gain financial freedom by investing in portfolios that pay rising dividend income long-term. Find more resources on how to maximise your investments through the “Sure Dividend” website.

11. Don’t Quit Your Day Job

If your interest is macroeconomics, then you are in the right place. “Don’t Quit Your Day Job” is your go-to place for economics and finding the right tools and calculators to understand your own finances. This blog is one you might find a bit technical but once you get the nitty gritties of it, you are good to go!

The DQYDJ finance site was from the get-go tailored for investing content. The investing website teaches you how to build your net worth passively while still keeping that day job, up until retirement. You will get exposed to a wealth of knowledge on income, real estate, health, economics, and personal finance.

The interesting bit is how they came up with their own economic calculator that can be tailored to work for you too. So check out the DQYDJ blog to know how to manage your career and investments without making it a full-time job.

12. Investor Junkie

Personal finance management can at times weigh down on you and “Investor Junkie” is tailored just for that. The blog, founded by Larry Ludwig more than a decade ago, compares and analyzes tools to help you make the best decisions about your personal finance and how to manage it. They have labelled the site “your shortcut to financial freedom”.

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The site’s expert authors break down the complex world of finance into simple terms with a ton of tips on how to grow your wealth, long-term. It equips you with strategies on creating multiple streams of income (both active and passive) whether as businesses, stocks, real estate, bonds or alternative investments. 

Become a better investor and entrepreneur by visiting the “Investor Junkie” site today.

13. Of Dollars & Data

Nick Maggiulli’s investment blog focuses on investing and personal finance. His analytical commentary on the financial market is worth your time. Well, he might bog you down with the math but it is a great start on making better financial decisions. He calls it “living a smarter, richer life”.

The ideas presented on his blog provide you with a different perspective about money, including what to expect from financial markets, risk management, how to time investment purchases and how to organize and manage your finances. He shares great insights with investors like you about the best approaches to increasing your long-term wealth. 

“Of Dollars & Data” was recently born in 2017 but currently has over 200 articles about investment and personal finance. His works have been published in top magazines including The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, to mention but a few. Discover what clicks for you from his site

14. Dividend Growth Investor

This investment blog is well known in the dividend and investing community. He stands as a long term buy and hold investor who brings the data and analytics to dividend investing. For more details about the dividend-paying companies to look out for, visit the “Dividend Growth Investor” site today.

15. My WallSt blog

A financial site focused on the stock market and helping you enjoy seamless buying, selling and monitoring of your portfolio. “MyWallSt” keeps you up-to-date with stock market news, analyzes individual stocks and curates educational posts to build your knowledge about the industry.

The blog remains open to any type of retail investor including you. So find out more about the stock market and how to maximise on it by visiting My WallSt investing website.

16. The Balance

This investment blog answers your questions on personal finance with easy to understand articles. “The Balance” experts share practical advice on how to manage your money and make wise investment decisions. The blog hosts over 9,000 pieces of content on personal finance.

It targets investors whether new to the field, saving for retirement, looking to buy a home or achieve a financial goal. Find the answers to your finances through “The Balance” website.

17. Vintage Value Investing

It is more about value investing here. This blog breaks down topics on stock picking, value investing, economics and behavioural finance for you. Dillon Jacobs, the owner and lead editor focuses on investing fundamentals and common sense. He shares a wide range of investing principles, informed by wisdom of the most prolific investors of all time.

Away from the daily market hype, Dillon seeks to create high-quality value investing content that keeps you educated and focused. He enriches you with insights on markets and economics, value investing strategies, behavioral investing, stock research and analysis, to mention a few. Learn more from his “Vintage Value Investing” blog.

18. The Turtle Investor

Love travelling but still want to grow your investment portfolio? You are in the right place. The “Turtle Investor” is a personal finance blog themed on investments, creating alternative streams of income, money and travel hacks. The investing blog started as an Index Investing site where Kevin would mainly share his journey and experiences as a young investor.

A platform that later grew into an investing website – “Turtle Investor” educating your way to slow and steady financial independence. Explore more content and have a look at some of his published investment books from his website.

19. Zen Investor

Erik Conley’s investing blog seeks to help every investor discover the one strategy that best fits their natural investing style. It is a non-profit education, skill training and risk management organization. He first understands your learning style, attitude towards risk and amount of money you are willing to spend on managing your investments.

Thereafter, he customizes a strategy that works for you. Conley’s time-tested tools will arm you with knowledge that wealthy, sophisticated investors have. To understand what strategy best works for you and to keep track of recessions in the economy, see more details from the “Zen Investor” blog.

20. Investment moats

Set up by Kyith Ng, this investing website shares the author’s experiences as he makes sense of money, how money works and ways to grow his money. Hoping that seasoned investors can advise and critique his shared experiences from which new investors can learn and craft their own style.

“Investment Moats” exposes you to themes around financial security and financial independence, dividend income investing, international investing, long term market trends, growing and managing wealth. Kyith makes 2 to 3 postings weekly, tips on investment that you wouldn’t want to miss so check out his blog.

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Having stuck around thus far you get your bonus:

21. Millennial Money

You guessed that right, this majorly targets the younger generation. Starting early is the trick to sustainable long-term investment so for those that can, waste no more time. Grant Sabatier’s finance blog mentors early investors on how to make and use money to live a life they love, with time and space for themselves.

“Millenial Money” is founded on these steps: make, save, invest, borrow, retire early and the life you love. Grant remains passionate about teaching young investors to make smarter financial decisions, build more successful companies, reach financial independence and live richer lives.

He is also the author of “Financial Freedom: A Proven Path to All The Money You Will Ever Need” which is available worldwide. Find out how to also become a young millionaire by checking out the “Millenial Money” website.


Finding the right investing blogs and websites to respond to your personal and corporate needs might take time. We have answered a few of the questions most frequently asked and which could also help provide clarity to those weighing you down as well.

Which are the best investing blogs for beginners?

As a young investor, seeking financial advice and wisdom from those ahead of you is a good start. However, as you go in search of the best investment blogs, remember, you need to find something that works for you. There is the stock market, financial planning, online investing, retirement, stocks trading, wealth management, investment hacks, to list but a few. So find what speaks to you and use that to guide your steps forward.

How do you start an investment blog?

Like every other investment, running a blog has risks to it. To reduce some of the risks, here are three crucial steps:

First focus on a niche. One that attracts an audience but with less competition.
Then think of a unique blog name and create your investment blog. In case you get stuck, there are several blog name generators out there to assist you figure out one.
Get the essentials. Acquire the tools you need to get your blog up and running and effectively maintain it. Time is one key investment for this.

How do you write a good investment blog?

Opportunities to run investing websites are plenty out there as more millenials go in search for knowledge on how best to invest. A good number of individuals also want to learn everything about investments in order to retire comfortably. So here are a few useful tips:

Build a strong brand within the finance and investment niche.
Know your audience and tailor your articles to suit their needs.
Build your audience. As a young investor, use social media to attract new visitors.
Write incredible content. You need to ask: “Is my content helping to solve my readers’ problems and offer them solutions?”
Level up. Once you have built a loyal audience, you can start consulting, build e-courses, sell products or even write a book. 

Which personal finance ideas should you include on your investment blog?

If you are stuck on topics for your financial blog, here are a few ideas to think about:

Home buying.
Student loans.

Which investment blog topics can grow you an engaged audience?

There are several topic areas that can be a good fit for your audience. However, there are a couple of content topics worth exploiting, to attract a good audience. These include:

Explain how investment markets and instruments behave under different situations.
Discuss investors’ pain points and view the world from the non-expert investor’s perspective.
Give suggestions on how to mitigate risks to a portfolio.
Share comments on the effect of macro changes on local investment opportunities.
Make a reassurance to concerned investors on news of real time events, but tread cautiously for this one.


There is a wealth of resources on investment and this only means more investment blogs keep coming up each and every other year. Even with the above listed 21 investing blogs focused on different financial areas, it is important to figure out what you are aiming for and which resources will best see you attain your goal.

Spend time reading investment books, consulting with financial advisors and even reaching out to family and friends who have walked the investment road before. The more you learn, the better you get in the area. That said, all the best in your investments!



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