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21 Best Job Listing Sites for Entry Level | Ultimate Guide

There are many ways entry level graduates can unravel the mysteries behind unemployment in 2023. One such way is through job listing search sites. 

On these sites, you will find so many jobs to choose from that you will be confused by the long list of available jobs.

We have helped you carry out the basic research where you can get the best job offers. Also, employers may want to note down these job sites if they want people to apply for their offers.

You can do well to check the job listing sites with standard offers. Check the table of contents below.

What are Job Search Sites?

Job sites are search engines that come to your rescue when job hunting. They provide job-seekers of any kind of level opportunities to work in any sector with no prior job experience.

Amazing yeah? As an entry-level graduate, you must conduct your search with sites with many viable opportunities.

What is the best way to use these Job Listing Sites?

Before you go live on a job listing site to hunt for ideal jobs, there are ideal things you must do.

See them below:

  • Ensure you have a great resume to match your skills
  • Register on more than one job site

21 Best Job Listing Sites for Entry Level

#1. Robert Half

On this entry-level job site, you can find reputable job listings from anywhere around the globe.

Sort for full-time positions or remote job options that are fit for your career and apply for them. Be sure to also subscribe to job alerts on the platform to stay abreast of recent opportunities.

#2. CareerBuilder

On CareerBuilder, you are sure of two things: size and long-lasting.

It allows you to filter opportunities by location, job title, and pay.

#3. Indeed

Hosting over 150 million resumes with almost 10 new job offers added per second on a daily basis, there couldn’t have been a better job search site to use.

#4. LinkedIn

This platform serves two purposes; networking and job search.

All that is left for you to do is to update your profile, engage on career-related posts from top people in your field and seek recommendations.


By uploading your CV here, you give yourself more visibilty to appear in searches.

This site connects entry-level graduates to different sectors using a fully automated process.

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#6. Glassdoor

In addition to searching for jobs, you have the opportunity to review companies and their salary structure.

#7. LinkUp

Ever seen a situation where you’re been sent a company’s website to apply for job opportunities?

Yes! that’s what LinkUp does. Put up your location alongside any relatable keyword to the kind of job you want and, Viola! you get a matching job alert.

#8. Monster

The job search website evaluates your resume and rewards you with an ideal job based on your acquired skills and interest.

#9. SimplyHired

SimplyHired gathers job listings and enters key phrases to a particular job, then, the list of available offers show up.

#10. ZipRecruiter

Formerly, this site was just to enable small businesses to post their job listings.

Lately, it has metamorphosed into an online job listig site for entry-level graduates. Partnering with some other renowned job boards, you get a notification to know when your application has been viewed.

#11. College Recruiter

If you are still in college, you can find some internship positions here. Entry-level jobs are also available to the seekrs on College Recruiter.

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This is your go-to job search site if you want to be a hotelier or a tour guard. This site connects entry-level graduates to jobs that give them life’s experiences.

On, you can filter jobs by season, category and location. This is because some of these jobs last for a single season.

#13. Scouted

Established in 2014, Scouted match-makes people to the kind of jobs they want and gives them a worthwhile experience.

Build your profile on Scouted just as you would on LinkedIn and upload your resume.

However, note that there’ll be some interview questions for you to answer.

#14. AngelList

This job search site is also an ideal one of entry-level job seekers because over a hundred thousand start-ups trust its transparency procedures.

On the other hand, it has served a number of entry-level graduates to a great extent.

#15. Snagajob

Need I tell you that Snagajob has been connecting entry-level graduates to their means of livelihood.

Categories of most of the jobs posted on Snagajob are customer service, sales, and delivery jobs.

However, it is completely free for all to use.

#16. Flexjobs

This job search site is best for remote jobs. So, you’ll find genuine work-from-home opportunities.

The fact that there is a clear path to the job specifications on this site makes it easier for everyone to get a job.

#17. The Ladders

As much as this is a job listing site, it functions well as a career newsroom and a networking platform.

Interestingly, it connects job-seekers to high-paying job opportunities.

#18. Handshake

This is absolutely ideal for finding job opportunities for fresh graduates. You will also meet college graduates of likeminds.

For you to be picked, employers come to scan your profile and download your CV.

After this, you await confirmation of invitation from them.

#19. Oodle

This has a lot of online job classifications and is so far growing in every part of the world.

#20. Way Up

This job listing site helps graduates find both full-time and part-time jobs.

So, you ahead to create a profile and sell yourself in the best possible way to give yourself more visibility.

#21. Guru

If you are web developer or programmer or you do some writing and just finished college, Guru is the best place to be.

By joining specialized job search sites, you make yourself more visible and prone to getting a job faster.

Final Thoughts

These are the best entry-level job search websites that can aid visibility.

We hope that you find your ideal job as soon as possible.




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