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Trading online is good but choosing to do that on any of the best websites, especially when it comes to buying and selling art and craft products, is one of the best ideas. This is because such platforms are easy and more convenient to access. This article will teach you about the 30 websites to Sell Arts online in 2023.

These online websites give room for quality arts and crafts products to be exhibited from any part of the world. Aside from arts and crafts, there are other numerous products available there.

Therefore, if you are an art collector searching for places to buy affordable art, this article equally promises to satisfy your need as it contains the 30 best websites online to sell Arts products.

Our team of seasoned writers and online personalities have invested painstaking research and resources in coming up with this promising list that is certain to satisfy your want.

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Carefully read through this article without skimming, and you will be glad you did. But before then, you can quickly navigate through the table of contents below to get an insight into the best websites.

30 Websites To Sell Arts Online In 2023

Are you looking for an online market to buy affordable arts? The following list presents options aplenty for your need!

#1. Etsy

Have you heard of Etsy? You probably would have heard of Etsy, but on the rare occasion you are yet to hear of the online website Etsy, then I present to you – what you’ve been searching for all along.

Etsy is probably the largest and the best online market for people who constantly troop to the internet to search for places to buy affordable art. A friend of mine once joked about Etsy in praise saying – the only thing that is not sold at Etsy is human.

The online market contains all you can think of about arts and crafts, ranging from classic items to more contemporary crafts, including portraits and even handmade soap. Remember, I said everything, everything is sold here.

Now if you are creative and love to make a living off your ingenuity, Etsy is a market for you. It tops our list of the best marketplaces online to sell arts and craft products.

Here is how Etsy operates – to join the online market is totally free of charge as they demand absolutely nothing for signing up on the platform.

Now, to list an item for sale on the platform, Etsy charges a measly 0.20 cents for a period of 4 months or until your item is sold. If after the 4 months period elapses and your product is not sold, you would have to re-list the same product for another 0.20 cents if you still want your item enlisted on the platform.

Secondly, a 3.5 percent fee of every item sold on the platform is remitted to Etsy. Take, for instance; you sold an item on the platform for $100. You would be paid $96.5 while the remaining $3.5 goes to Etsy.

Please note that you must have a valid credit card to sign up on the platform. Also, note that they don’t debit you automatically when it is due for payment. They first send you an invoice seeking permission to debit your account before doing so.

Millions of potential shoppers visit the site on a daily basis, so if you are searching for the Best Market Places Online to Sell Arts and Craft Products, Etsy takes the lead for me.

#2. Cratejoy

If you an online personality then you should know that subscription boxes have gained popularity in the past few years making them one of the best online marketplaces to sell your arts and crafts.

There are craft subscription boxes through which you can reach a large amount of audience craving to buy affordable arts online. Cratejoy is one of the means you can create subscription boxes for your arts and crafts. Cratejoy features all the necessary tools need to sell your products online.

To learn more about the online market, visit the official website by clicking on the button.

#3. Shop Handmade

Shop Handmade is one of the fastest-growing online websites for creators looking to reach an audience. There are pros and cons to selling on the platform. The pros are simply the fact that it requires absolutely nothing to list your product on the platform. Shop handmade charges no fee to make a listing on their platform, meaning you don’t run the risk of losing money when your art is not bought.

The cons of listing on the platform are simply the fact that shop handmade is a new platform and faces stiff competition from other more established platforms like Etsy. So if you are going to choose to list your craft on the site, you don’t expect it to gain as much traffic as one listed on sites like Etsy.

I think the best practice here would be to list your product on Etsy and shop handmade for a wider reach audience.

Do you have handmade items or other vintage art products you like to sell? I implore you to sign up on this platform for free and upload a clear picture of your product and see the magic of the online market.

Visit here to learn more about shop handmade and sign up

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#4. GLC Craft Mall

GLC Craft Mall operates like a real mall or a shopping complex where people lease a store to display their product and pay on a monthly or yearly basis, depending on the agreement with the mall owner.

Like the real-life mall explained above, GLC Craft Mall allows users to create their arts and crafts stores within their site.

The site only allows the display of arts and crafts, as any listing contrary to this would be regarded as an infringement on the site. This makes GLC Craft mall one of the best marketplaces online to sell arts and craft products

To open a store on the platform, you would be required to have a Paypal account, as payments on the platform are done through PayPal. The platform is not free of charge as the site charges users $3.5 per month to operate a store.

Visit here to learn more about the site.

#5. Handmade by Amazon

Amazon is unarguably the largest online platform where shoppers go to purchase just about anything in the world. Amazon recently launched a subsidiary website called Handmade by Amazon, which is particularly for arts and crafts.

If you wish to sell your product on the platform, do let them know by sending a request through this.

#6. Shopify

Shopify is a rather different kind of online platform. Many popular companies utilize the platform to set up their e-commerce for a wider reach of the audience.

Unlike eBay or Amazon, and other popular online markets, your art won’t show up in any sort of directory. You’re basically — as mentioned above — just using their platform and tools to get your shop set up the way you, please.

Visit here to learn more.

#7. Bonanza

Bonanza is one of the fastest-growing online platforms to sell any kind of products, including arts. I personally recommend the platform to people who ask me for the best marketplaces online to sell arts and craft products.

The online market affords users the option of displaying their product on the website or creating their online store the way they want. Also, with Bonanza, users can import their products on display on other sites like Amazon or eBay.

Learn more about the platform here.

#8. Miiduu

Miiduu is another platform to sell you arts and crafts. The platform comes with lots of exciting features such as easy-to-use customizable set-up, custom domain among other tools. The site currently ranks atop the best eCommerce platforms.

Visit here to learn more about the site.

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#9. iCraft

iCraft is strictly for handmade products. It is a premium platform that is reserved for only serious art personalities. If art is your thing, i.e. you live and breathe art, then iCraft maybe what if you’ve been searching for.

Unlike the other online market, only handmade products may be displayed on the site which requires a signup fee of $25 after which you would be required to pay $5 as a monthly fee. But you don’t have to bother about the charges if are sure about your crafts. The site has huge traffic and serious buyers.

Visit the site to learn more.

#10. Zibbet

Zibbet is another e-commerce website that gives an online platform to sell your arts and crafts. The website offers users a different plan at monthly charges that ranges between $4 and $16. Aside from the monthly charge, the platform does not char users for registration or listings.

Zibbet specializes in websites for people with crafts, fine art, or vintage items to sell. Also, you can import other goods you have for sale on other websites like Etsy.

#11. You Can Make This

This is a rather different platform from the popular eCommerce website you know. Youcanmakethis.com allows users to display patterns of making arts and crafts rather than displaying the final art products themselves. Users get paid 50% of the price for each pattern sold on the website.

Also, there is an option to indicate whether or not you want buyers to give you credit when they use your patterns after purchase. To sell on the platform, you would need to visit the website to see samples of already existing users to know how to go about registering and displaying your products.

Visit the website.

#12. eCrater

Are you searching for the best marketplaces online to sell arts and craft products for free? Then eCrater is a place to look. The platform doubles as an online marketplace and a virtual store builder for users.

However, we wish to inform you that this platform is not as popular as Etsy or other popular eCommerce and may not receive as much traffic as you would like for your products. Nonetheless, we recommend eCrater as a platform for selling your arts and crafts.

Visit the official website to learn more

#13. Handmade Artist’s Shop

Handmade Artist’s Shop is a premium website to charge members a $5 sign up fee. Once you pay the signup fee, you can display as many art and crafts products you want for sale.

The site is one of the new sites on the block and its popularity is constantly on the increase; I recommend the site for prospective arts sellers as the site gets traffic of serious buyers

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#14. Storenvy

Storenvy is a way to go for art sellers. The platform allows you to have a storefront for the display of products. Signing up on the platform is free, but they charge 10% on every sale made on their marketplace, but they won’t charge you for sales made on your store. Visit the website to learn more

#15. Hyena Cart

This is one of the best MarketPlaces Online to Sell Arts and Craft Products. Hyena Cart is a large eCommerce platform where people troop in to buy and sell both handmade and manufactured art products. There are a whole lot of items to buy from the site including children and family items.

The website does not charge you for listings but you have to pay a monthly fee of $5 for your store. I highly recommend this platform to users as it has a high traffic of serious buyers.

Learn more about the site through this link.

#16. Meylah

Meylan is another platform that affords users both an online marketplace and a store. The platform is one of the best eCommerce around as it gains massive daily traffic and it is easy to navigate for users. Their plans range from free (up to 100 product listings in the marketplace) to Premium ($19.95 monthly) for up to 1000 products.

#17. Folksy

This site is one of the best for people from the United Kingdom. The site allows the display of all sorts of products ranging from handmade crafts to manufactured products.

The website is not free of charge as users are made to pay some amount for each listing as well as a monthly payment which allows for an unlimited display of items. Visit the site to learn more and start selling your products.

#18. CraftIsArt

This is another platform to sell your arts and crafts. The website features both free and premium plans. The free plan, which is called the basic plan on the site, allows users to list items for free on the website.

Users who prefer the use of the basic plan are only allowed to list no more than 100 products for sale.

On the other hand, the premium plan charges users 0.15¢ for each listing and $7.99 per month to make an unlimited listing. I recommend this site for serious sellers as it has massive traffic. Visit the site to learn how they operate.

#19. ArtYah

This platform is open to international users. ArtYah offers an extensive marketplace for art as it has users worldwide. You can create an account on the platform regardless of your location.

To make a listing on the site, you would have to pay$0.10 for each listing and they also charge a fee of 3.5% of your sales on the platform. Please note that the charge does not include shipping costs. To learn more about the marketplace, please visit the site through the link.

#20. Mercari

Mercari is another platform you should utilize for selling art products. The popularity of the app is constantly on the rise with the app receiving massive positive reviews and ratings from users. If you want to meet serious buyers of art, Mercari is the way to go.

The app charges no listing fee or monthly charges they charge 10% of the price of any item you sell on the platform. Charges are ducted automatically once you make a sale. Visit the site for more details.

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#21. Artfire

Artfire is another online art market that would give the big guys like Etsy or Amazon a run for their money as long as we are talking about art. Here you find all sorts of crafts, from handmade to manufactured arts.

The website is absolutely free to sign up for and does not charge you for listing art products. However, Artfire charges a fee of $20 per month for your store on the platform. The platform is one of the most popular and best marketPlaces online to sell arts and craft products.

Users get pain through ProPay, Paypal, or Amazon Payments.

22. Square

I also recommend the online store – Square to friends who ask me for the best online platforms to sell or buy affordable art. The platform was created a few years ago and since its inception, it has only grown in prominence with thousands of people trooping in and out of the platform daily to buy and sell art products.

The platform charges absolutely no fee to sign up or list a product on the site. However, they charge a little amount for credit card processing. I strongly recommend Square for serious sellers of art products.

The only competitive disadvantage of Square is the fact that it only offers an online store and no marketplace.

Notwithstanding, I recommend Square as an excellent platform to sell arts and crafts. Check into the site for more details.

#23. Creative Resale

Creative Resale makes our list of the best marketplaces online to sell arts and crafts products. The platform is absolutely free of charge to use. No sign up fee, no listing fee, and no monthly charge, absolutely free.

If you are looking to sell your handmade art products, I strongly recommend you visit creative resale to learn how they function.

Also, for those looking to buy affordable art products, creative resale is a way to go as the platform features arts and crafts for sale, trading, and donation.

#24. Buy Sell Crafts

Buy-Sell crafts are not your conventional eCommerce. Buy-sell Crafts is a Facebook page that was created in 2013. The page features a community that takes art seriously.

There are over 20,000 members currently with testimonies of one or two arts and crafts sold. If you a looking for a platform that charges absolutely nothing for the display of arts and crafts, then you should consider this Facebook page of serious members.

#25. Aftcra

This platform is strictly for citizens of the United States. The platform allows the display only handmade such as handcrafted items, upcycled or repurposed items, and some printed goods.

Users are not allowed to display vintage items or manufactured products on this platform.

Signing up on the platform is absolutely free of charge and they don’t charge you for listing on the platform but they charge you 7% of the listing price on any item sold on Aftcra. I strongly recommend this platform for art sellers.

#26. Craft Marketer

This is another Facebook page you can join to display your product. Craft Marketer is made up of members who take it seriously and constantly look out for items to buy.

If you searching for a platform to display your product for free, I recommend you like this page to start displaying your arts and crafts for sale.

#27. Uncommon Goods

Uncommon goods is another platform you should consider to reach out to art lovers. While the platform is constantly open to all, you should note that you are not guaranteed that your product will be on display on the site.

Your item must meet a certain standard to be displayed on the site. Visit the site to learn how it functions.

#28. Craft Junkies Marketplace

Craft Junkies Marketplace is another Facebook group to buys and sells arts and crafts. Facebook is currently the second largest website in the world making it a viable platform to display your products.

Companies utilize Facebook to market their product and you too can key into the boundless opportunity Facebook presents as a market. Do you wish to buy or sell affordable art? Then join this group to become a member.

#29. Craft Living Marketplace

This is another Facebook page with a growing membership. The last time I checked, the group has over 14,000 members. I urge you to like the page to join the list of growing arts sellers and buyers.

#30. Ravelry

This site first allows you to earn $30 before charging you for sales made henceforth. Visit the official website to see how to become a member


We believe this site satisfies your search for the best marketplaces online to sell arts and craft products. If you have any questions concerning this post, please feel free to use the comment box below.

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