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15 Best Overnight Jobs That Pay Over $50/Day In 2023

Lacking money to live comfortably can be very depressing. Besides your regular job, you most likely want an opportunity to earn extra cash.

The good news is that there are some overnight jobs where you can still get paid irrespective of your career.

Statistics from BLS show that 7.4% of employees work overnights. The remaining workers have a regular shift, a rotating shift, a split shift, an irregular schedule, or some other schedule.

This means many people work better, are more productive, and want to earn extra cash doing overnight jobs. Hence, they look for the best overnight jobs.

There are a lot of night jobs where you can earn over $50 per day with little or no degree or experience needed. Some offer on-the-job training because they are strictly night jobs, while the others are regular day jobs where you can work overnight and still earn extra cash.

So, if you are a nightcrawler or perhaps, know you can be productive at night, see our list of best overnight jobs that pay over $50 per day.

What Does It Mean To Work Overnight?

To work overnight means to work within 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. (for 8 hours) as stated by BLS. Due to the nature of some companies and businesses, overnight workers are in great need.

For some businesses, working overnight is the last working hour before the day breaks, while for others, it’s the prime working time. We can group these overnight jobs into two categories.

  • All Night Jobs
  • Regular Night Shift

All Night Jobs

These are jobs whose main working time is overnight, between the hours of 11 p.m to 6 a.m. The main criterion for employment is to work solely overnight. Some businesses hit the peak of sales overnight and hence require overnight workers. See some night jobs that are under this category.

  • Bartender
  • Casino Dealer
  • Night Stocker
  • Overnight Dispatcher
  • Night Warehouse Selector
  • Truckdrivers
  • Package Handler
  • Conveyor Operations
  • Air traffic Controllers
  • Database Administrator

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Regular Night Shifts

These are regular jobs that allow you to work during night shifts. Because they work round the clock, they operate rotating shifts that allow you to work overnight as you choose. Here are some of the regular jobs that allow for the overnight shift.

  • Freelance Writer
  • Machinists
  • Firefighters
  • Uber Driver
  • House Sitter
  • Assembly Line Workers
  • Baker
  • Grocery Clerk
  • ER Doctor
  • Paramedics

Best Overnight Jobs

Overnight Jobs are everywhere around us. However, not all of them can be called the best overnight jobs. The best overnight jobs are those that are less stressful and is flexible enough for you to accommodate the family and regular job. These jobs generate extra income and do not demand the most of you. Some of the best overnight jobs are;

  • Bartender
  • Casino Dealer
  • Package Handler
  • Uber Driver
  • Freelance Writer
  • House sitter
  • Night Stocker
  • Baker
  • Overnight Dispatcher
  • ER Doctor
  • Warehouse Selector
  • Grocery Clerk
  • Database Administrator
  • Paramedics
  • Conveyor Operators
  • Firefighters
  • Truckdrivers
  • Assembly line workers
  • Truck drivers
  • Machinists
  • Air traffic Controllers

Although these are some of the best overnight jobs, they are not the best-paying jobs.

What Are The 15 Best Paying Overnight Jobs

Jobs like this are flexible enough and do not place excess demands on you. Here are the best-paying overnight jobs that can earn you over $30/day.

  • Grocery Clerk
  • Bartender
  • Casino Dealer
  • Firefighter
  • Baker
  • Night stocker
  • Package Handler
  • Overnight dispatcher
  • Uber driver
  • Warehouse Selector
  • Conveyor Operator
  • Truck driver
  • Machinists
  • Freelance Writer
  • House sitter

Kindly note that the salary of each of these jobs are as seen on BLS, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter

#-15 Grocery Clerk

Average Hourly Pay: $11.37/hr

Average Daily Pay: $ 90.96/day

This job is for you if you can manage a store, restock its shelves, and take stock orders. Its flexibility allows you to accommodate other jobs and still earn extra cash for working at night, making it one of the best overnight jobs.

However, some cities pay higher than others. Some of these cities are New York $13.04/hr, Massachusetts $12.92/hr, and Washington $12.83/hr.

#-14 Bartender

Average Hourly Pay:$11.39/hr

Average Daily Pay:91.12/day

As one of the best overnight jobs, serving drinks in a bar can earn you over $30/day. You can become a bartender with ease and earn some extra cash on the side. Some cities where bartenders earn more than others include: Houston, Texas $14.76/hr, New York at $14.46/hr; and Austin, Texas $13.44/hr

#- 13 Casino Dealer

Average Hourly Pay: $11.53/hr

Average Daily Pay: $92.24/day

Are you a lover of card games? Or perhaps is interested in a lot of card games? This job is a good fit for you. All you need to do is know the game rules, explain to the customers, and interact with them while playing. However, in some cities, casino dealers are paid more. They are; Atlantic City, NJ, $19.13/hr; Bethlehem, PA, $18.29/hr, East Chicago, IN $17.81/hr.

#- 12 Firefighter

Average Hourly Pay: $13.23/hr

Average Daily Pay: $105.84/day

Becoming a firefighter involves several hours of personal training. You will need to undergo several on-the-job training and in some extreme cases, certifications to earn properly as a firefighter.

Top cities where firefighters earn more are; New York at $20.00/hr, Beaufort, SC $18.67/hr, and Cherry Point, NC at $16.72/hr. As your experience level increases, your pay increases too.

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#-11 Baker

Average Hourly Pay: $13.32/hr

Average Daily Pay: $106.56/day

As one of the best overnight jobs, bakers can regulate shifts to suit their needs. Since they work round the clock, overnight workers are needed. The salary increases as the experience level increases. So if you have baking skills somewhere, this job is a good fit for you. Cities, where bakers earn more, are; New York at $15.39/hr, Denver, CO $14.42/hr, Chicago IL $13.81/hr

#-10 Night Stocker

Average Hourly Pay:$13.80/hr

Average Daily Pay: $110.40/day

If you are meticulous and can easily spot damages, why don’t you try being a night stocker? All you need to do is refill empty shelves, identify damaged merchandise, and report to the manager.

Oftentimes, these actions are carried out effectively at night. Also, you do not need any special training or skill to apply for this job. Regardless of location, there are few opportunities with increased salaries, even with the level of experience.

#-9 Package Handler

Average Hourly Pay: $13.80/hr

Average Daily Pay: $110.40/day

As some of the best overnight jobs, package handlers load and unload packages from vehicles into the warehouse. Because of this, there is no special skill required.

Cities where package handlers earn more are; Chicago, IL $15.40/hr; Philadelphia $15.01/hr, Houston, TX $14.91/hr

#-8 Overnight Dispatcher

Average Hourly Pay: $16/hr

Average Daily Pay: $128/day

All you need to do here is to deliver merchandise to the places. New York $19.29/hr, Massachusetts $17.99/hr, and Washington $18.98/hr are some cities that pay more than others.

#-7 Uber Driver

Average Hourly Pay: $16.01/hr

Average Daily Pay: $128.08/day

Becoming an Uber driver is one of the best overnight jobs you can try. All you need is to signup on Uber as a driver in your car, and voila! You get paid to drive your car whenever you choose.

#-6 Warehouse Selector

Average Hourly Pay: $17/hr

Average Daily Pay: $136/day

As a warehouse selector, you ensure that merchandise is properly packaged and get to their shipping destination. You also get to store, pack, and monitor the inventory of products in the warehouse. In New York, New Hampshire, and Hawaii, Warehouse Selectors are paid $18.29/hr $17.63/hr, and $17.40/hr, respectively.

#-5 Conveyor Operator

Average Hourly Pay:$17.68/hr

Average Daily Pay: $141.44/day

One of the best overnight jobs is the conveyor operator. Here, you are required to move products to and from the warehouse. You also move materials to several workstations.

Cities that pay higher than the others are New York $18.31/hr, Massachusetts $18.14/hr, Washington $18.01/hr

#-4 Truck Driver

Average Hourly Pay:$20.51/hr

Average Daily Pay: $164.08/day

As a truck driver, you can move goods from one location to another. The pay of a truck driver differs according to the level of experience. Cities like Charlotte, NC $24.90/hr, Indianapolis, IN $24.03/hr, and Chattanooga, TN $23.40/hr pay higher than other cities.

#-3 Machinists

Average Hourly Pay: $21.99/hr

Average Daily Pay: $175.92/day

Machinists are responsible for setting up and operating various computer machines. They offer on-the-job training and hence, just require a high school diploma. Some of the highest paying cities include; Sandiego, CA $24.59/hr, Newport News, VA $23.53/hr, and Wichita, KS $23.51/hr

#-2 Freelance Writer

Average Hourly Pay: $30.39/hr

Average Daily Pay: $243.12/day

The whole point of freelancing is to enable you to work on your own time. So, if nighttime is the best time, you can work as a freelancer and still get paid.

See why it’s among the best overnight jobs? Some cities where freelance writers earn more are; Phoenix, AZ $45.13/hr, San Francisco, and CA $26.95/hr.

#-1 House Sitter

Average Hourly Pay: $34/hr

Average Daily Pay: $272/day

If you are looking for where to spend your night, and get paid for it, house sitter jobs are the best for you. You just need to take care of the homeowner’s property in his absence, take care of pets, and inform him of any issues.


Need extra cash to sort out bills and make certain purchases? Working overnight jobs creates an opportunity to make extra cash while still maintaining your regular jobs or at will.

I hope you find one that suits you!