13 Best Sports Ticket Sites For Match Booking In 2022

It’s not just enough to love sports, you have to show your support to your favorite teams by watching them play as many times as you can afford. To do that, you need a ticket. It’s, for this reason, we will be reviewing the best sports ticket sites.

This read will be looking at the best place (s) to buy sports tickets at your own convenience.

Meanwhile, take a look at our table of content to know what to expect in this article.

According to a study by an anti-counterfeiting outfit, Aventus 1 in 10 millennials has fallen victim to ticket counterfeiting.

Additionally, Wikipedia believes that counterfeit tickets are usually produced and sales of such tickets commence months before a major sporting event. For this reason, the sports industry continues to lose billions to ticket scalpers and fans defrauded of their hard-earned money in some cases.

It is, therefore, important that you know legitimate sports ticket sites to avoid falling victim. The best place to buy any sports tickets is obviously at ballpark stands in such sporting events. However, not everyone might have the time to buy tickets before the kick-off of the sporting event.

For such people, buying sports tickets online becomes their best bet.

Why Buy Tickets Online?

For convenience, buying tickets online is the best option. You can afford to buy tickets to any sports event of your choice simply by visiting any of the numerous sports ticket selling websites.

Some of these sites have overtime made name for themselves and are known to e legitimate

Best Sports Ticket Sites In 2022

1.The box office

The box office has been around for a long time now. It has the lowest-suspense source for genuine sports tickets.

You no longer need to show up at the ballpark to get tickets at the box office. You can simply visit their website to get a ticket, at a higher fee anyways. This is why we encourage those who are close by to buy in person and save a few bucks.


Genuine tickets are guaranteed at the Box office. It’s also the ideal place to buy tickets for a larger group.


They do not resell tickets nor offer discounts for face value.

2. Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster has been in business for more than 40 years. It’s a known quality for buyers and sellers alike, and it’s deadly serious about fraud. While Ticketmaster is not the cheapest in town, its credibility may be worth whatever premium you pay. All tickets sold through Ticketmaster are verified to be genuine, so there’s virtually no risk of scams here.

Ticketmaster has fan-to-fan sales, which is the most reliable because they verify all their tickets. However, the sales option makes tickets a little bit costlier than they should be.

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It also has a return policy that gives you an opportunity to return your ticket after three days of purchase for a full refund.


The platform runs a legit ticketing site and has been around for a while. They have an ample supply of a variety of sports tickets. They also have a return policy for dissatisfied customers.


Significant team and event omissions, a resell price that is high especially for popular events, and a limited fan-to-fan resale coverage.

3. Craigslist

Craigslist is a classified online marketplace that has a variety of goods and services for sale, including sporting event tickets.

Buyers and sellers of tickets on craigslist are responsible for the outcome of their trade or purchase. This is because craigslist does not verify the authenticity of tickets nor does it have a vetting protocol.

Other than the chances of getting defrauded, the site usually has tickets for almost any professional sporting event, right up to the sporting event.


This is where you find a variety of offerings, tickets you do not find here might not be available elsewhere, and the site has big potential for discounts.


Limited seat options and fraud remain some of the biggest issues one can face on Craigslist.

4. eBay

This site also has a variety like Craigslist. It deals with tangible and legal commodities, including sporting events tickets. The site initially started as an auction marketplace and evolved to what it is today. It still remains one of the best places to buy tickets.

eBay has cases of fraud plaguing it as a site unlike most authorized third-party sellers, so people are warned to be careful with those they deal with. Even though the site has some fraudulent elements, it, however, have certain safeguards that site like Craigslist may not have.


It offers a vast selection of sporting events tickets with great discount opportunities at auctions.


You might encounter a limited set option, and the chances of falling victim to fraud are high.


This is another “best’ place to buy tickets for sporting events-the next best thing after box office, and often cheaper. As the secondary market of choice for most major – and many minor professional sports leagues, StubHub’s resale variety, and quality are without equal. If a game is sold out, or you think you can do better than face value at the venue, start here.

The platform has a great delivery system that ensures buyers have a ticket in hand by game day. However great their services are, it comes at a price. 20% of the actual cost of the ticket will be paid as a fee to StubHub.


The platform has a seamless delivery system, high credibility, and a user-friendly interface that enables users to navigate freely through the platform.


Their fees are significantly high and yet they do not guarantee discounts. It also has a limited collection of collegiate tickets.

6. Vivid Seats

Vivid Seats is another popular resale marketplace that looks and feels a lot like StubHub. Sellers tend to be professional or institutional ticket holders with multiple tickets to offload; multi-seat packages are relatively common here. Availability is fantastic, particularly for collegiate matchups that fall through the cracks at StubHub, and pricing is lower than most competitors.

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Additionally, it has a seamless delivery system, is readily available, and has an easy-to-use interface. However, Vivid seats have no guaranteed discounts and have expensive drawbacks.


The platform has a user-friendly interface coupled with a fast delivery system and an enormous potential for discounts.


The fee is usually quite high and no guarantees for discounts.

7 SeatGeek

SeatGeek has a former partnership with Major League Soccer and this gives them access to tickets for all the sporting events in the league.

They claim to be the largest ticket engine. With an easy-to-use interface, and search feature, SeatGeek is worth keeping an eye on, but might not be the best place to find the broadest possible variety.


They have a wild selection of pro sports tickets, and their interface is very easy to use. Additionally, their partnership with MLS guarantees a steady supply of soccer tickets.


Their fees can be quite high, with no guarantees for discounts.

8.Coast To Coast Tickets

As one of the best sports ticket sites and like Seatgeek and other platforms, Coast to Coast is also a secondary market that connects third-party sellers with individual buyers.

It has wonderful customer service, that helps customers resolves issues they might encounter. They also have an expansive satisfaction guarantee similar to eBay’s money-back guarantee, but with the additional protection of guaranteed-genuine tickets. These perks make their high service and processing fees easier to swallow.

Their delivery game is top-notch and they have extensive tickets for pro and collegiate sports tickets.


Coast to coast have a great selection, great customer service, and a seamless delivery system.


Like most of the other sites, they also have a high fee rate and no guaranteed discounts.

9. ScoreBig

A subsidiary of TickectNetwork. ScorBig allows you to purchase last minute tickets to sold-out events in addition to the latest on sales occurring for popular teams.

ScoreBig has a 100% Money-Back Guarantee that helps secure and safeguard your transactions.

Pros of ScoreBig:

The site promises discounts through its “name your price” feature. And as the matchday approaches, your discount gets even bigger. They can get you tickets at the last minute to watch your favorite team.


Even as they promised discounts, the law of demand reigns supreme here. Also, their charges can e a little too expensive to afford on the time. Additionally, ScoreBig does not always have a variety of tickets to meet your demand.

10. TicketNetwork

They are the owners of ScoreBig and operate a separate resale marketplace under its brand name. They guarantee the genuineness of tickets by vetting sellers’ services. This is why they are one of the best sports ticket sites.


TicketNetwork offers a full refund for events that were canceled. They ensure your ticket gets to you before the event kick-start. They offer very low processing and service fees.

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TicketNetwork has a solid customer support and a user-friendly interface.


Discounts are not guaranteed on TicketNetwork. Also, there’s no bidding feature on the platform.

11. Ticket Liquidator

Affiliated with TicketNetwork, their key selling points here are excellent ticket availability and reasonable-though, not bottom-scrapping fees. The platform has a money-back guarantee for its customers.


Their fees are really reasonable and generally affordable. Also, the platform has a user-friendly interface; with a variety of tickets always available.


Discounts aren’t guaranteed on this platform. It also has no bidding feature.

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12. TicketIQ

 is also a secondary marketplace. It has a low Price Guarantee. The platform promises that tickets marked “Low Price Guarantee” are priced lower than any other identical ticket on the secondary market.

If you find they aren’t, the site will pay 200% of the difference between a higher-priced TicketIQ ticket and a lower-priced competitor ticket.


TicketIQ guarantees lower prices and this feature is a good reason to start your ticket search on this platform. Its interface is really easy to use. they offer discounts on the first purchase on the platform.

Cons: The unavailability of certain tickets is one of the greatest disadvantages of the platform. Sometimes it’s hard to get pro or collegiate sports tickets on the platform.

13. Scalpers

You see them hang around the sporting event center even long after the matches have started. Scalpers are most times your last resort to getting a sports ticket.  

If you don’t mind missing part of the game, the surest way to reduce your out-of-pocket expense is to arrive after the game begins and negotiate a killer deal with a desperate scalper.


They are usually available even to the last minute. You can get very huge discounts from scalpers, especially when the event has started and the scalper is desperate to dispose off the ticket.


High risk of buying counterfeit tickets. You must take extra precautionary measures, ensure you ask for their proof of purchase.

They usually sell tickets with limited seat options. Unless you want to take your chances, you are better off buying from elsewhere.

They drive hard bargains, especially when they know you’re desperate for the tickets. Scalpers usually demand to pay in cash, so if you are not comfortable carrying cash around, scalpers might not be for you.

You stand the risk of encountering anti-scalping policies at venues with anti-scalping policies. You wouldn’t want to lose your money, would you? If your answer is what it should be, then you ought to be careful while buying from scalpers.


While you’d want to get discounts from buying tickets, be careful so you’d not fall victim to fraudulent schemes. Enjoy your game.


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