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20 Best Tasker Profiles To Automate Your Android

As a smartphone user, there are certain functions you don’t need to continually press a button or two to get your phone to carry out the command, especially if it’s something you regularly use. Say, turning off your phone’s brightness in the morning or some other stuff.

Whichever one it is for you, it can be automated with the Tasker profile app. To get started, you need to get the app.

However, if you have the Tasker app, and you’re still not sure how it’s used or what Tasker profile is best for you, don’t worry; the article below compiles the best Tasker profile you can find.

The article will give you a step-by-step explanation of how to set up every Tasker profile you’d find in this article.

Meanwhile, look at our table of contents above for a summary of this post.


Often when a call comes buzzing in on our cell phones in the middle of a big meeting or something important, it costs us.

To some, it has cost their jobs, and to others, something less significant. Whichever one it was for you, you’d agree with me that it was embarrassing. Nonetheless, this would not have been the case if you had a tasker profile set up to prevent such situations.

These things don’t happen because we’re necessarily too careless with our phones; as a matter of fact, they can happen to anybody. Especially to those who have refused to, or do not know how to do anything about it.

Tasker profiles are for different purposes and are set to perform different functions. As an android user, all you need to do is get the Tasker App, select your preferred functions, and never worry about whatever the function is supposed to prevent.

Bearing in mind that there are many Tasker Profiles one can activate on his or her phone, we will be looking at the best 20 tasker profiles.

This article will also give brief explanation of what a Tasker and a Tasker Profile is.

What is a Tasker?

Tasker is an Android automation app that has completely revolutionized the very definition of Android phones.

Tasker allows its users to completely automate virtually everything on their phone, which is possible through the Android operating system’s vast versatility.

While Tasker isn’t for free, the value it gives you will not let you think of your $3. It has many features that will make your Android phone a bit more interesting than it used to be.

What are Tasker Profiles?

Tasker profiles are the kind of triggered tasks that are made up of a set of actions. Your tasks can be automated at some designated point, at some particular time, or on some special days, using Tasker profiles as soon as the given conditions are met.

20 Best Tasker Profiles In 2023

With an understanding of what a Tasker Profile is, below are some of the best Tasker profile;

#1. Turn On Battery Saving Mode When You Have a Low Battery

Let’s say you’re on some highway hundreds of miles away from “Civilization”, and then your car breaks down. You look at your phone just to see that you messed up by not charging it with the car charger. With a very low battery, and the need to call for help, this Tasker feature will surely come in handy. This is easily one of the best Tasker profiles you can find.

To use this feature:

  • Go to the profile. Select State.
  • Next, select the Power option followed by Battery Level.
  • Now you need to choose the battery range as to when to enable this profile. Let us say we keep the range as 0-5. 
  • To create a new task, tap on the “+” icon. Then select Net and turn your Bluetooth, auto-sync, mobile data, and Wi-Fi off.

#2. Device Sleep Timer

I like going to bed with music on. It helps me sleep faster. I realized that the music continues to play when I drift to sleep; unless I wake u at some point and put it off, it plays until the next day.

However, since I discovered the Device sleep timer Tasker profile, I don’t ever have to worry about the same thing. When I eventually wake up, my device is already asleep, saving some battery life. The Device sleep timer is one of the best Tasker profiles for me.

Here’s how to get it;

  • Create a new task and press the “+” button. 
  • Go to Media section.  
  • In media, go to Media Controls and go to cmd.
  • Under cmd, select option stop.
  • Now, we want to halt the song playback, so we will choose the grid-type square icon near the bottom right corner, which is the music app. 
  • The next step is to go to the menu of Tasker and look for the icon Task timer and drag that widget to your home screen. 
  • When the widget asks to link it to a task, select the sleep timer job created in the first step.

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#3. Night Mode

if you keep replying to messages at night, you might not sleep. It might be hard to ignore some of the notifications, but for your own sake, you have.

This Tasker profile activates the Silent mode on the phone at night, turning the Wi-Fi off and reactivating them in the morning. This is also one of the best Tasker profiles for me.

  • Go to Profiles
  • Click on “+” sign. 
  • Select the time limit for your night mode. For example, 24:00 to 07:00. 
  • Add a new task and click on “+” icon. 
  • Search for Audio and go to silent mode and turn it on. 
  • Go to the created task again, click on the net, and turn off Auto-sync and Wi-Fi.

#4. Keep The Screen On While Reading Any e-Book

It is very distracting to keep tapping on your phone while reading a book. To make this stop set up this profile in these simple steps.

  • Go to profile and then navigate to Application
  • Select which e-Book reader app you want to add under this category. 
  • Add new task. 
  • Click on “+” icon. 
  • Go to Display, then Display time-out
  • The next step is to increase the Display time-out limit according to your desire.

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#5. Turn your Phone Upside Down To Keep Your Phone In Silent Mode

If you ever been in a meeting and your phone rang, you’d know how distracting and embarrassing it can be.

To avoid this, activate this Tasker profile. Here’s how…

  • Navigate to Profile and select a state
  • Then, head towards Sensor and select Orientation
  • Under Orientation, a menu will appear from which you need to select Face down
  • Now, create a New Task. And, click on the “+” icon. 
  • Then go to Audio and click on silent mode
  • To stop the phone from ringing, select vibrate.

#6. Launch Apps Serially

It’s difficult to see anyone not using a series of apps at the same time. Instead of launching all these apps every morning, you can set up a Tasker profile.

  • Go to profiles, then navigate to “Application.”
  • Here, select the app you want to open first, or you usually open first.
  • Create a new task and click on the “+” icon.
  • Click “App” and select “Launch App.”
  • Now choose the second app you want to open right after the first one.
  • Press the second app and click on the option “Move To exit.”
  • Next time your apps will open up serially for you.

#7. Play Music When Headphones Are Plugged

With this profile, you need not manually open your music playlist when you plug in headphones.

  • Go to profile and select “State.”
  • Next step, go to “Hardware” and click on “headset plugged” then tap on “Any.”
  • Create a new task and tap on the “+” icon.
  • Click on “App” and select “Launch App.”
  • Click on your music player app.
  • Every time you plug in your headphones, your playlist will play automatically.

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#8. Shake Your Phone to Turn on Flash Light

  • Download Tesla LED flashlight.
  • Go to “Profile” in Tasker and click on “Event.”
  • After that press “sensor” and click on “Shake.”
  • Now choose your preference for axis, sensitivity, and duration.
  • Create a new task and tap on the “+” icon.
  • Click on “Display” and tap on “System Lock.”

#9. Send an Emergency Text

If you have a low battery and at the same time need to send someone a text, this Tasker profile comes in handy.

  • Create a profile.
  • Go to “State” and then tap on “Power“.
  • Select the battery level between 0-5%.
  • Create a new task and tap the “+” icon.
  • Navigate to the “Phone ” and press “Send SMS.”
  • Now enter the Phone number and type the message.

10. Turn on Auto-Rotate When You Open Some Apps

Some apps work better in landscape mode, like YouTube videos.

  • Create a profile.
  • Go to “State” and then tap on “Power“.
  • Select the battery level between 0-5%.
  • Create a new task and tap the “+” icon.
  • Navigate to the “Phone ” and press “Send SMS.”
  • Now enter the Phone number and type the message.

#11. Read Out SMS WHILE You are Driving

It’s not safe to look at your phone while driving, but sometimes you need to read that SMS. With this feature, you don’t have to worry about it all. To set up this Tasker profile;

  • Go to “event,” and click on the “Phone” section, and hit “Received SMS.”
  • Now, press “Application” and click on “home” or “Car.”
  • Create a new task and press on the “+” icon.
  • Hit the “Misc” button and click on, “say.”
  • Then enter “SMS from %SMSRF: %SMSRB.”

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#12. Find The Exact Place You Parked Your Car

Parking lots can be confusing most times, it would take minutes to locate where you parked your car if there are so many others around. But with this feature, you can easily locate your car.

To get the feature;

  • Go to your phone home screen and press and hold it a little longer.
  • A menu will pop up, and from that, you need to select “Task.”
  • Press the “New” button in the upper-right corner.
  • Give a name to the widget that will save your location and also give the “One Time” option.
  • Create a new task and tap on the “+” option.
  • Go to Misc and search for GPS and set it on.
  • Then go to “Applications,” open “map.”
  • Go to the mode and select navigate. Provide the latitude longitude.

#13. Decrease Your Phone’s Brightness In The Morning

Having to look at your phone in the morning with the brightness isn’t safe for your eyes, to stop this from happening set up this Tasker profile.

  • Open Tasker and go to “context” and then go to “Time.”
  • Now set a time in the morning before you wake up.
  • Create a new task and tap on “+” option.
  • Go to “Display” and tap on Display Brightness and set it at level 0.
  • Hit the green check button when you’re done.

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#14. Notify When The Battery Is Charged

Overcharging phones weakens them and reduces their life span. But we can barely help it at times. Sometimes you’d come back home so tired, plug in your phone. hit the bed and that’s it till morning.

To protect your battery life, set up this Tasker profile.

  • Go to “Profile” and select “Event.”
  • Click on “Power” and hit on “Battery Full.”
  • Now adjust the Battery limit priority according to your comfort. For example, you might adjust the priority as ‘less than 30% and higher than 80%’.
  • Now create a new task & hit on the “+” icon.
  • Click on “Alert” and tap on “Notify Sound.”
  • Type “Disconnect your charger.”

#15. Lock Your Applications

There are apps on our phone we’d never want anyone else to see its content. To hide or lock these apps, we often download an app for that.

However, with Tasker, you don’t need another app to do that or you. Just set up this profile by;

16. Turn On Wi-Fi ATt Home

Your home Wi-fi can’t be accessed from a far distance no doubt, therefore, it makes sense to switch to mobile data when you’re not at home.

But when you do get back home you need to connect back to the wi-fi, and this Tasker profile can handle this for you. To set it up;

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  • Go to your GPS and turn it on.
  • Go to the place in your home where your Wi-Fi router is located.
  • Now open Tasker and navigate to “Profile” and choose “Wi-Fi at home.”
  • Head to “Location” and do your Net on and your GPS off. Also, set the radius as 500m and get Fix.
  • Now create a new task & click on the “+” icon.
  • Go to the net and then click on “Wi-Fi” and turn it on.
  • Create another task and click on the “+” icon and name it “Leaving Home.” Now in this section, you need to turn off your Wi-Fi. So go to “Net” and then search for Wi-Fi and turn it off. (Xanax bars)

#17. Set Your Phone To Mute In Meetings

Follow these steps to mute your phone during meetings.

  • Go to the Profile screen of Tasker.
  • Click on “New” and choose “State.”
  • Press “App” and choose the “Calendar Entry” and change the availability to No.
  • Long press on the entry field named Calendar to select your primary Calendar. Then click Done.
  • Now create a new task & hit on the “+” icon.
  • Go to Audio Settings, select “Silent Mode” and turn it On. Now click on Done.
  • On the next page, click on Done again to return to the main screen of Tasker.

#18. Turn The Camera On With A Simple Gesture

To get this Tasker profile, simply;

  • Just hold your phone in landscape mode, like you do while taking pics, and your phone camera will click the pic.
  • Go to the Profile screen of Tasker and click on “new” and Press on “event.”
  • Press  on “Sensor” select gesture and name it “Camera gesture.”
  • Hold your phone in your left hand & long press on the volume down button.
  • Now hold your phone like you’re taking a picture in landscape mode. This will be the gesture.
  • While in that landscape mode, long press on the volume down button again. Your gesture is now recorded.
  • Change your camera preferences in the “preferences” button.
  • Once you are done setting the preferences, press was done and add a task, naming it “Camera On.”
  • Then Click on the “+” icon.
  • Click on “App” and navigate to “Load App.” Select “camera” and hit the “Done” button.
  • Click on “Done” again and then press “Apply.” Next is just to test your Camera gesture.

#19. Lock Phone By by Shaking

To be able to do this, set the following;

  • Go to Tasker & Create a new profile.
  • Navigate to “Events”, hit “Sensor” and choose “Shake.”
  • Now enter your preferences for axis, sensitivity, and duration.
  • In the next step, Create a new task and tap the “+” icon.
  • Click on “Display” and then select “System lock.”

#20. Bluetooth Auto-Answer

  • Go to Profile.
  • Click on “New state” with context as “Bluetooth connected.”
  • Set the name the same as the Bluetooth name of your device.
  • Click on Done.
  • Select that profile and tap on Add Context and Incoming Call but leave the Caller Number blank because we want all calls to be answered.
  • Create a new task and tap the “+” icon.
  • Check if your phone is idle and then “Wait” for 5 seconds.
  • Now “take the call.”

Final Words

There are numerous Tasker profiles, but the ideal thing to do is to find those that best suit your need and activate them.

They are for different purposes and accomplish different tasks, get those that best describes what you’re looking for and enjoy the features.

You might have reservations about the fee you need to pay to gain access to the app, however, when you look at the value you get, you’d agree with me that it’s worth it.



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