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15 Best Web Apps For Online Consulting | 2023

Even before the E-commerce and internet boom, the consultancy business has always been thriving. This is because it continues to cover a wide range of sectors.

Be it health, accounting, finance, coaching, business, etc., a consultant will always need to help businesses and enterprises reach their optimal goals.

Since the internet boom, many businesses have moved online and slightly away from traditional conventional methods. Consulting was among those that embraced the opportunities the internet provided.

In our update today, we shall provide consultants with the 15 best web apps for online consulting used to enhance business growth and efficiency.

15 Best Web Apps for Online Consulting

Our list was made out of expert reviews, and experience from users. We also considered functionality, the automation rate, and the user-friendliness of these apps.

To achieve high productivity, the first thing you need to do is establish relationships with customers and maintain them. Then, optimizing the time you and your team have would be best. That is basically what these web apps for online consulting do.

There are different types of consulting apps for different purposes. For clarity we shall discuss types of web apps for online consulting. It will give you as a business owner clearer insight on their purpose and importance.

Our list of the 15 best web apps for online consulting has been broken down into types of work they do. There are six essential types of apps you will use. Below is our list of the 15 best web apps for online consulting.

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Client Relationship Management Tool

As a consultant, your job depends on gaining the trust of the people you advise and coach. A customer relationship management (CRM) tool should be your go-to source for current client information.

An app that focuses on the needs of those you work with isn’t so that you can have a collection of data – although it’s great to have – it’s ultimately so you can learn more about them.

Below are the best CRM web apps for online consulting:

1. Hubspot 

CRM tools like Hubspot are extremely popular. While it can manage and organize contacts like most CRMs, the same key database can also be utilized by your sales team to ensure leads don’t slip off.

Since it focuses so heavily on relationships, it only makes sense that it integrates seamlessly with popular communication tools (like RingCentral!) to sync every call, message, and SMS with a client to your CRM.

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2. Capsule

Using Capsule is a great way to manage your sales process because it is a CRM that combines relationship management with information about contacts and leads. Consulting requires effective communication between the consultant and the clients, Capsule makes all that seamless.

In addition to managing your sales process, Capsule allows you to track bids, deals, proposals, and other opportunities within the same app. One thing I like about Capsule is that it’s especially useful for growing businesses.

In consulting, a capsule is particularly useful when members of a team work on different phases of the project (from its kickoff to its final handoff), which means permissions have to be adjusted regularly.

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3. Proposify

Proposify is among the essential apps for online consultants. The app provides an easy and stylish environment for creating business proposals. It offers several readymade yet customizable templates for creating professional proposals.

As well as creating beautiful, professional-looking documents, Proposify includes an online signature tool so your clients can easily sign contracts.

The tool makes contract signing smoother and faster with just a few clicks, making your customers more likely to sign contracts.

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4. Teamgate

Teamgate integrates with Zendesk, Mailchimp, Quickbooks, Zapier, and many others as one of the most innovative sales CRM solutions.

The software offers simplicity and customization for organic growth in your consulting business.

Its strongest features are its user-friendly interface and its customer service and support.

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Communication Tool

The need for communication cannot be over-emphasized in consulting. Every consultant needs a communications tool to stay in touch with clients and team members while on the go.

Most recently, many consultant jobs happen remotely which involves a lot of video conferencing. Tools that allow for video conferencing and other channels (such as text messages, instant messages, or phone calls) make a big difference in the ease with which clients can reach you.

Below are the best web based app for consulting regarding communication.

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5. RingCentral

If you are dealing with customers or clients that are very demanding desiring instantaneous replies to every message then you need an app like RingCentral.

With RingCentral’s desktop and mobile apps, your clients can reach out to you however they like. It’s a true multifunctional collaboration tool.

RingCentral allows you to invite people to video calls using just a link and password, and you won’t need to make them download any apps.

You can use web browsers to invite them to a call with just a meeting link and password. It remains one of the best productivity apps for online consultants.

Project Management Consulting Tools

Keeping a project in scope, delivering it on time, and staying within budget make consulting profitable. A project management tool that allows you to track milestones, scope, and margins in real-time is essential.

Below are the best project management tools for online consulting:

The Mavenlink project and resource management tool is built specifically for service-based businesses, such as consulting. Each project tracks its profit or loss, enabling consulting teams to manage different projects simultaneously easily.

Mavenlink allows you to connect multiple teams (project contributors, accounting managers, resource managers, and so on) on one unified platform for increased visibility and data sharing.

7. Avaza

It is simple to use and has everything you need to complete the job. The easy-to-use dashboard lets you see progress for multiple projects at a glance, or customize the display to display only the information you want.

It will be hard to mention the best web apps for online consulting without mentioning Avaza. Using templates, you can also automate recurring processes for speed and efficiency with Avaza. You can assign different roles to your staff based on their responsibilities.

8. Accelo

With Accelo, users can automate everything from invoicing to notifications to time approvals, so they can concentrate on the more complex tasks involved in managing the latest project. Built-in tools track employees’ time.

You can provide your customers with a client-side portal so they can submit tickets and track their progress with you. Internal collaboration features let your team work together on projects and prioritize their tasks.

Proposal Management Tools

Having the right proposal management tool when a request for proposals (RFP) comes in (with limited time for a response) helps streamline the process of organizing recommendations, setting timelines, and putting together estimates.

The best proposal management tools will allow you to collaborate with other contributors in real time, provide insights and analytics on your client’s interactions with your proposal, and allow you to customize your proposal.

9. Qwilir

You can design beautiful, customized proposals using Qwilr’s proposal management tool, which lets you use building blocks without being an expert designer. The company’s interactive and mobile-friendly documents help make your proposal stand out from others that are static and stale.

This app is usually on the top of our list of best productivity apps for online consultants.

10. Bidsketch

This proposal tool makes it easy to create proposals from existing templates and to drop in content, fees, and graphics. Most consultants aren’t designers, so it uses existing templates and lets you drop in content, fees, and graphics.

When you offer similar services to different clients, templates are beneficial because all it takes is a few tweaks and clicks to repurpose an existing document for the next client.

Time Management Tools

Most professionals find it hard to track their time accurately. They often forget to include time spent on checking email or attending meetings. But these activities are considered part of the work and, therefore can be charged for.

Tracking your work hours might seem like an administrative burden every day, but with a simple, non-invasive tool, you can easily add it effortlessly. Your earnings will reflect that for the better.

Time management tools and apps remain one of the best web apps for online consulting. It increases productivity while eliminating time wasted on things that can be automated.

11. Hubstaff  

With Hubstaff you can organize tracked time by projects and tasks, providing an in-depth breakdown of exactly what was accomplished so that it doesn’t get in the way of your core tasks. Hubstaff runs invisibly in the background so you don’t notice it when it’s running.

Most importantly, it seamlessly integrates with Mavenlink (see above), allowing you to use that data to track your project’s progress automatically. All these and more makes Hubstaff one of the best productivity apps for online consultants.

Financial Web Based Apps for Online Consulting

In the case of projects with short timelines, you’ll want to ensure that you invoice regularly after completion of each project. To get paid on time for your work, you need a financial tool to manage accounting data to track accounts payable and receivable, billing and invoicing, payroll management, and financial forecasts.

Consultants must find an accounting tool to track time, handle customer billing, and track billable expenses (so they can attach receipts and add markups easily) and mileage.

Below are the best financial web-based apps for online consulting.

12. Xero

With Xero, you can keep track of all your financials with a consolidated dashboard and manage expenses and invoices.

For consulting firms without the time or resources to devote to bookkeeping, Xero can help you create efficiencies by reducing the time it takes to file taxes, offering pre-made templates for reporting purposes, and automating quotations.

13. Calendly

Additionally to its powerful scheduling features, Calendly can assist online consulting businesses in collecting client payments.

Integrations with Stripe and PayPal let you collect a fee up front, right when a client schedules a meeting with you. 

Branding and Marketing Apps for Online Consulting

To maintain customer relationships, businesses of all sizes must continually invest in branding and marketing. The tools listed below can make reaching out to potential customers easier and boost relationships with existing ones.

14. Brand24

You can find out what and when people discuss your brand using Brand24. It provides you with a free feed that contains a sentiment analysis, discussion volume chart, and mention analytics based on the mentions about your brand.

Using Brand24 tool analytics, you can quickly identify problems with your brand image and take appropriate action before they worsen. It helps you identify which customers to engage with.

15. GetResponse

A comprehensive online marketing platform like GetResponse can greatly help your consulting firm. With GetResponse, you can plan and execute effective email marketing campaigns and help you grow your email list and optimize engagement.

It is among the best web-based apps for online consulting with the highest industry ratings. You can equally create a landing page, and connect to you email. A feature many other platforms can’t boast of.


While choosing online consulting apps, many things should influence your decision. Things like the size of the organization, type of clients, prices, and user-friendliness of the apps you intend to use.

Don’t sign up for costly apps and software that can be costly to maintain. It is equally important you check the app’s flexibility of use and customer support system.

This is because in the long run it will all affect the business either adversely or positively, depending on your choice.

Follow our updated list of the best web apps for online consulting, it will help you make the best decisions.


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