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10 Best YouTube Channels For Learning Spanish | Updated

Have you thought of learning Spanish on YouTube? YouTube is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to learn Spanish online.

You probably don’t even realize that you use YouTube for educational purposes. Have you ever seen a video on how to put together IKEA furniture or beat a game’s level? 

Videos are effective for studying a variety of subjects, so why not Spanish?

Many resources for learning Spanish are available on YouTube, which has grown into an educational resource oligarchy. 

Choosing which videos would be useful can be challenging due to the variety of sources.

 Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of all the top best YouTube channels for learning Spanish for free.

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Why do you need the best YouTube channels for learning Spanish? 

You might be wondering why I would use YouTube to learn Spanish.

You should immediately visit YouTube to practice your Spanish after reading this article for the reasons listed below:

  • It’s handy to learn Spanish on YouTube. YouTube may be used to learn Spanish anytime, anywhere, and on any device with an internet connection.

 This also implies that you can pause and resume any time you please without being judged.

  • Every level, student, and interest can find a video to suit them. Beginners can either study the fundamentals before moving on to travel vocabulary. 

Advanced students might concentrate on a particular grammar rule or develop their listening abilities. 

Many videos are available if you simply type in your interest in the search field.

  • It’s always a good idea to diversify your language learning resources, even whether you have books or formal courses in a classroom.

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10 best YouTube Channels for learning Spanish 

Want to know more about the best YouTube channels for learning Spanish?  Find below in detail the best YouTube channels for learning Spanish:

#1. Lirica – Learn Spanish With Music

Number of subscribers: 286k subscribers 

Total number of videos: 373 videos 

Number of average viewers: 96.7 million views 

This YouTube channel is dedicated to teaching Spanish through Spanish music. Although the business offers study software, YouTube videos are also effective as a break from studying Spanish. 

Below is the English translation as well as the song in Spanish.

 You can switch to the enjoyable song portion once you start feeling worn out or drained from the exercises while continuing to practice and advance your abilities.

You will always be up to date on the essential and popular culture because the music selection is based on what is critical and popular in Spanish-speaking nations. 

It is one of the best YouTube channels for learning Spanish. 

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#2. Butterfly Spanish

Number of subscribers: 1.03 million subscribers 

Total number of videos:152 videos 

Number of average viewers: 54.9 million views 

Almost all of the information regarding learning Spanish is covered in Butterfly Spanish.

Ana, your tutor in this video channel, is a natural Spanish speaker with a linguistics degree and resides in a Spanish-speaking nation.

 She teaches grammar, vocabulary, phrases, and pronunciation in her videos and demonstrates how natural speakers speak.

 Ana started sharing stories recently to increase comprehension, although we advise reviewing her profile for grammar. 

She is well-versed in the distinctive features of Spanish spoken in Mexico, Latin America, and Spain. There are themes for Spanish learners at all levels, from beginners to advanced.

 She typically explains things in both Spanish and English. Her videos are quite in-depth and usually last 30 minutes.

 Her uniqueness makes her rank among the best YouTube channels for learning Spanish. 

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#3. Español con Juan

Number of subscribers: 217k subscribers 

Total number of videos: 375 videos 

Number of average viewers: 23.4 million views 

On our next list of the best YouTube channels for learning Spanish is the theEspañol con Juan. 

He is the channel’s host, as the title makes clear. a Spanish resident in London, Juan believes that learning a language like Spanish requires context-based instruction.

 He provides helpful language learning advice, describes real and imagined scenarios, focuses on specific vocabulary, and explains the Spanish way of thinking. 

He also tells both true and false stories.

Juan has a good sense of humor. Because he always makes the personality fit the topic matter, watching his videos is always enjoyable.

 Each video includes a transcript as well as helpful exercises to put what you’ve learned into practice.

 In addition, he publishes books, courses, and podcasts on his own. 

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#4. Why Not Spanish?

Number of subscribers: 190k subscribers 

Total number of videos: 286 videos 

Number of average viewers:  12.7 million views 

Added YouTube channel for context-based Spanish learning. Maria, a Spanish teacher, and Cody, a Spanish learner, are two hosts who demonstrate proper pronunciation and just offer amusing anecdotes in Spanish.

 They discuss customs, culture, and techniques that helped them learn the language.

 The primary emphasis is placed on Colombian culture, and the Spanish spoke there. If necessary, subtitles are offered. 

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#5. Tu escuela de español

Number of subscribers: 369k subscribers 

Total number of videos: 293 videos 

Number of average viewers: 32.2 million views 

This channel only offers instruction in Spanish, as you could have inferred from the name. There are some English subtitles as well as Spanish ones.

 You will learn about daily living and the principal customs of Spain in addition to grammar, vocabulary, and quotations. 

Many lengthy films are explaining various grammatical concepts with examples written on the blackboard and the teacher speaking. 

Regardless of your ability, the tutor offers additional activities on a website, and you may also take Skype and online Spanish sessions with her.

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#6. The Spanish Dude

Number of subscribers: 143k subscribers 

Total number of videos: 153 videos 

Number of average viewers: 11.2 million views 

The Spaniard Jordan, who is not a natural Spanish speaker, is aware of the difficulties associated with learning the language because he used to fail his Spanish classes in high school repeatedly. 

He fell in love with Spanish after studying abroad and traveling to South America and Spain.

 He began studying, speaking, and practicing the language. His videos are straightforward and enjoyable because he wants you to love them too! 

The movies explain grammatical concepts, word differences, intriguing phrases, and much more with English explanations.

 I highly recommend him as one of the best YouTube channels for learning Spanish in 2022.

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#7. Dreaming Spanish

Number of subscribers: 80.4k subscribers 

Total number of videos: 794 videos 

Number of average viewers: 4.7 million views 

This channel emphasizes education through real-world examples. In all honesty, watching the hosts is like going on mini-vacations to Spain!

This one is one of the few channels that can expertly accommodate learners of all levels.

 There are straightforward tales for “super beginners” up to in-depth debates regarding racism and the disparities between the US and Spanish judicial systems.

Other videos involve debates and conversations between the hosts about various places and cultures in the Spanish-speaking world. In contrast, others have stories and games and offer recommendations for learning Spanish.

Most crucially, though, each film is entirely spoken in Spanish.

 Yes, even the videos for total beginners! Even if you don’t know every single word, the hosts do a fantastic job of speaking extremely clearly and making it simple to grasp what they’re saying.

Even seasoned Spanish speakers will enjoy the humorous tone of these videos. There are amusing exchanges of dialogue, explanations, and illustrations sure to make you smile.

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#8.Bilingüe Blogs

Number of subscribers: 80.4k subscribers 

Total number of videos: 313 videos 

Number of average viewers: 5.7 million views 

Bilingüe Blogs cover Spanish accents and speaking patterns from throughout the world. 

The show’s host, Ricky, takes viewers on educational trips as he explores the streets of Puerto Rico, Paraguay, and other places.

 He also introduces the Dominican, Mexican, and Cuban accents and other varieties of Spanish used throughout Latin America.

The conversational lessons are taught so casually that you might mistake them for casual street conversations.

 The videos are hip and a little unconventional (no dull classroom lessons here!). It’s a fantastic tool for enhancing your conversational Spanish abilities!

In these films, Ricky converses with other individuals to obtain a range of viewpoints about the language.

 In others, he offers guidance and pointers on how to learn Spanish.

#9. Real-World Spanish Lessons

Number of subscribers: 59.7k subscribers 

Total number of videos: 183 videos 

Number of average viewers: 4.1 million views 

Sleep is one instance when you can discover that you’re wasting time. Spanish learning in your sleep is possible. 

Research suggests that you can acquire or review vocabulary while you sleep, albeit it won’t make you more fluent or teach you new grammar rules.

While Real World Spanish Lessons offers a variety of video formats, it currently prioritizes sleep learning.

These films are nearly six hours long and consist of an English vocabulary term followed by three repetitions of its Spanish counterpart. 

Everything is said in a calming, gentle voice. Of course, you can also watch these videos while you’re awake.

All the hot themes are covered in earlier films, including learning Spanish while you sleep, common speaking blunders, understanding verbs and verb conjugation, and even learning Spanish while driving.

#10. Light Speed Spanish

Number of subscribers: 53.1k subscribers 

Total number of videos: 1.1k videos 

Number of average viewers: 7.7 million views 

The two affable hosts of LightSpeed Spanish guide students through everything from everyday life to grammar and vocabulary explanations.

The majority of videos follow a podcast-style structure, with the hosts speaking into a microphone while explaining a subject in a mixture of Spanish and English. 

Other films feature brief glimpses into their lives or simply talk about fascinating or relevant topics.

You get incredibly intimate and unscripted videos because none of the recordings appear to be edited.

This is a great option for learners of any level if you want to improve your conversational abilities.

 You can enhance your overall Spanish skills by learning a variety of basic to intermediate Spanish topics.

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As you can see, learning Spanish is not something that is that extreme and hard. With the best YouTube channels for learning Spanish, learning Spanish becomes easier and much more effective. 

 There are many YouTube channels out there where you can learn Spanish. However, the best YouTube channels for learning Spanish outlined in this article are the ones you should watch out for. 

FAQs Best YouTube Channels for Learning Spanish

Can I learn Spanish on my own? 

Yes. As long as you know the best YouTube channels for learning Spanish online, we have provided you in this article.

Do I need to watch all the best YouTube channels to learn Spanish before I can understand? 

No. You can pick the one that best explains it better to you personally. You don’t need all the channels for learning Spanish to speak Spanish.

What are the tools needed to start up the best YouTube channels for learning Spanish? 

A smartphone with a high camera resolution and a strong internet connection is what you need for a startup.

Is learning Spanish that difficult? 

Learning Spanish is like learning any other language in the world.  
With the best YouTube channels for learning Spanish, it becomes very explicit and understood without much stress. 




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