10 Best YouTube Channels For Relationship Advice

If you feel relationship advice is difficult to come by, it could be because you’ve not discovered the best YouTube channels. Yes, you could seek advice from your family and friends, but sometimes it’s not an option. Thus, you can also turn to YouTube for additional help.

So, if you read further, you’ll find the 10 best YouTube channels for relationship advice. It doesn’t matter if you’re single and searching or seeking ways to improve your current relationship; these YouTube channels are there to assist you. I’m sure you’d like to check them out.

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Best YouTube Videos For Relationship Advice

Here are the 10 best YouTube channels for relationship advice.

Tripp Advice

As one of the best YouTube channels for relationship advice, Tripp Advice posits that solid relationships should be more about building and connecting with people than one-night stands, flings, and casual dating.

Tripp is a dating and relationships counselor in Los Angeles, hosts a podcast, and publishes videos on YouTube. These videos are intended to assist timid and insecure men connect with women and create solid, long-lasting relationships. 

His “Dating Advice for Men” series includes topics like, How to keep a woman interested in you, when to say “I love you,” and how to flirt with a girl subtly.

Tripp Advice has 988 thousand subscribers and 1.2k videos on its YouTube channel.

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Hayley Quinn

With 104k subscribers and 402 YouTube videos, Hayley Quinn is undoubtedly one of the best channels for relationship advice. And videos are published weekly on this channel. In addition to being a qualified dating coach, Hayley Quinn is a professional matchmaker. 

This means that she knows the factors that lead to compatibility between individuals. And she uses this knowledge for both your benefit and hers.

She believes that even though it doesn’t seem like you both have something in common, communication and genuine connections are crucial. Her advice is straightforward, reliable, and effective.

Hayley Quinn is a TED speaker, renowned dating expert, and startup founder. Thousands of men and women learn about her unique approach to love and dating from her membership websites (www.hayleyquinn.com), live training events, and social media platforms.

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Single in Stilettos

This YouTube channel features interviews with matchmakers, leading relationship experts, and dating coaches. New episodes of the show are featured every few weeks on the channel. 

They cover a variety of subjects, including how women over 40 can find true love, signs a man is not interested in you, how to approach a man without looking desperate, and lots more.

You’d be sure you are getting multiple perspectives on topics and can see things from various perspectives. This is because different experts provide advice in each new video.

These relationship experts know how perplexing and occasionally daunting it may be to know the right thing to do in a relationship. 

To help you build and sustain more robust relationships, they draw on their own experiences and advise other professionals.

You can also apply some of their advice in platonic relationships. The benefit of free advice from total strangers is that you can apply it wherever you like.

Additionally, Single in Stilettos has 7.69k subscribers and has published about 351 YouTube videos. Thus, we consider it one of the best YouTube channels for relationship advice.

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Stephan Labossiere

Stephan Labossiere, a.k.a. Stephan Speaks, is trying to make relationships healthier and more enjoyable.

He is a certified relationship coach, Author, and Speaker. Stephan assists both men and women overcome the difficulties affecting their relationships.

Many people benefit significantly from Stephan’s relationship advice and insight. It helps them understand the opposite sex and navigate relationships and self-growth.

Stephan empowers many to take control of the challenging circumstances that hinder their way of life & love they want. And to constantly make positive changes.

Stephan’s passionate and straightforward delivery style captivates a diversified clientele.

They include academic institutions, prominent celebrities, singles & couples who can and are willing to handle the truth. Therefore, it’s among the best YouTube channels for relationship advice.

Furthermore, he has 1.02 million subscribers and 372 videos on his YouTube channel.

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Matthew Hussey

Matthew Hussey is not left out on our list of the best YouTube channels for relationship advice. While he’s a top dating expert, writer, and YouTube personality, Hussey is popularly known for providing dating advice to women.

As a relationship expert, Matthew Hussey has helped many women live the love lives of their dreams.

The British dating coach has also appeared on many television shows, including NBC’s Ready for Love, where he was the show’s matchmaker. He has been the Today Show’s go-to expert on love.

Hussey is a New York Times bestselling author of “Get The Guy” and writes a relationship column for Cosmopolitan. So far, his YouTube channel has garnered 2.55 million subscribers, and he has published about 701 YouTube videos. These videos are published daily.

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Matthew Boggs

Matthew Boggs, an expert dating coach, Best-selling author, and Speaker is one of the world’s most extraordinary at assisting women in gaining insight into the thoughts and feelings of men.

And developing a strong connection with their partner and MANifesting the relationship they desire.

He has biology teaching experience, LifeSuccess coaching certification, Masters in Education. And he combines them alongside the principles and strategies learned from America’s greatest marriages. His programs are highly effective and have benefited thousands of women worldwide. 

The Today Show, CNN Headline News, ABC Family, Fox News, CNN Showbiz Tonight, etc., all had Matt Boggs’ appearances. He also participated in an international peace symposium with His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Boggs is often hired to speak at conferences and for businesses. And he has been featured on blogs and radio programs offering dating advice, such as DatingAdvice.com.

He is also developing a TV show. World-famous experts, including Jack Canfield, Lisa Nichols, Bob Proctor, Mary Morrissey, Darren Hardy, etc., have appeared on stage with him.

Matthew Boggs currently has a total of 1.12 million subscribers and 392 videos on his YouTube channel. Having known all these, Matthew Boggs deserves a spot on our list of the best YouTube channels for relationship advice.

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Amy North

Amy North is a best-selling author and relationship expert from Vancouver, Canada. She focuses on assisting ladies worldwide in discovering and keeping their dream man. 

Text Chemistry and The Devotion System are two of Amy’s highly regarded online courses. They are among the best and most in-depth women’s dating manuals on the planet. And have sold close to 100,000 copies.

With 171 published YouTube videos, her YouTube channel has amassed 613k subscribers.

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Repurposed Perspective – Relationship Advice

Here, you’ll find videos that offer relationship advice from the viewpoint of a woman that has successfully mended many relationships.

Getting your ex back, breakup advice, divorce, relationship pressures, saving your relationship, communicating with your partner, and other topics are covered, among others.

The channel host, Kim, is a certified Life coach and Juris doctor. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Psychology. 

Kim assists men and women get answers to the problematic questions couples have and directs them on a successful path. Therefore, her channel is considered one of the best YouTube channels for relationship advice. 

Repurposed Perspective has published 36 YouTube videos and has 17.3k subscribers on its YouTube channel.

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Dating & Relationship Advice – David DeAngelo 

The channel host and author of ‘Double Your Dating is a top advisor to men on topics about Dating & Attraction. David DeAngelo is a behavior, psychology, and communication expert.

He created the concepts of “Critical Moments” and “Bridges” to show men how to Create Attraction, Approach Women, and Avoid Rejection.

With his audio/video programs and live seminars, hundreds of men conquer their fears and have more successful relationships. In essence, his channel is one of the best YouTube channels for relationship advice for men.

In addition, this YouTube channel has 21.8k subscribers and has published 243 videos.

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Conventional relationship advice is old-fashioned and outdated. The concept of Multiamory presents fresh advice and perspectives for various types of love. This includes radical relationship anarchy, conscious monogamy, and ethical polyamory. 

Multiamory thinks relationships should be viewed in the context of the future rather than the past status quo. Ethics are more valuable than tradition, says Multiamory.

Furthermore, this YouTube channel has published 313 videos and has 5.9k subscribers.

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Bottom Line 

Singlehood is a natural aspect of life. That’s how we are all born; even as adults, there is no assurance that we will find love. Because dating is no longer the means of committing to someone in today’s modern environment, getting married is becoming difficult. 

How do you make someone choose you? And who do you prefer? There are nearly too many choices to complete the process on your own.

Even though dating can be challenging, it’s comforting to know that you can make dating easier by watching videos of the best YouTube channels for relationship advice.

So, we explored YouTube for the most effective and practical relationship advice channels for both men and women. We hope you found them helpful.

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FAQs On 10 Best YouTube Channels For Relationship Advice

1. Do relationship coaches work?

A relationship coach teaches individuals and couples the things necessary to maintain healthy relationships. Yes, arguing and having disputes are common in relationships. But a coach shows you how to be good partners as long as you know how to communicate & resolve conflicts.

2. Who needs relationship coaching?

The Relationship Coaching Institute recognizes the following seven categories of singles:
Currently Single. Someone who is single and actively looking for a partner.
Widowed or recently divorced
Single but unavailable
Frustrated singles
Distracted or busy singles
Passive singles
Single by choice

3. What are relationship experts called?

They are called relationship counselors. Relationship counselors are trained professionals to listen to your relationship and unique issues with compassion and expertise. A relationship coach can advise you concerning your relationship and personal growth. These professionals also assist you in dealing with negative feelings and thoughts.

4. What makes a good relationship coach?

Trustworthiness: Good coaches foster trust among the people they coach. They treat them with respect, keep things confidential, and speak clearly. This creates a secure environment for development and transformation. 
Empathy: The best coaches show concern for and interest in the people they coach.

5. What are the 5 pillars of a relationship?

A healthy relationship is built on these five pillars; respect, communication, self-esteem, equality, and setting healthy boundaries.

6. What matters most in a relationship?

Some essential components of a happy and healthy relationship include communication, commitment, trust, and gratitude. However, the little things still matter.

7. What makes a strong relationship?

A strong relationship can be said to be a team. A team where you both support each other and work together, even though you don’t have the same goals. In a nutshell, you both have each other’s back. And you know you can count on them when you need assistance.

8. What are the five most essential things in a relationship?

The essentials for a healthy relationship include:
Good communication. This is one of the most vital things in a healthy relationship.
Handling conflicts and disagreements.
Listening and feeling heard. It’s essential to have someone listen to us and that we feel heard.
Mutual intimacy.

9. What should a healthy relationship have?

Healthy relationships require effort and sacrifice from both partners and involve open communication, honesty, trust, and respect between partners. There is no power disparity. Partners share decisions, respect each other’s independence, and can act independently without fear of repercussions.

10. Must I have a relationship coach?

A relationship coach gives you guidance on how to achieve a successful relationship. However, having a relationship coach is not a must. But if you need guidance, counseling, or advice concerning your relationship, you may consider getting yourself a relationship coach.


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