10 Best Youtube Channels for Teenage Girls

Beyoncé once said that girls run the world, and it appears that they also rule YouTube! 70% of US adolescent girls use YouTube daily. Also, more than 50% of YouTube users worldwide are female. YouTube has over 1 billion unique users per month. It also has over 6 billion hours of video watched per month and 100 hours of video uploaded every minute.

Teens are possibly the most targeted demographic by social media designers. If your daughter comes home, drops her backpack, and goes straight to YouTube, she’s like millions of other kids. Girls are flocking to YouTube to watch, share, and comment on everything from cheerleading tips to music videos.

Are you looking for the best Youtube channels for teenage girls? This article breaks down the 10 best YouTube channels and their links. The content ranges from fun to sex, activism, and tech. No matter your interests, these YouTube channels for teenage girls cover them. Let’s get started.

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10 best YouTube channels for Teenage girls

According to a Pew Research Center study from 2018, teenagers are more interested in YouTube than other social media platforms. With 85% of teens aged 13 to 17 saying they use it. Of course, girls aren’t limited to “girl” videos, and boys can enjoy them as well.

However, these are excellent options if you’re looking for high-quality content to supplement your daughter’s viewing pleasure. The 10 best YouTube channels for Teenage girls are-

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#1. Smart Girls.

Subscribers- 135,000

Views- 8,475,000 views

Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls is a non-profit organization. She started the website to assist young women with life’s challenges in a humorous but informative manner. 

Smart Girls affirms girls’ value to society through insightful Q&As, around-the-world tours of girls’ lives, and interviews with female celebrities. It is one of the recommended YouTube channels for teenage girls.

Smart Girls began on YouTube and continues today. They currently have over 135,000 subscribers and 8,475,000 views. The first video on their YouTube channel, The Feminist: Smart Girls With Amy Poehler, was in 2012. It features a young girl named Ruby explaining what feminism is.

Smart Girls has grown significantly in the last three years. They post several new videos in a variety of segments at least once a month. Every Smart Girls YouTube video concludes with a dance party. This shows that you can get educated while also having fun.

Smart Girls. 

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​#2. Rosanna Pansino.

Subscribers- 13.4 Million

Views- 3 Billion

Rosanna Pansino (born June 8, 1985) is a YouTuber, actress, author, and singer from the United States. Pansino is one of YouTube’s highest-paid content creators, ranking first on Forbes’ “Top Influencers: Food” list in 2017.

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Rosanna Pansino, provides lively video challenges, simple crafts, and baking ideas inspired by sci-fi, comic books, and other geeky interests

Since 2011, Pansino hosted the internet series Nerdy Nummies, which earned her a Shorty Award and five Streamy Award nominations. Nerdy Nummies quickly became a hit, bringing Pansino widespread recognition and acclaim.

Her YouTube channel has over 3 billion views, making it the most popular cooking channel on the platform.

She has since received several awards, including the Shorty Award for Best Foodie, Chef, or Food Lover in Social Media in 2013. According to Forbes, Pansino is still one of the highest-paid YouTubers. She earns seven figures per year from sponsorships and advertisements.

Pansino has gotten praise for her consistent upload schedule, with not a single date missed since starting her channel. Hers is one of the best YouTube channels for teenage girls.

Rosanna Pansino

#​3. Melonie Mac.

Subscribers- 330,000

Views- 16,000

Melonie Mac is a gamer who is well-known for posting gaming, anime, and technology-related content to her popular YouTube channel, Melonie86.

She has a sizable fan base, with over 330,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel since 2009. She ranks high as one of the best YouTube channels for teenage girls.

Melonie Mac, with her bright pink headphones and straightforward delivery, provides product reviews. She also does lego-building tutorials, gaming tutorials, and vlogs for techie girls. If you are a teenage girl, and you love tech, you should check out this YouTube channel.

Melonie Mac.

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#4. The Brain Scoop.


Views- 115,000 

This Chicago Field Museum channel explores natural history. It also explains scientific concepts and promotes STEM for girls. The channel hosts the knowledgeable and quirky Chief Curiosity Correspondent Emily Graslie.

Her channel “The Brain Scoop” ranked #96 on New Media Rockstars’ Top 100 Channels in 2014.

In 2016, she documented efforts to aid in the recovery of the endangered Kankakee mallow, an endemic to Illinois. She currently makes her videos, focusing on the intersection between science and art.

If you or your teenage girl loves to have fun while learning, you should check out this channel. It is truly one of the best YouTube channels for teenage girls.

The Brain Scoop 

​#5. AwesomenessTV’s Terry the Tomboy.

Subscriber- 8.51Million

Views- 232,000

Lia Marie Johnson (from Kids’ React) plays the role. Terry the Tomboy is a sitcom-style series that airs on the tween and teen channel AwesomenessTV. Terry the Tomboy revels in the benefits of not being a girly girl. It is one of the best YouTube channels for teenage girls.

The show is exciting, with a turn of events at every point. It may seem simple at first, but it goes a long way in teaching teenage girls lifelong lessons. They would learn about love, jealousy, making friends, and how best to deal with it.

AwesomenessTV’s Terry the Tomboy 

#6. Just Like That.

Subscribers- 1.4M

Views- 190,380

This group of six YouTubers covers a wide range of topics, from IKEA hide-and-seek to embarrassing moments. They also wax philosophical about music. They have an easy camaraderie, unpolished presentation, and unusual subject selection.

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The youTube channel explicitly forbids the discussion of beauty. This serves as a great model for female friendships, self-determination, and craziness. Many teenage girls love their show. This makes it one of the best YouTube channels for teenagers out there.

Just Like That.

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#7. MyFroggyStuff

Subscribers- 2.6 million

Views- 52,000

Froggy and Little Froggy of MyFroggyStuff are an artistic mother and daughter who have been making YouTube videos since 2012.

This doll-making website offers a diverse range of dolls, inventive DIY tips, and product reviews. This is one of the YouTube channels for teenage girls with an emphasis on self-expression. It also encourages them to be very creative.

Latoya Moore-Broyles is the creator behind the YouTube channel MyFroggyStuff. She has 2.6M subscribers who tune in to watch her DIY doll crafting content. 

She features content from brands like Barbie, American Girl, Monster High, Shopkins, and others. 

If you’re a Barbie fan who enjoys science fiction, you would love this YouTube channel for teenage girls. They have a tutorial on how to give your dollhouse a Star Wars makeover – complete with a tiny Porg! You should check out MyFroggyStuff right now!


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#8. Geek Gurl Diaries.

Subscribers- 34,100

Viewers- 43,000

Philbin founded Geek Gurl Diaries in 2012 to show young people how exciting and creative science and engineering can be. It has 34,000 YouTube subscribers. In 2013, it received the TalkTalk Digital Heroes award.

The British host of this how-to channel teaches girls skills like soldering, computer programming, and game design. It does all of this under the motto “Girls Can Be Geeks, Too!” Philbin has taught children and teachers how to code in the Python and Scratch programming languages.

It is one of the best YouTube channels recommended for girls who love tech. Also, teenage girls who are not into tech would enjoy watching Geek Gurl Diaries on YouTube.

Geek Gurl Diaries 

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#9. Chescaleigh.

Subscribers: 245,000

Viewers: 22,000

Franchesca’s channel has social commentary, humorous rants, song parodies, and other entertaining and thought-provoking material. She won the People/YouTube Red Carpet Reporter contest in 2008. This significantly increased the popularity of her channel. 

Ramsey’s YouTube channel discusses racism and cultural issues.

Ramsey’s YouTube channel features, among other things, topical and socially conscious comedy sketches and song parodies. Her videos have appeared on MTV, The Huffington Post, CollegeHumor, Jezebel, and Glamour, among others.

In 2017, she got a Webby Award in the category of Public Service and Activism. You would love this YouTube channel if you are a teenage girl who loves thought-provoking content.


#10. MTV Braless.

Subscribers: 144,000

Views: 16,000

This MTV-backed series, hosted by YouTuber and “sexpert” Laci Green, tackles heavy topics ranging from politics and feminism to paparazzi and sexting. The discussions are sometimes daring and edgy, but the goal is to help viewers think more critically about media and culture.

Green’s videos began as a hobby, but she became more interested in sex education as they became more popular. Her YouTube channel had over 144,000 subscribers as of June 2022. She has lectured at several universities as a sex educator.

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Green’s videos and lectures further the sex-positive movement. She has stated that she wishes for people to talk about sex in a way that isn’t embarrassing or awkward.

MTV Braless. 

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While YouTube may not be your preferred medium, you should be aware of what your children watch. The problem lies in filtering what content you want your teenage girls to watch.

Gaming tutorials, crafting advice, computer programming lessons, and other resources encourage girls to think, do, and pursue their dreams. Teenagers are eager to learn new things. They are capable of conducting independent research and forming their own opinions.

They can spark movements that oppose the oppressive systems that have shaped our world. You should know the type of Youtube content you want your teenage girl to see.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best YouTube channel for girls?

MTV is braless for learning things you would not ordinarily teach them. Smart Girls and Just like that- to get them to feel what it means to speak up. 

What do the majority of teenagers watch on YouTube?

According to the study’s researchers, YouTube’s popularity with teens stems from its wide range of teen-oriented content. According to the analysts, this includes categories such as music videos, influencer videos, video game playthroughs, and how-to videos.

Who is the most popular YouTube girl?

A. Yuya is the female YouTuber with the most subscribers. Jenna Marbles comes in second and Liza Koshy comes in third.

Why is YouTube beneficial to teenagers?

Young children believe that YouTube videos are superior to TV shows or videos created on a researcher’s smartphone for learning. They also believe that people in YouTube videos are more real than those on TV. But less real than those in a smartphone video created by a researcher.

What do teenagers enjoy about YouTube?

Teens enjoy watching videos on YouTube that include comedy shows, music videos, how-to guides, hacks, recipes, and other content. Teens are also fans of video bloggers or vloggers. Simply by posting videos, these vloggers frequently become celebrities in the world of teenagers.

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