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Knife Life is about mostly your personality and passion through the knife you carry in your pocket every day. Quality and seamless performance are what you get for being an owner of any of the Boker automatic knives.

It’s rare for a knife to remain a top seller even a year or two after it was released. It’s incredible that after more than a decade on the market, the Kalashnikov is still such a bestseller.

Boker Knve a good size for EDC provided you are allowed to carry an automatic knife with you. In many parts of the world, it is not legal to wear an automatic knife. Therefore, carefully review your laws before publicly pocketing the Kalashnikov.

These knives can be worn by everyone from law enforcement officers (EMTs) to our military personnel. Like an apocalyptic cockroach, the Boker Kalashnikov can only survive our human society as we know it.

So, in this writing, we shall furnish you with extensive information about Boker automatic knives and whet your appetite to own one.

Boker Knives Review

For many people, the Boker brand is an entry point into the world of quality knives. You may have a microtech automatic knife in the future, but for now, a $30 automatic Boker Kalashnikov is more than enough to impress.

Boker Automatic Knives are known for both design and quality and meet the same quality standards that you would expect from Boker.

The Boker Automatic line consists of great knives including the Boker Kalashnikov and Boker Magnum series. These machines are well built and sell for a cheap price.

  • The nibs in these knives are great and don’t feel cheap like some automatics of the same price.
  • Boker knives benefit from a simple design, decent materials and a robust construction.
  • It cuts well, is reasonably comfortable to use, wears well, and has a quick automatic push-button function.
  • It is good value for money considering its price. It’s easy to see why this knife has sold well over the years and continues to be in production with a variety of different configurations.

Where are Boker knives made?

Boker knives was handcrafted in Solingen, Germany for hundreds of years. This proud tradition is evident in their more modern line of automatic knives. It is also worth mentioning that this knife was designed by Dietmar Pohl from Pohl Force.

The Boker Kalashnikov is an easy knife to consider in the budget car category. It’s been a bestseller for BladeHQ for years.

Boker Automatic Knife General Specifications

For over a decade, the Boker Kalashnikov has been the king of the affordable automatic knife. So we shouldn’t really be surprised if Boker has a history that goes back to the 18th century

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At less than $30 for the mini version and less than $45 for the regular version, the Kalashnikov offers incredible value for its quality.

Without further ado, let’s dive right into everything you always wanted to know about the Boker Kalashnikov automatic knife.

Let’s take a look at the general specifications

  • Total length 7.625 inches
  • 3.25-inch blade length
  • Dagger blade
  • AUS-8 steel
  • Aluminium handle
  • 3.70 oz. Weight
  • Immersion lock
  • Automatic action
  • Made in Taiwan

Knife Handle, Ergonomics, and Pocket Clip

The Kalashnikov has decent ergonomics. The AK-74 has an anodized cast aluminum handle. The handle is contoured and heavily structured. It has 3 straps designed to mimic the magazine on an AK-74 rifle.

The handle pieces are held together by Torx hardware and 3 spacers and offer a good view of the bowels of the knife.

The hardware is black, except for the pivot point, which has an additional decoration. All parts are lined up. There are no sharp edges. When you shake the knife, it doesn’t rattle. The handle seems to be selected.

The handle itself is loaded with texture. It looks faux dotted. A bit like a Pebble Tec swimming pool, but even milder. It’s not the most comfortable knife in the world, but it’s not offensive either.

The pocket clip is a large, black, deep pocket clip. It bears the same motif as the handle with 3 ridges. It buries the knife in your pocket and the good spring retention keeps the knife tucked away.

Automatic Knife Blade

The Kalashnikov features a beautifully crafted 3.25-inch AUS-8 blade. AUS 8 was the industry standard for knives for those on a budget under $50. AUS 8 has decent corrosion resistance and toughness and is incredibly easy to resharpen.

The only negative factor when buying a new AUS 8 knife is edge resistance. You may need to sharpen it more often, but AUS 8 will get sharp again in minutes with a good sharpening system.

D2 steel is also available for a handful of exclusive Kalashnikov models, but has a slightly higher price tag and is more difficult to sharpen compared to its AUS 8 counterpart.

However, D2 steel has its advantages. The edge retention is twice as high as that of AUS 8 and made of harder steel overall.

Deployment and Locking

In addition to the use of the blade, the Kalashnikov has a dial lock with a key lock. These knives are built to last and can withstand any abuse you might inflict on them.

The Kalashnikov is an automatic coil spring system. To release the blade, press the button. Very easy and effective. The spring action is excellent and the blade pops with a loud blow.

We have a key lock for bridging. This setup is just like the Microtech Stitch, although everything is done on a much smaller scale.

The bridge is tight, but you can notice slight side-to-side play as you pull on the blade. The lock can be released easily and without a locking pin or binding.

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Easy-to-carry Boker Automatic Knife

It’s rare for a one-of-a-kind pocket clip to stand out in a good way. Why reinvent the wheel when there are so many great designs out there?

Keeping the pocket clip on the Boker Kalashnikov is very aggressive, tight, and trust-building. You never have to worry about losing your brand-new pocket knife.

In the pocket, this knife is both minimal and inconspicuous. The best sign of a good jackknife is that you don’t think about it when carrying it. It just fits your personal lifestyle perfectly without asserting itself in an offensive way.

The Boker Kalashnikov is an absolute win in this regard due to the two sizes available.

Pocket Jewellery Automatic Knife

It really is something when a knife this affordable also feels luxurious, special, and unique. With versions made of Damascus steel, image-coded blades, and handles in every color under the sun, it’s very easy to find a Boker Kalashnikov that suits your personal style.

Despite the cheapness or affordability of these knives, they are extremely fun to fidget with.

Mini vs. Full Size Kalashnikov

It might seem obvious, but the only big difference between the two different Kalashnikov models is size. The mini version is quite compact and meets the requirements of even some of the strictest knife laws.

The regular version is quite large and goes well with those with a large hand. Both have the same materials, build quality, and action.

Types of Boker knives

With over 50 different variations, the legendary Boker Kalashnikov series can have a lot to consider when making a purchase decision. In this article, we’ll go through your options to determine which is right for you.

The Kalashnikov comes in a variety of blade styles and colors. Although the dagger blade shape is by far the most popular, the Kalashnikov has seven different blade shapes.

Each of these blade shapes has their own unique advantages over others, and Boker was kind enough to offer serrated models in every blade style as well. Let’s look closely at the different types of Boker Automatic Knives


The Hawkbill variant is an option for any defense scenario that may require a knife. The curved blade is reminiscent of the classic karambit knife and is razor-sharp.


If you are looking for classic looks, the Drop Point version is for you. The Drop Point Kalashnikov has a flat cut and is a great slicer.


Like its Drop Point brother, the Tanto Kalashnikov also has a flat-ground blade so that it can be sliced ​​easily. The tanto point enables finer cuts and is a good choice for an all-around everyday knife.


Next on the list is the Crocodile Dundee Special – the Bowie Kalashnikov. With a hollow sharpened blade and a beautiful belly, the Bowie Kalashnikov is a great choice for those of you who are looking for a classic design in a modern folding knife.

The Bowie was also the blade style for the exclusive XXL Kalashnikov at the blade.

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The reverse tanto is a beautiful blade and incredibly strong at the tip for better piercing ability. Thanks to the (almost) perfectly straight edge, sharpening is also child’s play.

Sizes of Boker knives

You are probably already familiar with the “standard” Poker Kalashnikov size, but there are currently Five different sizes available in the Kalashnikov range to suit your needs.

The entire Kalashnikov series shares the same basic genetics and materials, but each is sized to fit your hand perfectly, regardless of the task ahead.

The Standard

The original Kalashnikov is the standard for most. With a 4.4-inch handle and an overall length of 6.6 inches, the Kalashnikov main support fits a variety of hand sizes.

This size also has milled finger grooves in the handle, which provide an excellent grip in all conditions.

The Mini

Imagine the little brother of the classic Kalashnikov and you have the Mini in your hands. With a total length of 5.75 inches, the Mini is perfect for users with smaller hands.

It has a mini dagger blade and can still be grabbed at the handle with three fingers. The Mini is also a perfect fit for that young knife lover in your life.

The Sub

In the sub-Kalashnikov, things get small. The Sub Kalashnikov is just 4.9 inches overall length and has a 2.9-inch two-finger handle. This is also one of the few major California legal machines available.

The XL

Here we move into knives that are perfect for those with “ham hands” as Kurt of Blade HQ lovingly refers to those with larger hands. The XL Kalashnikov is an exclusive BladeOps automatic, which means BladeOps is the primary seller for this particular model.

The XL has an enlarged overall length of 8.6 inches with a blade length of 3.8 inches.


Back to the Crocodile Dundee comment: If you want to show your friends that you are wearing a KNIFE, you need to pick up the XXL Kalashnikov. With a total length of a whopping 10.6 inches, the XXL Kalashnikov reminds me of a full-size fixed blade.

The XXL Kalashnikov might not be the easiest knife to carry in your pocket, but the 4.75-inch blade definitely does all of the cutting jobs you would normally resort to a solid blade for.


If you’re looking for a sturdy auto folder for around $40, the Boker Kalashnikov is well worth considering. It’s well made and fully functional and the knife works fine.

Whether you’re just your average joe in need of a heavy-duty jackknife to wear from day to day or a professional looking for a defensive tool, the Boker Kalashnikov series has something for everyone.


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