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Brandon Tatum Net Worth 2022 Overview

Accordingly, this is an overview of Brandon Tatum net worth 2022

Net Worth$1.4 Million
Date of BirthApril 22nd, 1987
Age34 years old in 2022
ProfessionFormer police office and media personnel
Source of WealthAmerican conservative political commentator, former police officer, and former football player
Marital StatusMarried
Wikipedia PageBrandon Tatum

Brandon Tatum Net Worth 2022

Brandon Tatum net worth is believed to be $1.4 million. Every day, 166.48 thousand people watch Brandon Tatum’s YouTube account.

For every thousand video views, a channel that is monetized by adverts gets money. Per thousand video views, YouTube channels can earn anything from $3 to $7.

If Brandon Tatum’s earnings fall within this range, Net Worth Spot calculates that he earns $19.98 thousand each month, or $299.66 thousand per year.

However, $299.66 thousand a year may be an underestimate. Brandon Tatum’s annual salary could be as high as $539.39 thousand.

On the other hand, influencers rarely rely on a single source of income. Influencers can promote their own products, work with sponsors, or make money through affiliate commissions.


On April 22, 1987, Brandon Orlando Tatum was born. The retired football player was born in the Texas city of Fort Worth. Tatum also worked as a police officer in Tucson before becoming a conservative political analyst.

In 2016, he created a Facebook video that went viral, garnering over 70 million views. He was at a rally supporting former US President Donald Trump in that video. He claimed that the individuals protesting against the rally made him feel insecure.


Tatum became viral once again in 2017 for his resistance to players “taking the knee” during NFL games..

Brandon Tatum Biography

Now, that we’ve known  Brandon Tatum net worth, let’s delve into his early life

Tatum, who was born in Forth Worth, Texas, was a high school football All-American. Bobby Tatum, his father, served as a captain in the Fort Worth Fire Department. Jack Tatum, his great uncle, was an All-American at Ohio State, an NFL All-Pro, and a Super Bowl champion with the Oakland Raiders. 

The US-Army All-American Game, which features the top 78 high school football players in the country, featured Tatum. In 2004, Tatum committed to play for the University of Arizona on a full athletic scholarship. Tatum spent five years at Arizona before entering the NFL Draft in 2010. 

Brandon Tatum Career

In 2010, Tatum went to the NFL draft. Then, after he was not chosen in the draft, he started his career as a police officer in Tucson, Arizona. In October of 2017, Tatum quit the Tucson Police Department. 

He then worked for Liftable Media, the Western Journal, and the Conservative Tribune operator, as well as for the Western Journal. Tatum also worked for The Turning Point USA as the director of urban engagement, and he did that as well.

A few years after that, he started his own media company called The Tatum Report..

Besides Brandon Tatum net worth, his career is such an inspiring one.

Brandon Tatum Family

Officer Tatum is married to Corrine Tatum, Brandon Tatum’s life and business partner. Brandon Tatum and his wife Corrine Tatum have two sons together.

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The names of the couple’s two sons have not been revealed, however, Corrine refers to her younger kid as “Baby T.” On February 20, 2021, Brandon and Corrine had their second son.

However, like Brandon Tatum net worth, he has a good family.

Brandon Tatum Wife

Tatum is married to Corrine Tatum, Corrine Tatum is the co-owner and CFO of “The Officer Tatum LLC,” according to many of her social media pages. Corrine’s LinkedIn page offers an amazing resume; we can see from her “experience” column that she is on the rise.

Brandon Tatum Children

This beautiful couple have two children.  The names of their two sons have not been revealed by the parents.

Brandon Tantum Cars & Assets

Little is known about Brandon Tatum luxury life.

Brandon Tatum Awards & Achievements

Tatum is the author of the novel Beaten Black and Blue. This book chronicles his challenges as well as the experiences of other police officers.

Besides  Brandon Tatum Net worth, his achievements are something to be “wowed” about. Below is the list of those awards;

  • Campaign rally for presidential candidate Donald Trump.(2016) 
  • Liftable Media — a conservative content producer that owns and operates The Western Journal and The Conservative Tribuner (2017)
  • The Officer Tatum

Brandon Tantum Quotes

These are some of our favorite quotes by Brandon Tatum;

  1. “YBLS is important because it gives an example to this country that black voters are not monoliths and think for ourselves..”
  2. “we need to treat police officers with respect, if not we will lose our country”
  3. ”If we forget that we are one nation under God, then we will be one nation gone under”
  4. ”We need to talk more about what we agree on than what we disagree on. ”
  5. ”We don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges.
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Brandon Tatum Social Media Handles

Below is the list of the celebrity’s social media handles.

FAQs Brandon Tatum Net Worth 2022

What is Brandon Tatum's heignt?

He is  6 ft 13⁄8 in tall.

How old is Brandon Tatum?

Brandon Tatum is 34 years old in 2022

What is Brandon Tatum's net worth?

Brandon Tatum Net worth is $1.4million.

What is Brandon Tatum’s Marital Status?

He is married with two kids.

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Brandon Tatum Net worth is $1.4million.

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He is married with two kids.

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This man has shown the world he cares and he is against every form of injustice including racial abuse. He has shown that you can be wealthy and still stand for the right thing.


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