How to Buy Hoge Finance | Ultimate Guide

In cryptocurrency, various categories of tokens exist in the market. These tokens are grouped based on their functionality and usage or purpose. Now in the crypto universe, there is Bitcoin, Altcoins, and Meme coins.

In this article, we would talk about Hoge finance, a meme coin with a strong, diverse community behind it. I would talk about how to buy your Hoge finance token and give a brief introduction and a few details about the Hoge finance token.

So, let’s get down to business. 

What is Hoge Finance? 

Hoge Finance was launched on 7 February 2021 as a deflationary “Doge but Defi” or, “Doge but without the problems” cryptocurrency token. It is known to be “a new Defi crypto with its focus on memes, puppies & charity.”

HOGE is the native token of Hoge finance, it is an ERC-20 coin (a token built on the Ethereum blockchain and used for token implementation). The HOGE finance token is bridged to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). 

Since the token was founded, its founders have pushed the project towards charitable efforts.

The team behind HOGE finance has also channeled resources into developing relationships with certain non-profits and animal charities worldwide. 

In May, a non-profit DAO was formed in Switzerland to implement community-approved actions for the coin and sign agreements with centralized exchanges. 

HOGE finance is officially registered as HOGE Association in Switzerland. This makes it a flexible non-profit legal entity recognized in jurisdictions worldwide. This is one of many steps towards achieving HOGE DAO.

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What Other Huge Accomplishments has Hoge Finance Achieved? 

The HOGE token is the first Defi meme coin ever to be audited by CertiK. And with no developer’s wallet built into the HOGE finance token and no income structure, Hoge Finance has around 80-110 developers and contributors working on the project for free. 

HOGE is a supply limited deflationary auto-staking token. The initial supply of tokens was set at one trillion. However, half of the token’s initial supply was irrevocably burnt at launch.


It balanced the transactions at the start by redistributing the percent of each transaction amount proportionally to each wallet and burning 1 per cent of each transaction amount, so every time a HOGE transaction is completed, 2 percent is distributed and removed from the total supply.  

As more tokens are burned, the burn rate increases progressively, increasing the scarcity of the tokens in circulation while distributing HOGE to users. The value of each user’s HOGE currency increases as the number of transactions increases. and WhiteBit are two exchanges where HOGE is traded. On systems like Guardian and, they can also exchange it. On April 16, it was listed on the BigONE Exchange, and on August 14, it was announced that it would be listed on one of the top five exchanges: Binance, Coinbase, Huobi Global, Kraken, or Kucoin. To assist support the listings, the project has organized a fundraiser. 

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HOGE has issued non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and has staged two events to reward token holders. 

The developers are working on an NFT marketplace that is entirely owned and run by HOGE, with a concentration on sports. Hoge is targeting gaming and electronic sports (esports) fans by delivering playable demonstrations of community-built online games. 

“The NFT marketplace is likely to be a substantial revenue generator for HOGE Finance when connected with the existing e-commerce and goods platform already available on HOGE’s website,” according to a recent announcement. 

According to the statement, the developers are also developing a “Hoge University,” an online platform that will allow users to search for articles and instructional courses on hot topics such as cryptocurrencies and content production in order to educate the community. 

How to Buy Hoge Finance

To purchase something, there is usually a special method. You can find HOGE on a plethora of cryptocurrency exchanges. 

However, you cannot get it directly. To begin, get bitcoin from any central platform and then transfer it to a trading site that deals in this currency. 

Following the instructions below, you can purchase Hoge Finance (HOGE): 

  • Buy Ethereum on a cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase. 
  • To store Ethereum, use a wallet like Metamask. 
  • You may exchange Ethereum for Hoge Finance on Uniswap. 

Now it’s time to get down to business! 

#1. Sign up for a Coinbase Account

To begin, use the Coinbase exchange to purchase one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH). It is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges that accept fiat deposits. 

Create an account on the coin exchange platform. Simply enter your e-mail address to get started. On Coinbase, providing precise information is required for 100 percent account verification. 

Open the confirmation email and confirm your email address. Set up two-factor authentication after that. It’s for reasons of extreme security. Complete the identification verification process next. 

#2. Purchase the Coin

To buy a coin, go through the Know-Your-Customers (KYC) automated process. It will only take 15 minutes to complete the process. 

Add a payment method next. It will prefer a bank transfer over a debit or credit card. Instant cash deposits with cheap costs are available in some places, such as iDeal. 

Now, select the coin you want to buy and finalize the transaction by clicking the Trade option. Your first cryptocurrency transaction has just been completed. 

#3. Transfer the Coin to Trade HOGE

Hoge is an altcoin that must be transferred to an exchange in order to be traded. Here, the Bilaxy exchange is the better option because it offers over 150 crypto pairs and even trades altcoins.

All you have to do is go through the same registration process as Coinbase. 

#4. Deposit Bitcoin in Exchange

Complete another KYC step to gain full access to your exchange wallet. The BTC address of your Bitcoin wallet at the Bilaxy exchange is a string of random integers. Copy the address and proceed to the Portfolio page on Coinbase. 

Click the Send button after selecting Bitcoin from your asset list. You will immediately receive a confirmation email; click the link in the email, and your money will be on its way to the Bilaxy exchange. 

Once your deposit has arrived, Bilaxy exchange may send you a confirmation email. You are now ready to purchase HOGE!! 

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#5. Trade HOGE

First, you would need to get familiar with the Bilaxy exchange interface. Afterward, select BTC, click it, then enter HOGE to exchange bitcoin for altcoin pairs. Select the HOGE/BTC pair now.

A HOGE/BTC price chart with a green box says Buy HOGE. After confirming the transaction details and the transaction has completed, you can go over to your wallet and confirm you own HOGE finance tokens. 


Although HOGE finance is a meme coin project, it is believed to have prospects in the crypto universe and if you wish to bag some HOGE tokens, all you have to do is follow the easy steps that are above, and you are well on your way.

It is important to note that the cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile and extreme care has to be taken when making investment choices.  



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