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How To Know If You Can Use GameStop Gift Cards Online

GameStop is a Fortune 500 company and a global multichannel retailer whose aim focus is on video games, pop culture toys, and consumer electronics. This multimillion-dollar company has over 5,800 stores worldwide.

GameStop’s consumer product network also includes the famous Think Geek store and their very own online store, A gift card is always a lovely gift from loved ones or friends on a birthday or any other occasion.

The best part is getting a GameStop gift card which can be used to acquire a wide range of products from the GameStop store. To redeem the gift cards, however, might be a question you might be wondering about.

Can you redeem them online or go to a physical store before saving your GameStop gift card? This article aims to educate you on that fact and give you insight on saving your GameStop gift cards online, if possible.

What Are GameStop Gift Cards?

GameStop Gift cards are either plastic or electronic/digital gift cards (also known as eGift card). They are usually preloaded with monetary value equivalent to the amount the gift card purchased.

The GameStop gift card is used to purchase items and merchandise from the GameStop online store ( and can be bought from

These GameStop gift cards, however are only valid in the United States. GameStop gift cards are available from $5 to $500.

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How Can I Get a GameStop Gift Card?

To acquire a GameStop gift card is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is head down to a physical GameStop store and get yourself one. Additionally, you could go online and check on their online store to get a GameStop gift card.

Any plastic gift card you purchase online will be sent to you via US Mail to your specified address and, most often, arrives within one to two weeks from the date of purchase.

If, however you purchased a digital gift card or gift certificate from an online store, which is redeemable both in an online store or in a physical store. The card pin code and the card or certificate number would be sent to your email within 48 hours of processing of your payment.

What Is a GameStop Gift Card Used For?

Well, as far as a gift card goes, a GameStop gift card can be a lovely gift during a birthday or some celebration.

When redeemed, the GameStop gift card can be used to purchase any of the wide range of items or merchandise listed on the GameStop store, both the online store and the physical store.

It can be used as a mode of payment if the price of the item you wish to purchase falls under the credit points on the GameStop gift card.

A GameStop gift card can also be used with other means of payment to pay for a particular item in insufficient funds.

All you need to do is proceed to the Gift card and trade value menu during item check out, and you are free to use your card.

Can GameStop gift cards be redeemed for cash?

Well, sadly, you cannot redeem GameStop gift cards for money. They can only be used to purchase items or merchandise available in the GameStop stores, either online or physical stores.

They also can’t be refunded or else if you are in a state with laws that allow gift card refunds or exchange of gift cards.

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How to Know if The GameStop Gift Card is Applicable Online

Now the fact is that not all GameStop gift cards are redeemable online. For a GameStop card to be redeemable online, it has to be the kind with a scratch-off the pin at the back.

The four-digit pin code located at the back of the gift card, and the 19-digit card number. This is situated at the front, is required to redeem the GameStop gift card online through an online store.

Also, if you have a digital or eGift card or gift certificate, you can redeem them online. Because they usually come with the nineteen-number pin and the four-pin code forwarded to your email.

Now if you received a digital gift certificate or card, do well to ensure it is adequately protected and that you don’t lose any of these numbers. You can copy the email or save the numbers to a text file for safekeeping.

If, however, you have a GameStop gift card that doesn’t have a scratch-off pin code, then it is most likely only redeemable in a physical store on presentation of the said card.

These types of GameStop gift cards can’t be redeemed online. A digital or eGift certificate or card can be redeemed online and in a physical store.

You can quickly enter the card pin and number when shopping in an online store. Futhermore, you can present the card pin and card number to the register at the physical store.

How to Check Your Balance On Your GameStop Gift card

You must head over to the GameStop website. This site will find out how much credit you have left on your GameStop gift card. Head over to the Balance inquiry page, then input your card details.

You will need to input your card number and pin code to proceed. After filling in these details, hit the check balance button, and the GameStop gift card balance will be displayed.

You can check how much is left on an old gift card. Addittionally, you use this to check the value of a GameStop.

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Can I Replace a Lost GameStop Gift Card?

If, by chance, you misplaced your GameStop gift card or lost it, there is no need to fret. You can still recover the value, whatever it is remaining in the gift card, by quickly getting a replacement.

However, getting this replacement would require you to produce the original receipt used to purchase the card. Futhermore, any transaction on which the card was used.

If by chance, you have an online printout of the order confirmation for a purchase or transaction for which the order was used, that could also be used.

If all the documents are legitimate and checked out. This implies that the remaining credit or value of the missing card will be returned to you.

This would be transferred and returned to you on a new card.

FAQ- How To Know If You Can Use GameStop Gift Cards Online

What does a GameStop card do?

A GameStop gift Card or GameStop gift certificate are cards containing store credits that can be used to purchase a variety of goods and products from GameStop stores both physical stores and online stores at

Where can I sell My GameStop gift cards for money?

Well, if you choose to forfeit the GameStop gift cards or are in deer need of money, the only way to sell the gift cards is by physically selling them at Gift card exchange kiosks which are bright yellow machines you might have seen around local supermarkets that gives you instant cash for your gift card based on an offer.

You might also choose to try some online vendors who buy gift cards, but you must be wary of scammers.

Why can’t I use my GameStop gift card online?

If you own a GameStop gift card without a scratch-off pin code at the back, it means your GameStop gift card can’t be renewed online. You would need to go down to a physical store to be able to redeem your GameStop Gift card.

How do I check my GameStop Gift Card balance?

To know how much value you have left on your GameStop gift card.

You would need to go down to the GameStop website, select the balance inquiry and input your card pin code, and the card number and the balance left on the card would be shown to you.

How do I redeem my GameStop Points?

To redeem your GameStop points, you need to head to the site and go to the GameStop reward center. This is where all redemption options are found.

Afterward, you can choose your redemption option and use your earned rewards. However, you must have enough points.


Everything you need to know about GameStop gift cards has been handled in the article above. Now if you are having issues redeeming your GameStop gift card, you already know why.

Either it doesn’t have a 4-pin code at the back of the card, or you haven’t noticed the scratch-off pin, in which case you are welcome.

Every other detail about GameStop gift cards has also been taken care of, such as where to buy them and how to recover a lost gift card.

We hope you enjoyed the read, and it was pretty helpful.