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Charlie Hutton Net Worth | Biography, Income, Career, Cars

Celebrity Net worth

Net Worth $500,000
Age33 years old
Date of Birth1989
Country/State of OriginGlasgow, England
Source of WealthEquestrian
CareerDressage coach
Marital StatusMarried
Wikipedia LinksNone


Charlie Hutton is an Equestrian in England. He has achieved lots of recognition internationally when it comes to horseback riding. The star has gone to represent his country on various levels despite his young age. Charlie Hutton began to learn about houses when he was still a young boy, in respect to this he is noted to have once commented that he learned to ride horses before he could walk. The dashing British Equestrian is a fan of many interested in horseback racing or any horse-related sports. Charlie Hutton has furthered his career in dressage by now coaching interested people in what he calls the “art of Horseback riding”

Are you interested in the Equestrian, Charlie Hutton? Keep reading, as we carefully highlight every available information you need to know about Charlie Hutton’s net worth, Career, and early life.

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Charlie Hutton Net Worth

Charlie Hutton is always engaged in many competitions and dressage coaching, keeping him preoccupied. He is in high demand across the globe, with more than 20 venues ranging from British Dressage clinics within the UK to coaching in the USA and Asia. Charlie Hutton is estimated to have a net worth of $500,000.

His net worth comes from his high demand for dressage coaching. Charlie Hutton is reputed to be one of the best dressage coaches of the Decade, and he has a variety of recognition to show for his career.

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Early life

Charlie Hutton was born in 1989 and began riding as a child at The Talland School of Equitation, where he was raised. Initially, he was primarily interested in jumping and hunting, and by the age of nine, he had abandoned entirely riding in favor of farming. When he was 13, his mother, international dressage rider and H&H columnist Pammy Hutton began paying him a pound every time he rode, just in case he changed his mind and decided to pursue a career in riding and teaching. This strategy worked; he has progressed from prelim to young riders to Grand Prix level since 14.

He was also a part of the World Class program for seven years, from seventeen to twenty-three. Charlie spent six months working with Jonny Hilberath, the German Olympic Team Trainer when he was 18 years old and has been training with Carl Hester ever since. Charlie began freelancing at 17 and has since amassed a significant client base worldwide.

Charlie Hutton attended Cheltenham college from 1993 to 2005. After finishing his GCSEs, he dropped out of school to focus on riding and teaching tests, and he is pursuing a BHS fellowship.

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When David Gooding took Abira, a now nine-year-old gelding, to the 2006 junior European championships in Stadl Paura, Austria, his equestrian career took off. They were the second-highest-placed team member and the youngest combination to compete. Charlie and Abira competed in the junior championships in Nussloch, Germany, the following year, placing 25th individually.

According to Charlie Hutton, Dressage needs such a fantastic bond between horse and rider that he began to grasp that you can speak with a horse uniquely. When I was 14, I went up to my mother and told her I wanted to take riding seriously, and she just laughed because I guess she’d given up hope by that point.

Charlie Hutton has amassed a wide range of coaching combinations at the regional, national, and international levels. Many of Charlie Hutton’s riders have been with him for a long time and have hectic competitive commitments. He spends time with each rider to establish season objectives, targets, and goal-setting and review sessions throughout the year.

Charlie has contributed to countless equestrian magazines including Horses and Hound, Your Horse, Horse and Rider, and others. He regularly works with H&C TV on Features and the All-Star Academy. Charlie Hutton has also appeared with Petplan filming, Hosting Demos at Badminton Horse Trials and Hartpury Festival of Dressage, and is a highly regarded and experienced public speaker.

Through his successful international career, Charlie Hutton has won 8 international wins with 6 national titles on horseback riding.


Charlie was brought up in the saddle at the world-renowned Talland School of Equitation where he lived with his mother “ Pammy Hutton”. His mother was a legendary international dressage rider and H&H columnist. Charlie Hutton’s grandmother, Molly Sivewright. Charlie Hutton’s Family has a history of being one of the most experienced Equestrian families.

Charlie Hutton is happily married to Abi Hutton. The couple is horse lovers. Abi Hutton is very hands-on in anything relating to horses and horseback riding.

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Luxury life

Very little is known of the luxurious life of Charlie Hutton. The Equestrian lives a modest life with his family on the farm despite the high success of his career. The dressage coach will no doubt prefer his horses to any expensive automobile.

Awards and Achievements

Charlie Hutton has received recognitions both home and abroad due to his Highly successful Equestrian career. Some of his awards and achievements so far include:

  • Grand Prix achievement award
  • Bolesworth feature event beating Charlotte Dujardin (2016)
  • Youth Olympics: team gold and individual silver (2008)
  • young rider European championship team member (2008)
  • European junior championship team member (2007)
  • European junior championship team member (2006)


Charlie Hutton has represented his country as a professional horseback rider on various levels. The Equestrian got to talk with various magazine and newspaper outlets on his rise to success as an equestrian. Charlie Hutton in his various interviews has snippets that are perfect quotes. The best Charlie Hutton quotes are:

  • ‘Don’t worry about the people who aren’t happy for you. They probably aren’t happy for themselves either.’
  • ‘My advice to my clients who are easily affected by what people think of them is to keep looking straight between the ears in front of you and let them worry about their own.’
  • ‘When I am not riding or teaching and have a rare quiet moment I like to feed my mind. Something I have. Learned (often the hard way) is that our mind is the most important tool of all. It is our best friend or, indeed, our greatest enemy. But trying to understand it how’s a long way to helping to persuade it to work to our advantage.’
  • ‘After a busy week, it finally feels like the tides are changing band we can start to look to that future.’

Social media handles

Charlie Hutton has an Instagram and Twitter account @hutton_charlie. He is also available on Facebook @Charlie Hutton Equestrian. 


Charlie Hutton is very fond of teaching others how to ride horses professionally. He is a role model to many.

Frequently asked questions

How old is Charlie Hutton?

The Equestrian was born in 1989. He is currently 33 years.

Where is Charlie Hutton from?

Charlie Hutton is from Glasgow, England.

How much is Charlie Hutton worth?

Charlie Hutton is estimated to have a net worth of about $500,000.


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