10 Ways To Get Cheap And Free Haircuts Near You

Now you are beginning to wonder if I’m for real, of course, yes!

As a student or teenager, the cost of getting a nice haircut might be something that hurts the pocket. So, with these new hacks, you’ll be left with some cash for the weekend after having a nice haircut.

According to the Professional Beauty Association, the average haircut price for a woman is about $43 with a man’s average haircut being around $28. That’s obviously on the high side, especially when you need to have your haircut every week.

In this article, we’ll show you how to get a cheap or free haircut that won’t hurt the pocket.

10 Easy Ways To Get Cheap And Free Haircut

Well, it is true looking good costs, it is also true that for students who desire to meet something when they dip their hands into their pocket, there’s always every need to get some services at discounted rates.

By carefully going through our list of easy ways to get cheap and free haircuts, you will have extra money for that date with someone special and a whole lot more.

#10 Become a hair model

Becoming a hair model is also one of the ways to get a cheap or free haircut.

Those pictures of hair models you see when you walk into a salon are often made for free or at a lesser rate.

This is because, most of them aren’t paid models per se, the only reward they get after practicals and probably a photoshoot is a free haircut which oftentimes spans over a period of time.

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On that note, before you agree to be a hair model, find out the payment, pricing, and discounts involve.

#9 Practice Cutting Your Own Hair

I’m sure you’ve been seeing them do it. Don’t you fancy giving it a trial? This particular option requires preparation and bravery.

You can do this by getting nice hairdressing scissors and watching tutorial videos for a guide.

Remember, the fault will be all yours if it goes wrong. So, do well to carefully go through YouTube videos to see what to do and what not to do.

#8 Get your haircut on a weekday

For non-students, you’ll most likely be working nine to five and only get weekends off.

Take advantage of your flexibility as a student and book your haircuts during the day from Monday to Friday (if you can), especially if you book online through a third-party website like Treatwell as these are ‘off-peak’ hours, and haircuts will cost less.

Some salons will even offer a lower rate for those who can fill in any last-minute gaps if they’ve had cancellations – in a way of ‘standby cuts’. Once you’ve established a good relationship with a salon, ask if they’ll put you on the standby list.

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#7 Use hairdresser training colleges

Going to a hairdresser’s college is also one way you can get a free or cheap haircut. This is because the students there are in dire need of volunteers who’ll help them practice their skills by giving them a haircut.

You might feel trainees are only exposed to training with dolls — you might be getting it all wrong. After training with dolls, they move on to use real human hair.

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These trainees are knowledgeable in the act, so there’s no need to panic. Just get ready for the long free amazing ride.

#6 Choose a low maintenance hairstyle

This doesn’t mean you have to change your haircut, but the truth is that some hairstyles are naturally more expensive than others in terms of maintenance and otherwise.

So, instead of having to rob the bank to get a haircut, it will be nicer to adjust your style to those hairstyles that are easy to maintain. It will save you cost.

#5 Visit New Hair Stylists

I know it’s not always a wonder to change hairstylist often, most especially when you have one that consistently gives you a perfect haircut.

However, don’t forget that most salons often offer special discounts for first-time customers. That is to say, a new salon comes with special packages.

If the satisfaction is lacking after the free or discounted cut, you can go back and continue your smooth ride in your old salon. At least, you saved some bucks from the adventure.

#4 Book a group haircut

Getting your friends to go and have a haircut at the same time can be used to your advantage. This is because most salons give discounts on group sales.
Additionally, some salons offer referral discounts, now imagine bringing five of your friends to the salon in turns.

#3 Work at a salon

Landing a job whether in a salon is one amazing way to enlist for a cheap or free haircut. This is because most salons give a discount on any services and products their workers receive.

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#2 Look for salon coupons for discount haircuts

Look out for salon coupons in local newspapers or junk mail. If nothing is forthcoming, you can directly search through the salon’s website or Facebook page online for coupons.
To stand a greater chance, it will be nice to get on the mailing list of your favorite salon to stand a chance.

#1 Donate your hair and get a free cut

If you have long hair and you’re willing to donate your hair, you can do so and get a free haircut in return.

Some salons host free haircut events for organizations that produce wigs. In these events, your hair will be donated to those organizations to help them produce wigs for those fighting cancer.

In this way, you will be helping others and helping yourself in return.


With the information above, you’ll get to save more bucks from the discount or free haircuts you get.

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