Cheapest Places to Get Canvas Prints | 2022

Art houses use canvas prints for a reason; to express the genuine beauty of each photograph. With canvas prints, there’s no hidden beauty in the picture. Every detail is amplified and beautified.

While this makes much sense, a lot of you might wonder how much it costs to get canvas prints and at what price rate.

A large part of this content will discuss the cheapest places to get canvas prints, it will also help you understand certain concepts about canvas prints.

What are Canvas Prints?

A lot of people often mistake a canvas print for a canvas painting. This is wrong. A canvas print is an image printed from an inkjet printer onto canvas. After it is printed, the canvas is pulled onto a frame.

Although a large number of people prefer an unframed canvas print, others still opt for prints. To create an unframed canvas print, you can use the gallery-wrapping technique.

How Do I Hang Canvas Prints?

Finding the right spot to hang your canvas print is delighting, however, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to stress with fixing the print at its new home.

A good rule would be to ensure you ask the printers to input a hanger on the canvas print. This hanger shouldn’t be obvious but should be big enough to hook into any hooks, strings, nails or strips.

Generally, if you want to hang a canvas print, simply:

  • Ensure it has a hangar with a good allowance
  • Set a hook, nail, string
  • Ensure the hook is set high above
  • Carefully place your canvas print hangar on the hook and ensure it has a good grip
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Cheapest Place to Get Canvas Prints | 2022

There are a lot of places wherein you can get your canvas prints. However, you would something that has quality, beauty, and doesn’t allow take all your money away.

So, some of the cheapest places to get canvas prints include:

1. WalGreens

Price: $89.99

Frame: 16×20

Walgreens remains one of the cheapest places to print canvas with their detailed price and structure plans. You only need to select a size and they will help you make the necessary adjustments. Their enlargements are amazing.

The matte canvas finish gives your photos an impressive look. They’re available in photo wrap, color wrap, or framed. Every canvas comes with hardware to hang which makes it easy for you to place it wherever you choose.

2. Canvas Champ

Price: $17.95(Promo Offer)

Frame: 16×20

Canvas Champs have an exceptional record of producing quality canvas prints for an amazing price. Their price list reflects one of the lowest you can find in the market taking into cognizance the quality of their delivery.

Apart from their exceptionally low prices, you get a mind-blowing 99-year warranty on all canvas print with a 100% money-back guarantee when you don’t love their design. However, with over 2 million custom gifts sold, I’m sure you can’t reject their print.

3. Canvas Pop

Price: $41.99

Frame: 16×20

Canvaspop is a customer focused industry that makes the ordering process of any canvas print easy and efficient. They pride themselves to be one of the top canvas prints with the best customer service.

With a quality team of designers that optimize every picture, you would get free digital proof before your photo goes for print. A quality team, reputable customer service, and quality product make Canvaspop an exceptional place to get canvas prints.

4. Easy Canvas Prints

Price: $23.47

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Frame: 16×20

Easy Canvas Prints is an award-winning canvas print platform boasting possess the best canvas value anywhere in the world. During the pandemic, they gave free shipping for customized facemasks.

Their canvas prints come in large canvas and collage prints, with each size having its own price. Their large printing canvas can turn your home into a complete work of art, which gives a very wonderful feeling.

5. Canvas Discount

Price: $30.99

Frame: 16×20

The solvent-free HP latex inks make it safe to produce these canvas prints at an intense quality. With a range of striking edge designs available, you get high-resolution printing in palpable colors. You can get complete detail, in-room, and a video view.

You can get a premium canvas frame if you prefer something with an extra professional touch, and you can also add personalized text to your canvas design. Canvas Discount remains one of the cheapest places to get canvas prints that have elegance and style.

6. Target

Price: $34.99

Frame: Standard Bar

The quality of any Target canvas print is usually communicated through its sleek appearance. When a top workman at Target takes a quality canvas material, you shouldn’t expect anything less than an excellent finish.

Getting a canvas print from Target is a great gift for a birthday, anniversary, or some memorable event. The ease involved in erecting the canvas at any place is a feature that draws you to make that decision by clicking the button below.

7. Costcophotocenter

Price: $28.99

Frame:  12×16 to 30×40

Costcophotocenter is one of the cheapest places to get canvas prints. With less than $30, you can access a good number of their canvas print sizes. Each photo is printed on a high-quality canvas and a hanger is attached as well.

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Whenever a customer of Costcophotocenter gets their canvas print, they have a first-hand feel of the gloss finish embraced into the perfectly folded corners of the frame.

8. Shutterfly

Price: $39.50

Frame: 16×20

Shutterfly offers a wide range of canvas prints ranging from pictogram, big little, simply chic family to photo gallery landscape. If you don’t tune in to any design, you can always upload your own design and they will help you print it.

There are different hanging sizes as well as bar colors. The amazing finishes make your prints last longer and keep them stronger. Shutterfly has different prices for their products and the cost price will depend on your choice.

9. Canvas on Demand

Price: $20

Frame: 16×20

Canvas on Demand offers an efficient printing process and UV-resistant inks which enlarge the details of any photo. You can easily convert all your unique home decorations into beautiful and durable canvas prints.

The tight seals on canvas prints make them last longer and stop them from spoiling because of scratches. Canvas on Demand is one of the cheapest places to get canvas prints when you want quality at a good price.


Canvas prints may have better alternatives, however, it doesn’t still eliminate its beauty, durability, and overall impact in an environment.

When you use quality canvas prints for your pictures, you enhance their beauty and it serves as a wonderful piece of furniture in any room at all.


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