Cheapest Way To Move Across The Country | Ultimate Guide

People have different reasons on why they move across the country or from one place to another which can be a quest for greener pastures, better opportunities, and so on. Moving from one house to another, despite the distance is a stressful task; talk more of moving across the country, from packing and boxing to transporting to cleaning.

The cheapest way to move cross-country shouldn’t be added to those worries. Hence, the possible information you will need if you want to move across the country and cheap at that. 


Moving cross-country means one is traveling from one side of the country to another side (usually long distance) either for a new job, or a fresh start.


Nobody needs a soothsayer to tell them moving is a tiring task and when you are moving across the country it can be more challenging, it can be really stressful.

Aside the stress that comes with moving, blending into the new environment and culture, a new way of life, change in weather and lifestyle, finding your way around, making new friends, all of which will require time and effort.


For whatever reason you moved is not the problem. The real task is actually preparing for the move, as many people don’t know what to do and end up lamenting over moving and the ordeal they experienced while moving.

In order to have a smooth move deciding on your means of transportation for you and your household stuff is important, so is also making research especially when you don’t plan on moving your stuff yourself because you don’t want to fall into the wrong hands. You are running a lot of expenses already getting scammed has never been a way to save you cost.

Travel lightly, packing stuff that is not useful is unnecessary, give it out or throw a yard sale and keep things you still need, pack properly and label boxes, because you don’t want fragile stuff handled carelessly and check all furniture properly to avoid insect infestation.


One of the best possible ways to move cross the country is by using the service of a reliable moving company. Contacting your movers should be something you shouldn’t overlook, check with several moving companies to get moving quotes, make research and check their reviews to be sure they offer excellent services and the service they offer since all of them portray themselves as good.

Nevertheless, it comes with a lot of expenses and for those seeking for the cheapest way to move cross country, doing the move yourself is way lesser if you have the time.


Thinking of the cost of moving cross-country is a very thoughtful, but this solely depends on how much you are moving, where you are moving to(in terms of distance), and how you want to move. If you plan on renting a vehicle or trailer, the cost will vary from you wanting to use the service of a professional moving company.

The cost will also depend on your home size; is it a two-bedroom or three-bedroom flat or a studio, how heavy your shipment is, and so on. But the average cost of moving per room cost around $1000 – $1500 with full service while the average cost of moving across the country is based on the shipment’s average weight.

For example, the average cost of moving a shipment of about 7500 pounds and distance of 1000 miles, starts from $5000 upward depending on the company. 


How much you want to save before moving across the country depends on how you plan on moving. After deciding on how to move, making enquiries, negotiating since you are looking for the cheapest way to move cross-country, you should also make comparisons before choosing the offer that works best for you.

Note, if you plan on transporting your things with a company mover, it can range from $1000 to $20000 depending on the distance and shipment weight.


Are you considering moving across the country using a moving company? The good news is that I have prepared a list of moving companies you can check out in the United State but do well to make further research to be sure they are just what you need. Below is a list of five (5) top cross-country movers:

United Van Lines

They are one of the largest cross moving companies in the united state, with an excellent customer and delivery service. They also provide you with thorough home inspection and secure storage services. You can visit their website for quotes and other information you might need.

Arpin Van Lines

They are known to be one of the most affordable cross country movers and are referred to as the true legend in the moving industry with 100 years of excellent customer service, and professional agents scattered across the country. Visit their website for more information.

Mayflower Transit

Mayflower Transit Is known as a veteran for moving with excellent track records. They are also very reliable. Do well to visit their website for more information.


If you are looking for a chea pool mover, U-Pack might be just right for you. With their rich network and excellent customer service. Although it is a do-it-yourself company, they have an excellent delivery service.

North American Van Lines

North American van lines offers service both within and outside the United states. They are known  to have variety of add-on services, a customer friendly website, good storage services for all needs and so on. Do well to visit their website for more information.


It is no news that moving long distance is quite expensive, and trying to cut down on cost is really not a bad thing because of nobody as a money-making machine at home. Fortunately for you, the cost of moving depends not only on the distance and will be looking at ways for you to trim down on the cost of moving.

Here is a list of seventeen (17) cheapest way to move cross-country.


Doing moving is one way of cutting down on cost and you can rely on friends to help you move certain items, although one should be careful especially if you have furnitures or household materials that are delicate.

Moving lightly 

Lighten your load either by having a yard sale or give out things you know you won’t be needing anymore will help you cheapen your moving.

Making your move seasonal

Moving in a less competitive time is one of the cheapest way to move cross country as it will help cut down on cost, as leases tend to expire at the end of the month, moving companies will have more bookings around that time.

So moving at a different time will be of help. Summer is also an expensive time to move because families will be getting settled before the new year school resumption.


Having managed to reduce your load. You can ship the important things you need to your new home via UPS, the U.S postal service, or FedEx.

Cutting down on expenses

At this point you don’t want to me spending unnecessarily, getting only want is needed and looking for alternative options is what you should be on the lookout for. For instance, instead of buying boxes to pack, you can visit your grocery stores to request for boxes they want to recycle.

Rent a moving pod

The cost of moving pods are usually low, so you can do the loading yourself and have it shipped to your new apartment.

Freight Trailer

Using a freight trailer is similar to the moving pod, but you will handle the loading and unpacking yourself and have a freight company help you with the transportation.

Hybrid Moving 

In this case, you can choose what part of the moving task you will handle. Whether it is packing and unpacking or driving the moving truck yourself, it will help you save a significant amount on labour. Note that transporting the load takes the most time and accounts for most of the moving fee, so consider driving the truck.

Let your company pay for your move

This is really of help, especially if you’ve just gotten a new job, most companies can pay for half or all of the cost of moving. Do well to make inquiries about the company’s moving or relocating policies, they might have their cross-country movers.

Hire moving labour

Hiring moving labor will help you cut down on cost instead of paying thousands for a full service mover, you can decide on which part of the task you need help with and pay them for that only.

Seeking help 

Asking your friends and family is another way to cut down on cost although it means you will have to follow their schedule as they can only help around their own free time. At the end thanking them with gifts is not a bad idea.

You don’t want your shipment weighing too much, give out those things you don’t need, it will help you cut down on cost. 


Moving across the country requires serious planning and organizing, and knowing what to do before you move is very important to save time and prevent unnecessary stress is important. Here are six (6) tips for moving across the country:

Decide on moving your furniture. Do you still want your old furniture? Then you should consider the cost of transporting them and if you want to sell them off and get new ones at your new location, is something you should put into consideration.

Driving or Flying. Aside from the stress of packing, your mode of transportation should also be placed under consideration. If you prefer flying, then you should ship your car as well and for driving, do you have enough time to drive the long distance? 

Renting an apartment.  Consider renting an apartment first before buying. New locations can come with different surprises and you will really need to settle in properly before getting a property in a new place.

Marking your boxes. If you are planning on moving your household items with a moving company, marking your boxes is one way to protect your stuff to avoid mix-up.

Making plans. Plan on how to live in your new home before your furniture and other household items is necessary as you don’t want to purchase every little thing you will need from the local stuff. Managing expenses is key, so things like clothes, food and other necessities that you might need before your boxes.

Making research. If you are moving with your family, then you should put into consideration things like the schools, hospitals and  so on.


There you have it, all you need to know about the cheapest ways of moving across the country but note that the cheapest way of moving is not always the best way because it comes with a lot of stress. So if you plan on having a smooth move, hiring professional movers is perfect!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it cheaper to ship my furniture or buy new ones?

It depends on how fond you are of your furniture and selling them to get new ones gives you the chance of buying something new but there’s no assurance you will get them at the same price.

Is it best to buy a house in my new location?

You probably should rent an apartment while trying to find your bearing.

Should I sell my old house before moving?

If your move is permanent, selling your house is not a bad idea otherwise renting is better with the sense that you have a means of generating passive income for as long as you want.

What are the reasons to move across the country?

People have different reasons on why they want to move; some of the popular ones include; landing a new job, they are retired, searching for greener pastures or they just had a change of environment 

Will the company movers pay for any damages?

Of course, do well to inspect your stuff whilst packing and label boxes too, so they know what they are dealing with.



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