20 Best Collegiate Gift Ideas

An estimate of 4 million or 18% of all college students graduate each year. Every year, graduates say goodbye to schoolwork and hello to adulthood with a certificate in hand. Because so much of the future is unclear, figuring out what’s next may be a daunting endeavor for both graduates and college students.

This has been particularly true during the last few years. Consider sending a gift that the college student will use now or in the future to remember the transition to life beyond high school. Let’s be honest: as a graduation present, any college student would be quite content with an envelope of cash or a gift card.

When it comes to collegiate gifts, though, you might want to be a bit more personal, sentimental, or creative. Trying to figure out the best collegiate gift idea? Let’s help you in finding the best gift that anyone will appreciate and treasure for years to come. 

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What are the best collegiate gift ideas?

We’ve compiled a list of the best collegiate gift ideas for the college students in your life right now. Choose something sentimental, such as a picture book, memento box, or diary, to let them reflect on their journey later on. Below are some of our best picks:

#1. Wrap journals

Wrap journal

One of the most unique collegiate gift ideas you can think of is a journal. Genuine top grain leather, handcrafted. Each leather-bound diary is handcrafted from fine top grain leather and is unique. The hand stitching and artistic design combine to provide a timeless sanctuary for your thoughts.

This gift will assist the college student in capturing crucial memories, triumphs (and failures), life-changing situations, and growing ambitions as a remembrance for future reflection.

This is a great present idea, especially if you’re looking for something that will last a long time.

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#2 College Mugs

College mugs

College mugs are one of the most popular collegiate gift ideas. This college coffee cup is dishwasher and microwave safe and the receiver can use them at home or in a restaurant. On both sides, there are badass printed graphics.

This 100% pure white ceramic cup carries 11 ounces of your favorite coffee, tea, or beverage, making it the ideal size to start your day.

This gift is ideal for any college student, particularly coffee aficionados.

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#3. Selfie ring light

ring light

That’s if they don’t own one already. It’s undeniable that we’re in the phase of TikTok video creation. You can get this thoughtful gift for your college friend to help spice up their selfie and TikTok game. It has 10 brightness settings and three color temperatures: white, warm yellow, and warm white, making it ideal for selfies, video recording, and live broadcasts.

This gadget design enhances the appearance of your skin, reduces shadows, and gives your eyes an extra-special gleam – all without causing glare. The selfie ring lamp has a height of 67 inches, folds down to 20 inches, and weighs only 0.65 kilograms, making it ideal for amateur and aspiring photographers who utilize DSLRs and tiny cameras.

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#4. Charging mat

This wireless charging mat is ideal for placing near a door or on a desk. This collegiate gift is one of the most unique ideas you can come up with. With the Wireless Charging Mat, you can charge up to four Qi-enabled devices (10W) and one USB-A device at the same time.

The college student will be able to charge phones, earbuds, and the Apple Watch thanks to several charging coils.

The wireless charging pad looks attractive while retaining functionality. The fabric finish gives your dorm space home a sense of class and refinement. It matches your decor wonderfully and is simple to clean. The charger protects your phone by limiting the risk of overheating with a 25W power output.

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#5. The Quarter-life break-through

Quarter life breakthrough

College brings with it a slew of important decisions and commitments. Getting this book as a collegiate gift is an excellent idea, especially if you want the recipient to have an advantage in real life. It offers sound employment advice and tries to solve the age-old dilemma, “How can I work at a job I enjoy that pays my rent?”

A question for everyone, but especially for those in their twenties! This fantastic book by Adam Smiley Poswolsky is a must-read for any college student trying to figure out where they fit in after college life.

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#6. Note pad

Getting an adult notepad is a perfect small collegiate gift idea. This gift idea will be extremely useful for life after college. Adults have a lot on their plates – work shifts, doctor’s appointments, grocery lists, and so on.

This notebook will keep everything in one place while also making a gentle joke about how simple it is to put off those errands and activities. Each pad includes 50 sheets and is 4.25 x 5.5 inches.

This adult notepad is brightly colored and even appears to be fun.

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#7. Diploma frame with Tassel holder


After overcoming the challenges of obtaining your high school degree, the very least you can do is frame the certificate that validates your graduation. The diploma and graduation tassel are side by side in this frame.

The frames are from high-quality recycled polystyrene with a pleasing red wood grain finish and actual glass, giving them a more professional appearance.

It also includes a moisture-resistant MDF backboard with hanging hardware.

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#8. Coffee maker

Coffee maker

Believe it or not, a high percentage of college students rely on caffeine to go through the day. With this fantastic coffee machine, the student in your life can create a fast cup or more. This collegiate gift idea is available in four different colors.

In every brew, it extracts more flavor and fragrance. You may even create a stronger cup or boil hot over ice for a delightful iced coffee with this coffee maker. It’s a practical and considerate collegiate gift.

It also allows you to choose the ideal position for maximum counter space. Refilling is very simple thanks to the removable reservoir.

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#9. Cooking sets

Cooking sets

Following graduation from high school, you may find yourself needing to do more cooking. Everyone needs quality pots and pans, and young college students are unlikely to invest in a good set. Give a 12-piece set that includes culinary equipment to the former student in your life.

To provide the best food release, its nonstick cooking surface is triple-coated and strengthened with ceramic and titanium. There’s no need for oil or butter, which allows for healthy eating and a simple 1-2-3 cleanup.

The pan’s coating is tough enough to handle metal spatulas, spoons, and whisks, while the aluminum exterior is thick, nonporous, and extremely wear-resistant for long-term use. This is one of the greatest collegiate gift ideas you can come up with.

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#10. Laptop backpack

Laptop backpack

Now that she’s graduated from high school, it’s time to replace her old backpack with this sophisticated bag that can fit her laptop and other job needs. 15.6-inch laptops, as well as 15-inch, 14-inch, and 13-inch laptops are all housed in a separate laptop compartment.

One large packing compartment with plenty of storage for everyday essentials and tech equipment accessories. Many compartments, pen pockets, and a key fob hook in the front compartment help keep items organized and findable.

A USB connection is also included in the design of this amazing backpack. This allows you to charge your phone while walking. This laptop bag is both long-lasting and robust, making it an excellent collegiate gift.

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#11. Vacuum cleaner

Vaccum cleaner

College students who are moving out as soon as they receive their college acceptance will want some assistance in furnishing their apartments. Because of its flexibility and efficiency, this is one of our expert-recommended vacuums.

Your new dormitory or apartment is likely to be small, so a stick vacuum will be small enough to fit in the limited closet space she has without being a bother. You can easily move into corners and around furniture thanks to the cordless, lightweight design.

This is one of the most thoughtful collegiate gifts.

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#12. Aisuo Lamp

Aisuo lamp

With this colorful night light and alarm clock, you can help the college-bound student in your life get ready for class on time. The power for this device comes from a large-capacity battery. You can recharge the battery in roughly six hours using a USB wire. It has three brightness settings and 48 color selections.

Aisuo’s night light also functions as a Bluetooth speaker. It also includes A 12/24H digital calendar clock with an LED display. Supports sleep mode, with the lamp and speaker turning off automatically after the timer has been set. Answer calls with ease with the built-in loudspeaker and microphone.

Most Bluetooth-enabled devices are simply connected because of the higher Bluetooth bandwidth. This enables you to listen to audiobooks or music while cooking, exercising, or even showering!

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#13. Mobile photo mini printer

Photo mini printer

Gift the college student in your life with a gift that helps to capture beautiful moments in college. On college campuses, finding a printer might be difficult. This smartphone printer allows students to print images from their phones in seconds, which they can use to adorn their homes or present to friends. Before printing, they may also modify each photo.

This gift will assist college students in improving their printing skills. This photo printer connects through Bluetooth or NFC to any iOS or Android smartphone, tablet, or similar device, allowing you to print photos instantaneously. This printer is for photo-obsessed enthusiasts and makers of all ages and abilities.

It has a portable, lightweight design. On a full charge, the built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery prints 25 photos; A terrific college gift idea, available in a range of colors.

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#14. Fitness and Activity tracker

Activity and fitness tracker

With academics and social life vying for a student’s attention, staying in shape throughout college can be difficult. Steps, calories burnt, and hourly activity are all tracked by the fitness and activity watch. During runs or walks, the built-in GPS may also track pace and distance.

During outdoor runs, rides, hikes, and other activities, use the app’s built-in GPS to view your pace and distance on the screen, as well as a workout intensity map that shows your heart rate variations throughout your route.

Feel a tingle when you hit your goal heart rate zones during exercise, and rejoice when you earn extra minutes outside of activity with Active Zone Minutes. This is a great college gift idea for your friends and family.

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#15. Cell phone holder

Phone holder

This phone holder is my particular fave on the collegiate gift ideas. You can fasten its versatile clamp may to the side of a desk, table, or bed frame.

It adapts to suit most smartphones, and the flexible gooseneck allows users to set their phone at the ideal angle for watching TV or making video calls home.

The clamp comes in two colors: black and rose gold.

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#16.Portable safe

Portable safe

While living away from home, this small portable safe will keep their possessions secure. It’s suitable for use as a travel safe or personal safe to keep valuables safe and secure. Smartphones, passports, cash, and credit cards are the finest items to keep safe in the portable safe.

It supports passwords of four digits. While locked, an earbud/charging cable access port allows you to listen to music or charge your gadgets. It is a very thoughtful collegiate gift idea.

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#17. Slides


For dorm living, a pair of slides that they can quickly slip on and off is ideal. These are also suitable for use in the shower. It’s an excellent collegiate gift idea. This airy, lightweight slip is ideal for the dorm lifestyle.

The concave vamp and thick heel cup wrap around the whole foot, cushioning impact and keeping your toes protected. The cloud slides have an anti-slip texture that prevents sliding and falling as well as coming out.

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#18. Mini Fridge

Mini fridge

This Mini Fridge with Sleek Black Enamel and Stainless Steel Exterior is a fantastic collegiate gift idea. It also includes a recessed Door Handle and Dual Pane Tinted Glass. It Fits In Perfectly With Any Decor. The inside LED lighting creates ambiance while making the drink selection simple.

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#19. Hydro flask

Hydro flask

You’ll want your college-student relative or friend to be able to keep their drinks cold or hot at all times. Hydro flasks may appear to be simple, but believe me when I say they aren’t! They’re capable of keeping water cool for more than 24 hours.

The Straw Lid is leak-proof and makes drinking cold beverages a breeze. It’s from an 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel for long-lasting durability and no flavor transfer.

Beverages stay cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours thanks to the TempShield insulation.

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#20. Film camera

Film camera

With this 35mm film camera, their Instagram style will have a whole new meaning. Every film user, including beginners, will find this film camera simple to operate and handle. With its 22mm Ultra Vast Lens, it captures wide perspectives and brings everything into focus.

The Slim and Lightweight size of this collegiate gift is also a bonus. It is barely 68.8 grams in weight. It’s ideal for college students who want to document their colorful, everyday lives.

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Frequently asked questions on best collegiate gift ideas

What does every college student need?

Most college students need an extra set of sheets. This could also make a very nice collegiate gift.

 Can I give cash as a collegiate gift?

Giving cash or a check and earmarking it for college may not be cutting-edge, but it may still be a welcome present.

 Where can I find the best collegiate gifts?

You can find the best collegiate gifts at Amazon or Esty.

 What is a good farewell gift for college?

From Bluetooth speakers to bedsheets or just cash can make good farewell gifts for college.


Did the college student in your life recently graduate from high school or achieve a significant milestone in their educational career? Or maybe you’d want to give a small gift to let them know you’re thinking about them? In any case, this article has reviewed the best collegiate gift ideas to select from.


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