15 Best Communion Gift Ideas For Boys

A lot of gifts can actually pass as communion gift ideas for boys, but some will always be better than others. This is why we’d be looking at the best communion gift ideas for boys.

It’s our intention to help you make the right decision, by picking the best from the plethora of options, and below is the reason why.

The first communion is a very big milestone for every catholic family, especially for the kid involved, and it’s important that as parents, we help make it memorable.

While there are so many ways to do this, a sacred gift will mean a lot. A gift that resonates with his name or something entirely different from that, but with lots of deeper meaning or that could help him store special moments and memories.

We’re talking about cameras, sacred and religious ornaments, pendants, books, bracelets, beads, and lots more.

Below we’d be looking at some of the other gifts that will make a communion gift Ideas For boys.

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20 Best Communion Gift Ideas For Boys

Below are some of the communion gift ideas for boys:

#1. Book on a Letter From Pope Francis

Children are naturally curious about everything and have a never-ending list of inquiries! This book is written in a question-and-answer format, with Pope Francis guiding people through a predicament and pointing them on the right route.

#2. Wooden Prayer Cube

From the first day of communion, this wooden cube with a beautiful prayer on it will help your son realize the value of praying consistently and recognize its deeper meaning.

#3. Personalized Communion Memory Box

This memory box is ideal for storing all of the essential mementos that children receive on their first communion day. But it can actually go beyond a safe keep for communion day memorabilia.

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He can also use it to store up other religious artifacts that mean a lot to him or even other items that he holds sacred but are not religious symbols.

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#4. Watch

This is a fantastic gift for making your little boy feel like a grown-up! For young boys, a watch is a beautiful accessory and can be a wonderful gift for their first communion.

This made it to our list of best communion gift ideas for boys because we believe that the gifts he gets that day must not have religious sentiments.

Getting him the watch he’s talked about for a while now will only make his communion day more special.

#5. Catholic Book of Saints for Children

This lovely book is the ideal gift for your child’s first communion! It is a hardcover book with 96 illustrated stories about saints ranging from St. Agatha to St. Zita.

The piece of literature will help him know his saints and a little bit of their history, especially his patron saint.

#6. First Communion Book

‘On My First Holy Communion is a comprehensive guide for youngsters on the first communion. It’s the ideal present for your little one, and it’ll help him through his first communion!

This book should most likely come before the D-Day, and it will help answer all the other questions he might have about his first day. Or at least prompt him to ask those questions in pre-communion class or to you.

Either way, it helps him get ready for his big day, and I believe that’s exactly what we want for him.

#7. A Cute First Communion Boy Figurine

A unique first communion gift for boys is a lovely boy figurine! It has a charming face and exudes the utmost respect for this momentous occasion!

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But hey, this might not apply to older boys. I know it’s a gift nonetheless, but it’s also important that they get what they’d like. To be on the safe side, you can customize the figurine to be his patron saint.

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#8. Personalized Photo Frame

A classic first communion present for your child would be a personalized photo frame with graphics. It could also be a frame with his communion photos on it or any other graphics you think he might like.

It would be an awesome gift that he gets to see every morning, behind his alarm clock, or in the living room.

#9. First Communion Personalised Rosary

A personalized rosary is an excellent catholic first communion gift for boys. It’s a prayer guide that you can personalize by engraving a meaningful phrase on it!

Let’s face it, he’s going to say his rosary a lot of time, he might as well be doing it with one that is special.

#10. Prayer Journal

A prayer notebook is an excellent first communion gift for a godson because it will supplement the things he has learned for his communion.

#11. Personalized Bookmark

A personalized bookmark is a sweet and simple gift that your boy can use long after his communion!

#12. A Polaroid Camera

A polaroid camera is an ideal gift you can offer your little one for his first communion if he enjoys documenting the beauty of the occasion! It will inspire him to appreciate God’s amazing creations all around us!

#13. Children’s Bible

A beautifully illustrated bible can be an excellent approach to strengthen his faith and encourage him to trust in Christ from a young age. A common first communion gift from parents would be a children’s illustrated bible.

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This might be just what he needs to appreciate and understand the bible more, and it would be a great communion gift idea for boys.

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#14. A Children’s Cookbook

A children’s cookbook is a lovely present for youngsters who enjoy cooking even though it is slightly odd and unusual. It’s an excellent approach to encourage your children’s cooking skills while also preparing them to be self-sufficient.

This gift would be so appreciated if your boy has any culinary interests. The gift is odd and a bit different and that is why it’s on our list of best communion gift ideas for boys.

#15. Musical Instrument

If your child enjoys playing music and songs, you should get a basic level musical instrument such as a guitar, piano, violin, keyboard, or any instrument that he enjoys!

#16. Holy Card Wall Art

Another suggestion is to acquire a special holy card or build your own like the one below, and modge podge it into a wood block, canvas, or thick poster board, then hang it as a wall art present to remember the day. You could also utilize a picture of him all suited up and gleaming with Grace as an after-the-day present.

#17. Personalized Holy Cross

A holy cross would make a fantastic personalized present for your son’s first communion! It will always remind him of Christ’s great sacrifice and inspire him to live a holy life!

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