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Contena Reviews: Is Contena Legit or Scam | How it Works

Contena is a membership-based freelance writing platform that provides tools for education and job search. The purpose of the website is to help you find flexible and location-independent writing tasks.

While the premise seems solid unlike most, this freelance writing platform is a writer’s salary for access to job opportunities and education. In return, Contena promises to help you start your writing career so you can work remotely for top companies.

There is a lot to unzip there and I thought the best way to get started on this Contena review would be to get brutally honest details about Contena from the users.

How to Register with Contena

  • The first part of the signup process was easy. Visit You start by clicking “Apply to Join”.

You’ll quickly find that Contena is an invitation-only platform, and you’ll need to fill out a short questionnaire asking about your writing experience and what niches you would like to work in.

For example, writing about personal finance, writing about cannabis/CBD, working for lifestyle or travel bloggers, writing for B2B or B2C companies, and more.

  • Next, you will receive an email from Contena containing three reports that explain more about the niches I identified in the questionnaire. The reports provided an overview of each niche, examples of vacancies and niche topics in that niche. There were also some statistics to write about for each niche, including the number of jobs available, average salary, and highest salary.

The final document in the email is Contena’s Writing Niche Secrets Guide. It had some useful information explaining the benefits of niches, and it described a bit about the marketing strategy they teach new writers.

  • After reviewing these onboarding emails, you will receive an email to activate your membership and pay to access the website.

Contena Reviews- How Much Does Contena cost?

It costs $ 497 for a one-year membership and $ 997 for a two-year membership with Contena. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee, but it comes on the condition that you fill out a series of worksheets that show you have done the job.

Contena also reserves the right to reject any reimbursement requests that demonstrate “incomplete work or insufficient effort”.

That’s where I stopped. I don’t need any help starting my writing business or accessing vacancies. But I was also a little shocked that I had to go through the sign-up process before I could access real numbers.

Contena is a paid website, but here is what you pay for

When you sign up for Content, you can view their vacancies, but you actually pay for access to writing classes and/or writing coaches.

The jobs you find on Contena are pretty much the same as those you find on free job boards. The difference is that Contena retrieves entries from free job boards and places them on a job board.

What these free job boards lack is educational support, and you get that at Contena through the Contena Academy. It’s a series of courses designed to teach you how to build your freelance writing business, including modules for:

  • Laying the foundation stone for your writing business
  • How to make writing patterns
  • Put your portfolio together

How to Throw Customers on

Build a funnel that you can use to attract the right customers
These lessons all include video training, written lessons, and downloadable materials.

Platinum members also have access to a Contena coach who will provide you with more personal support.

The Content Job Finder is the job board with the same vacancies that you find on free websites, but a little more organized than on the free websites. Jobs are categorized by industry and you can see job rates and the company that posted the job.

Contena sends you write notifications on your phone when new entries are displayed. Contena has also compiled a lead database for writing, a list of companies hiring writers, as well as information about what they typically pay per article and the average article length. The idea is that you can promote some of these companies even if they aren’t.

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Contena Reviews: The Positive Aspects

Based on our findings, Contena Academy is a great place to start as a freelance writer. It is aimed at aspiring freelance writers and will help them get started in their own freelance writing business.

Contena has an academy that teaches you how to promote yourself and how to get more clients and become a better writer.

All courses contain exercises, video lessons, and templates.

That said, it is NOT aimed at making you a better writer. It doesn’t include lessons on how to write for your audience or how to write in a way that will lead (or produce results) for your client. You have to learn that yourself.

Is the Contena Academy a Good Course?

What I like about the course is the logical layout. It starts with an introduction and then moves on to the next few steps: learning about writing deals, building examples, building a portfolio, creating the perfect pitch, and landing clients.

Most of the training is focused on using Contena to get the highest paying writing appearances, attract clients, improve your writing style, and use freelance tools. You can also read this post about 20 blogging tools for writers.

The Contena mediation (escrow)

Without a doubt, this has to be Contena’s best feature. If there should be a full positive in this Contena rating, then this is it.

As a freelance writer, you will meet different clients. Many of them will take their jobs and disappear into the wild. You have no way of getting the money that you make.

That is the truth of the freelancer.

While it can take hours to research and write an article, there are those who reject it or walk away with your work (and you never pay!).

This problem is addressed by Contena. The money owed by the customer is transferred by Contena to an escrow account and released to you when both parties are satisfied with the work done.

You can focus on what you do best: write and not worry about getting paid or dealing with dodgy customers online.

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Customer service (24/7)

When you’re investing in a platform that costs you over $ 100 a month, you can’t live without customer support.

In fact, I don’t recommend buying a course without a support group. As you progress through the course, you will need someone to help you if you get stuck.

Contena has good customer support and I haven’t heard anything negative about this aspect.

If you are reading this and have a comment on Contena, please share your experience in the comment section.

I am honest with this review for anyone looking to invest in Contena. Your experience will only add value. So comment below on what you’ve experienced or heard about Contena.

The Contena Scout

When you work online as a freelancer, you know how difficult it is to find legitimate home office jobs. The internet is full of shady ads and scams on behalf of online jobs from home.

You always want to avoid fraud and Contena scouts will help with that. They ensure that only legitimate written appearances are displayed.

Not only does Contena Scout save you a lot of time and money, it goes a step further to receive direct emails from the people posting the jobs. You don’t have to worry about being scammed or falling on deaf ears.

And yes, most of the links can be found online for free, but the benefit of this is that it will save you time and only find good opportunities.

The Contena community

The Contena Community is a place where you can learn more about freelance work and network with other professional writers.

This community regularly helps you learn the tricks of the trade.

Contena Alerts

Contena Alerts allows you to set custom alerts for new homework.

You can set up notifications from your account and receive an email about new homework that matches your criteria.

While this isn’t a unique feature and there are thousands of ways to get notified, you can customize them without the hassle of learning other ways.

Contena submissions

It monitors hundreds of websites and companies that are currently open for submission

Contena Reviews- The Drawback

It does provide many features compared to their feet much:

There are tonnes of free alternatives to each feature they provide. While you do save time with the Contena, you will save a lot more money with the alternatives which you can invest in a course or a mentor.

It’s difficult to get a Refund:

It is quite hard to get a refund with Contena. You need to prove that you have completed all the Contena Academy exercises.

Even if you complete all the exercises and the Contena team is not convinced they are not going to refund you.

This info can be found on their Refund policy page.

If you are to invest in a course or tool for 12 – 24 months, you do expect it to have a “no question asked refund policy” or a free trial.

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Conclusion- Is Contena a Scam?

No, Contena is definitely not a scam. It a great platform for freelance writers. It’s just too expensive for the features it offers.

I hope our Contena reviews have been helpful and you will share it with others too. Don’t forget to comment below and let me know what you think of Contena.

It always seems helpful to make a summary for people who cannot read the full Contena review.

The best part

  • You have many legitimate writing, editing, and blogging appearances at the same time
  • They offer prospective freelance writers extensive training and coaching
  • You can make decent money by finding well-paying jobs
  • Get paid
  • Saves you time

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