10 Best Couchtuner Alternatives to Stream Movies in 2022

Movies and TV shows are one of the best things of life. The ability to stream your favorite movie anywhere is something that all of us enjoy doing. This love has led you to discover Couchtuner one way or the other.

If you’ve been streaming from Couchtuner, then you were probably shocked when you saw the site was shut down.

But there’s no need to worry, as there are alternatives to Couchtuner that can give you the same, or even a better streaming experience.

If you have been looking for the best alternatives, then you just hit jackpot, because we got you covered!

This post outlines the best alternatives to Couchtuner that you can opt for. Some are free, while some aren’t.

Regardless, as you read through, you’d discover which streaming platform best suits you.

What is CouchTuner?

Couchtuner is an online TV series and movie streaming site where you can watch movies and other content from HBO, Turner, The CW, Cartoon Network, Warner Bros., CNN, DC Comics, Otter Media, and other major entertainment companies and film studios without paying.

It was launched in 2010, and was one of the most popular websites that lets you stream movies for free.

Users can easily navigate through the website to find their favorite entertainment content without paying for it.

Couchtuner served as a database for all TV series. On the platform, you could find all the TV shows that appeared on TV. Whether ancient, old or new, Couchtuner got you.

More so, Couchtuner had a very easy user interface, thus users loved it. You can browse contents by selecting New Releases, TV Show List, or you can search using the search bar.

In addition to that, you can stream your favorite TV show in HD and can make changes in the quality.

However, the downside to Couchtuner is that there was no download button.

The site only hosted the media contents of other sites, making it impossible for users to download movies and TV series directly from the site.

Also, the site lacked legal copyright licenses and was shut down.

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What Happened to CouchTuner?

Couchtuner was an online platform that let you stream your favorite TV shows and entertainment content for free.

But the problem was, you couldn’t download these videos.

Here’s why.

CouchTuner contained copyright materials that were illegal to download, and they had no copyright license.

As its users increased rapidly, it gained much attention from the entertainment industry. This attention brought them to the forefront, and they suffered legal charges from copyright holders.

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These legal charges forced them to shut down.

Since then, people have quickly developed clone CouchTuner sites like; couchtuner.uk, couchtuner.edu, couchtuner.xyz, couchtuner.stream, amongst others.

Are there CouchTuner Alternatives?

If you were a loyal member of CouchTuner, then there’s no need to worry as you did not lose out on something big.

There are alternatives to CouchTuner that will give you the same experience you enjoyed, and more.

On the flip side, it may be difficult to find other reliable streaming platforms, mainly because websites that offer free access to movies are illegal and unsafe to some extent.

This is why you are advised to stick to safe and well-known streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

In addition, we’ll list other alternatives to CouchTuner that will give you maximum experience.

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Alternatives to CouchTuner

Below is a list of the best alternatives to Couchtuner in no particular order. Ensure you find one that suits you and try it out today.

#1. Solar Movie

Beginning my list of best alternatives to CouchTuner is the SolarMovie. The site lists movies and TV shows of all genres that can interest users.

More so, its well-designed user interface makes it really easy to discover new and trending content.

As a registered user, you can rate movies and TV shows, save interesting content for later, and make requests.

Registration is entirely free, and you have access to all your favorite TV shows dramas.

Just like CouchTuner, Solar Movie doesn’t store any files on its servers. All content is provided by non-affiliated third parties.

#2. Netflix

Netflix is a very popular online streaming platform, with millions of users. Although it’s not free to use, Netflix lets new subscribers stream their favorite movies and TV series at no cost in their first month.

Millions of users are obsessed with the platform, and who wouldn’t be? The high video quality, perfect camera quality, seamless movie experience with no annoying ads popping up, it’s totally worth it.

Besides this, Netflix offers a different Netflix movie section, known as “Netflix Originals.” This is a collection of entertaining and fascinating movies, exclusive to Netflix alone.

Its payment plan is affordable. You can choose between the basic, standard, and premium subscription plan for which one best suits you. The difference is the picture quality and the number of streaming devices increases as you go higher the subscription plans.

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#3. Series9

Series9 is another popular alternative to CouchTuner. This site offers almost every TV show and has a collection of a few Anime as well.

Asides from TV shows and anime series, series9 offers movies too. This means that you can find the latest movies of your choice and watch them in HD quality.

However, just like CouchTuner, there is no download button on the site.

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Regardless, the site has an easy-to-use interface that lets you easily find any movie or video content you want.

Also, you don’t need to create an account to watch that content. It’s totally free. However, if you want to request something, you’d have to create an account first.

#4. Daily TV Fix

Daily TV Fix is another good alternative to CouchTuner. This website shows you all the latest movies and TV shows.

From the most popular movies to the not-so-popular TV shows, you can find all of it on Daily TV Fix. They have a really big collection of movies to interest you.

Additionally, you can see the newest TV show episodes on the homepage. You don’t need to scroll below the page.

In general, Daily TV Fix is a good solution to keep you engaged with your favorite video content.

They offer multiple streaming links to your favorite content, such that if one fails, you can use the other.

More so, if none of them works, you can always go to the forum and ask for help. The community is active, and everyone talks about their favorite show.

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#5. New Episodes

From the name, it’s really easy to guess that it’s an online streaming platform that lets you stream the newest episodes.

If you want to catch up on the latest episodes of your favorite shows, then this is the place to go.

More so, on registration, you will get a list of the latest episodes after logging in.

New Episodes has a good and responsive web design that makes it easy for users to navigate, as well as a good collection of movies, and multiple streaming links for you to watch your favorite episode.

In addition, the site has a forum system where individuals can discuss their favorite shows.

You don’t need to register to watch your favorite movies, however, to be a part of the forum, you’d have to register.

Similar to most online streaming platforms, you’d encounter lots of ads while streaming.

#6. Watch Series

If you are fond of watching TV series, drama, and anime, then this website is a good alternative to couchtuner.

Watch Series has a large collection of series and episodes from some of the most popular TV series and anime shows.

In addition, the site offers an HD video quality of all the TV series and anime in its collection. Hence, you can watch your favorite shows in high quality and not miss anything.

The movies and series on Watch Series are totally free. All you need to do is to register on the site or log in with your Facebook account to enjoy these features.

More so, you can use the search bar to search for your favorite shows.

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#7. Fmovies

Another alternative to CouchTuner is Fmovies. It is a free online streaming platform that provides URL sources where users can stream or download their favorite movies.

In addition, it has a large collection of high-quality movies and TV shows with subtitles that you can enjoy.

The website is designed to be user-friendly, with a properly organized interface, giving the users a seamless streaming experience.

Fmovies allows its users to request their favorite TV shows and movies. However, you must provide an email ID and the name of the film to access it.

#8. PutLocker

Put Locker is one of the streaming platforms that are much similar to CouchTuner.

PutLocker makes it very easy for users to navigate through the system by categorizing its content in a straightforward manner.

With these categories, you can browse according to genre, movie, TV series, release year, and requests.

One unique feature that sets PutLocker aside is its rating system. Each TV show and movie comes with a rating. This rating helps users decide which movies and shows are worth watching, and those that aren’t.

On the flip side, the downside to this is the constant ad pop-ups.

#9. Soap2day

Soap2day is another great online streaming site that’s an alternative to CouchTuner.

Here, you can watch TV shows, as well as a variety of new and classical movies.

Soap2day gives users a seamless streaming experience by providing an organized category section. In addition, there’s a filter that helps users see what’s trending, most viewed, and highest user-rated.

The ultimate feature is the sort feature (IMDB) since it saves time to open another tab just to see the rating.

Movies that are available on this platform range from Action, Adventure, Animation, Documentary to Mistry, Thriller, War, and lots more.

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#10. Primewire

Rounding up my list of alternatives to CouchTuner is Primewire. Primewire is a good online streaming platform with an easy-to-use interface.

Primewire makes it easy for users to find their favorite TV shows and movies because the interface is well-laid and arranged.

The good thing about Primewire is that you can watch movies in different resolutions. All you need to do is to register and rate the content.

The downside to this streaming platform is that it is frequently hacked. When that happens, it automatically shuts down.


If you are a movie freak, then I bet you’d love this post, as it highlights the best alternatives to CouchTuner.

Find which one best suits you and enjoy streaming your favorite movies and TV shows.

All the best!

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