25 Legit Crafts That Make Money From Home In 2022

Knowledge of skilled work is all you need to earn money from home. Virtually, not everyone enjoys the typical employee lifestyle.

If you fall into this category, this article summates 25 legit crafts that make money from home. Working from home is an artifact that is possible when the required skill is acquired.

While pregnant for my first baby, the hustle and bustle of rising early to meet up with my regular job became more tasking. Well, instead of totally being out of a job, I created a job for myself at home.

I sold some crafts to make money during this period. So, if you are a stay-at-home mum, or a student trying to create a source of income, I will share practical craft ideas you can start today and earn money from home.

For most of the crafts found in this article, you need to learn the art of creation before you can explore and earn from it. Needless to worry, crafts to earn money from home are legit, easy to learn, and simple to begin.

The table of contents below highlights these crafts in the order in which they are described in this article.

Except you are making crafts for passion’s sake, you must consider what is in vogue if you intend to earn from it.

Graphs, statistics, and level of demand show to a great extent what crafts will trend in 2022.

According to craftcourses.com, stained glass tops, pottery, embroidery, paintings, and art therapy top the chart of crafts likely to trend in 2022.

What are the Most Profitable Handmade Crafts?

Good fashion designers never run out of tasks. Basically, profitable handmade crafts are good skilled works, so alluring that they cannot be rejected.

Jewellery, art, photography, sewing, bath and body products, palette clock, flower crowns are some of the most profitable handmade crafts.

Can I make A Living Selling Crafts?

Absolutely yes. You can make living selling crafts; however, you must be business-minded with a lot of publicity to attract customers and make sales.

Selling crafts for a living can be a fun way to make money; especially, if you have to work from home.

First, you need to gain the right skill to begin crafting. Afterwards, you need to employ strategy, and advertisement to sell your products to the target audience.

What Crafts That Make Money From Home?

Do it yourself crafts are essential for everyday living and efficiency. But, what if you could make your DIY crafts a side hustle?

Either as a student, stay home mum or just tired of the employee lifestyle – boom, here are to top 25 crafts to make money from home.

#25. Soap

If you have ever prepared your bathing soap yourself, you would definitely agree with me that it is a fun craft to make.

Well, aside from being a fun craft, it can also pay your daily bills. Making soaps demands the right knowledge which consists of quantity and mixture.

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The perfect soap for your dishes and laundry is one with the perfect mixture and alluring scent. Interestingly, you can decide to sell this goodness to neighbors and friends for money. This is one good craft to make money from home.

#24. Photo Framing

An ex-colleague of mine who simply got tired of the employee lifestyle decided to establish his own business. Guess what? He simply transfers beautiful pictures of friends and family to wood.

Okay, let me explain this. Picture framing and portrait is one beautiful craft to sell from home. However, you must master the art if you must retain your customers. No one is willing to part with their money only to receive a grisly piece.

Photo framing is one craft that makes money from home. You should start this already if you have the right skill set, it is fun and beautiful creating appealing photos for decorative purposes.

#23. Scarves

This is one of my best shots and practical ideas to make money from home. Tried it once and will do it again if I have to work from home.

Gracious for social media, scarves are crafts you can sell from home. Simply learn the act of knitting and sewing scarves with different materials. Find trending styles that are fit for different occasions, create them, and put them up on social media handles.

Knitting and sewing scarves is sure one of the easiest crafts that make money from home.

#22. Scented Candles

Every second, every minute and every day, people are falling in love. These love birds seek different ways to express their feelings.

Scented candles come to mind among other uses, lovers find it alluring while lighting up their romantic space or birthday celebration mood.

Pumpkin spice soy candles, mason jar candles, chai tea latte candles are some ideas for you to explore. Create the bliss, concoct the aroma for two love birds to have an amazing love bound period.

Then, sell this craft from home to make money.

#21. Toys and Stuffies

Babies love toys, and there is a new baby coming into your locale every second. If you must stay home, earn money from this craft.

Create cute handmade stuffies, plush toys for different ages, and psyche. Sell them from home and make money.

#20. Wind Chimes

Just a few can reject the melodic sounds of wind chimes, probably in their worst state of mind.

Creating different designs and styles of wind chimes is one sure craft that earns money from home.

#19. Sugar Scrub

Summer season comes with this annoying dry rough skin. Banishing this misfortune is easy yet not many have the time to create a sugar scrub.

So, package your simple DIY craft with some nice looking jars or pots and sell them to friends and family from home. This craft is sure to generate some income.

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#18. Design Mugs

If you have some artistry skills embedded in you, unleash them to create this beautiful craft that can fetch you extra income.

Customize mugs for different people, inscribe their names, dabble them in the paint. If the outcome is budget-friendly, beautiful, and talent speaking – you sure can sell this craft from home and make money.

#17. Purses

Purses are accessories for every dressing type. Basically, if you can create varieties for ladies to match their daily choice of outfit, you sure will make money selling purse making craft.

#16. Baby Blankets

Take a quick census in your thoughts, you probably know one or two newborn babies. Creating gorgeous baby blankets for soon to be parents to welcome their babies to the world, is one of the surest crafts that make money.

#15. Plastic Animal Planters

Tending to plants and caring for gardens is for so many, one of the surest ways to relax. Creating beautiful animal planters for garden lovers is one of the DIY crafts to sell.

#14. Photo Holders

Ever wondered about the usefulness of photos stored in albums? These albums are probably seen by visitors once in a blue moon.

Aid people create amazing memories by creating photo holders. This DIY craft that sells allows users to always capture their beautiful moments in pictures with just a glance.

#13. Cable Cosy

Very few people know how to curl up their cables. A cable pouch is one DIY craft you can sell from home. You know money flows where solutions are solved. So, sell this craft from home for money and aid friends and family solve this issue.

#12. Unicorn String Artwork

This is one of the top-selling items on Etsy. Unicorn DIY artwork can sit pretty on your family’s and friends’ wall as a decoration.

Although it takes some time, it sells really high.

#11. Cupcake Flower Lights

Cupcake flower lights DIY crafts sell and it’s quite profitable. Simple decorations, a light glow, and a beautiful experience are some of the many effects this DIY craft gives.

Create this craft to make money from home.

#10. Bumblee Bee Backpack

Backpacks made with wool are lighter and a perfect match for hikers and students. A bumblebee backpack is girly, enticing and mostly preferred to handbags. So, if you create this craft that sells from home, you are sure to make some huge profits.

#9. Velvet throw Pillows

Throw pillows give sitting rooms and bedrooms this glamorous outlook. More glamorous it is when a particular face is sitting pretty on it. Create throw pillows from cotton, and other beautiful materials around you to make money from home.

To add more glamour, print photos of your clients and add frails. This is sure going to be one of the most profitable crafts in 2022.

#8. Pin Cushion

Lying pins around can be dangerous in a home although it may be unavoidable. However, fancy pincushions can help solve this menace.

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Interestingly, it is one craft you can sell from home.

Wondering where to sell you your beautiful art products?

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#7. Floral Mouse Pad

A mouse can function anywhere yes, but it is more alluring when sliding up and down a floral piece. Just like a beautiful floral table mat, a floral mouse pad can also generate money if you sell this craft.

#6. Troll Hairbands

Beautiful hair bands hardly get a no when put up for sales. Basically, women love the best piece and designs sitting pretty on their well-permed hair.

Troll hairbands are one craft to make and sell for profit.

#5. Phone and Ear Pod Pouches

Throwing your mobile phone and its accessories in a bag seems tiring; especially, when you begin the search for it.

Phone pouches are some of the beautiful DIY crafts to sell from home in 2022. Simply make them beautiful enough to attract your target market.

#4. Dinner Napkins

Floral or absorbable dinner napkins made from cotton or other suitable materials sell. This DIY project if creative enough is one craft to sell and make money from home.

#3. Customized Notepads

Bulky notes are now heavy to carry about for daily tasks. Creating customized notepads to aid people to organize their daily tasks is an amazing craft to sell.

To make a profit, your customized notepad must be easy to flip and carry about.

#2. Jewelry and Make Up Accessories

This will be one of the most profitable crafts in 2022. Creating DIY projects that solves specific jewellery need will earn you good money in 2022.

Basically, the earring is one of the most popular crafts that make money. But, jewellery and makeup accessories storage boxes are some of the most profitable crafts to sell in 2022.

#1. DIY Flower Pens

Writing is a mental task and any effort to make it easier will be highly appreciated. One of the most profitable crafts you can sell from home are flower pens.

Create beautiful flower pens with alluring scents to fill your user’s environment. Then sell this craft to make money from home.


Making money from home can be very fascinating. To achieve this feat, you must master the art of whatever craft you seek to produce.

Depending on your skillset and willingness to learn, this article compiles top 25 legit crafts that can earn your money from home in 2022.

Read through this piece to find the most profitable craft to sell.



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