Top 21 Crowdfunding Platforms For All Countries in 2022

Prior to this time, raising money as startups have been a major challenge most small and medium scale enterprises face even with their multimillion ideas stored in their brains.

Some who source for loans from financial institutions end up securing lifetime debt because of high-interest rates, while others who want to stay safe give up their ideas and dreams of building something great.

However, with the advancement of internet technology, there is now a more easy and sure way of sourcing funds-Crowdfunding. There are several types of crowdfunding platforms.

In this article, we are going to take you through the various popular crowdfunding platforms in different countries around the world.

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a method of getting a large number of people to invest in your idea rather than relying on a single individual to provide all the necessary funds.

You can use a crowdfunding site to handle all the collections and have a central location for you to share your ideas, as well as the resources and videos that illustrate what you’re attempting to accomplish. They take a percentage of your contributions, and some need set up or registered.

21 Top Crowdfunding Platforms for all Countries

If you want to know about the crowdfunding platforms regarding their target audience only. Then here is a list of the top 21 crowdfunding platforms from different parts of the world.

  1. Kickstarter
  2. CrowdCube
  3. Eureeca
  4. Imvester
  5. ARikovani
  6. Tessin
  7. Startupxplore
  8. Uprise Africa
  9. Our Crowd
  10. Brick Funding
  11. Kisskissbankbank
  12. Seedrs
  13. Bidra
  14. Naija Funding
  15. MamaCrowd
  16. Companisto
  17. Symbid
  18. Indiegogo
  19. Gogetfunding
  20. Mycause
  21. Chuffed

#1. KickStarter

Country: USA

Kickstarter is one of the best crowdfunding platforms in the United States of America. It is basically known as a funding platform for creative projects.

This top platform in the world funds projects that have to do with film, games, and music to art, design, and technology. 

Furthermore, Kickstarter is full of ambitious, innovative, and imaginative projects that are brought to life through the direct support of others.

All you have to do is to pitch your business idea and people will start contributing to making that idea visible. Click below to learn more about Kickstarter.

#2. CrowdCube

Country: United Kingdom

CrowdCube is one of the top Crowdfunding Platforms in the United Kingdom. It is known as one of the biggest established platforms with over 1 billion euros investment.

The major aim of this platform is to democratize investment and fuel the next generation of businesses.

The system has an effortless process that allows investors to invest in Europe’s best high-growth businesses for 10 euros.

Furthermore, CrowdCube has a secured platform that keeps investors’ personal data safe from fraudsters.

#3. Eureeca

Country: UAE

Eureeca is one of the top crowdfunding sites in the United Arab Emirates. Eureeca serves as an alternative financing option to more traditional financing sources such as banks and venture capital firms.

This platform helps small and medium-sized enterprises raise capital from a group of investors.

They can raise capital from both casual, angel investors, and institutional firms in exchange for equity.

Currently, the platform has over 25,495 active investors from 36 countries with an average investment size of US$5,800.

#4. Imvester

Country: Switzerland

Imvester is a Swiss real estate crowdfunding site that provides investors with transparent, safe, and profitable real estate investments.

With Imvesters, you can become the owner of a fraction of a building with a reasonable amount, minimizing risks and above all by offering attractive returns.

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However, imvester has a minimum investment of CHF 20,000 with an annual return of 6%.

#5. Arikovani

Country: Turkey

Arikovani is a Turkish crowdfunding platform that helps entrepreneurs get the funds they need to execute their technology- or innovation-oriented projects from society.

The major aim of this top crowdfunding platform is to increase domestic technology production in Turkey. And also to raise social awareness on supporting the production of technology. 

In that regard, it has profound solutions to the real estate problem to reach its audience and get the funding they require.

Another interesting fact about Airkovani that is rare among other crowdfunding platforms is that it has a store that offers consumers the opportunity to own the most innovative technologies at an advantageous price and early on by ordering.

And to meet up for this platform’s funding you must submit an application. The application must contain information about your project ideas which are expected to be technology and innovation-oriented, able to meet up with mass production, and developed for end-users.

#6. Tessin

Country: Sweden

In Sweden, Tessin is among the top crowdfunding platforms with over 92,000,000 Million Euros investments. It’s a Swedish platform for investors who want to invest money in real estate ideas and projects.

Over the years, It has served as an effective way for the company to finance new projects and an opportunity for investors to find new exciting projects to invest in.

However, to become a Tessin Investor, you must get an account. This account is a prerequisite for being able to access the investment opportunities information published on the Tessin bulletin board.

Also, an account is also required in order for you to complete your investment in any of the Swedish crowdfunding projects on the platform. 

#7. Startupxplore

Country: Spain

Startupxplore is a Spanish crowdfunding premium platform that offers investment opportunities in companies with high growth potential. They are known as the largest startup community in Spain and one of the most active in Europe with over 9.99 million Euros invested in 45 deals.

Basically, they connect companies with investors. Currently, this platform has over 20,964 Companies registered and active and 51,678 investors seeking great projects.

The major aim of Startupxplore is to enable its users to have a well-balanced and diversified portfolio of investment in quality emerging companies, through very detailed selection and filtering criteria.

#8. Uprise Africa

Country: South Africa

Uprise Africa is South Africa’s first and leading equity crowdfunding site, ushering in a modern and creative age. The platform is regulated and authorized by the financial sector conduct authority of South Africa.

Thus, by connecting the online and offline ecosystems, they can concentrate on capital raising and business investments. They provide an alternative method for businesses to raise capital in South Africa.

Uprise. Africa further allows investors from around the world to invest capital into Businesses in South Africa in exchange for equity shares.

Currently, the platform has an average investment size of R 13,088.39, 67% success rate, anoid 10839 active investors.

#9. OurCrowd

Country: Israel

OurCrowd is an Israeli equity crowdfunding platform designed exclusively for accredited investors to provide venture capital financing for Israeli and international) venture capital start-ups.

Though technically an outsider on this European list, we couldn’t help but mention OurCrowd’s efforts to fuel Israel’s startup culture through global investors, including those from Europe.

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It provides its members with the services and management of a venture capital firm, as well as the versatility and selection of angel investing.

Currently, the platform has over 41,000 startups and already with $1.4B committed funds.

#10. Brick Funding

Country: Portugal

Brick funding is the top crowdfunding in Portugal and one of the best in the world. It specializes in investments (equity, lending, and crypto).

Their core aim is to be the crowd investing marketplace where you can work in all other networks from a single site.

The Portuguese platform is a real estate crowdfunding website, allowing investors with future real estate ideas to raise funds from big enterprises and companies.

#11. KissKissBankBank

Country: France

This is one of the world’s leading crowdfunding platforms for creativity and innovation, highlighting ventures that go beyond conventional trends.

The fact that its contributors are referred to as “Kissbankers” automatically places them on the list of sites to keep an eye on!

The rewards-based platform also has a mentor club, which consists of companies, institutions, media, and brands that send projects from their own communities and also support projects by providing funds or visibility to a project.

#12. Seedrs

Country: United Kingdom

Seedrs is a UK-based company that introduces its clients to investors and venture capitalists (VCs) eager to invest in return for equity in European startups and other growth companies. Investors of all types may make investments in companies they want to benefit from and profit from.

Seedrs has a straightforward online process that vets businesses along the way and assists them in developing their pitch and campaign video.

They provide investment advice, marketing, and public relations assistance, and even legal counsel. About £1 billion has been spent on over 1,260 campaigns as a result of their efforts.

#13. Bidra

Country: Norway

Bidra AS is Norway’s leading supplier of public finance technology and services (PaaS). Bidra has expanded to become one of the country’s leading competence environments in usage, payment processing, technology, and editorial support since its inception in 2014.

#14. Naija Funding

Country: Nigeria

NaijaFund is a crowdfunding platform that empowers everyone by allowing them to collect funds for any purpose. NaijaFund eliminates the physical obstacles that have historically been associated with seeking financial assistance from the people in our lives.

Nigerians communicate with their social network through the NaijaFund online platform. They can request financial assistance for themselves or their loved ones. 

Create your fundraising campaign and connect your bank account to our payment processor (Paystack) in the “Account Details” section of your “My Account” page to get started.
Then, using social media, newspapers, and email contacts, share your crowdfunding campaign with friends, family members, the government, and the general public.

#15. MamaCrowd

Country: Italy

MamaCrowd is one of the best Italian platforms for equity crowdfunding investments that allow investors to invest in the best Italian startups and SMEs, with significant tax benefits.

From 2011 till date, the platform has had over 94,895 investors, 19,060 active members and has completed over 118 projects.

However, on this platform no matter the type of investor you are, there is a place for you here.

#16. Companisto

Country: Germany

Companisto is one of the best crowdfunding platforms in Germany that is worth going for. In fact, it’s one of the biggest platforms in Germany with over € 99,449,355 investment Commitments, 109,035 investors, and 179 financing rounds.

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From its inception, this german platform investors have financed over 100 start-ups and growth companies and is still counting.

The interesting fact about this crowdfunding platform is that as an investor, you get a detailed investment analysis for each startup, network with other investors and angels, and even get to have live video conferencing with the founders of each startup.

#17. Symbid

Country: Netherland

Symbid, which was established in 2011, is widely regarded as one of the world’s first equity crowdfunding platforms. Its goal is to promote entrepreneurship by providing access to the requisite funding for everyone who dares to be different and pursues their entrepreneurial dream.

However, the platform has empowered many entrepreneurs especially SMEs by giving them seed capital. They also assisted over 130 entrepreneurs with funding through the issuance of shares over the years.

Currently, Symbid has over 55,821 private investors, 51 professional investors, and over 33,697,308 Euros invested.

#18. Indiegogo

Country: Canada

Indiegogo is one of the world’s largest crowdfunding sites, committed to democratizing the way people raise and collect funds for all types of ventures, including entrepreneurial, artistic, and cause-related endeavors.

The Indiegogo platform uses a rewards-based system, which means that donors who choose to finance a project will donate and earn a donation rather than an equity interest in the venture.

As one of the best crowdfunding sites in the world, campaigns are launched from almost every country, with millions distributed each week thanks to contributions from the Indiegogo community.

Indiegogo has helped bring over 800,000 innovative projects to life with over 9 million supporters from over 235 countries and territories since 2008.

#19. GogetFunding

Country: Albania

In Albania, Gogetfunding is one of the top crowdfunding platforms that help small and medium enterprises startups.

To use this site, you must first sign up and then build your fundraising campaign. However, this platform does not have a large number of initiatives that have been successfully supported.

#20. Mycause

Country: Australian

My cause is one of the best Australian crowdfunding sites that connect people to causes they care about. The platform has the expertise that can help you as an investor achieve your fundraising goals.

It also provides leading-edge fundraising tools that are seamless and stylish to help passionate people fundraise for a cause that matters to them.

Currently, the site has over 6000 charity partners, $140 million raised for Australian charities, 1,170,406 donors inspired, and 242,147 campaigns.

#21. Chuffed

Country: Portugal

Chuffed is a nonprofit crowdfunding platform that only accepts donations for non-profits, charities, social organizations, community projects, or people in need, so no innovations or art projects are permitted. Pitches are limited to 50 terms, and you can support your cause through your various social networks.

Unlike most other crowdfunding platforms, Chuffed can move the funds when they arrive. There will be no delays when you are attempting to meet deadlines or achieve certain thresholds before receiving your funds.

When funds are received, they can be transferred to a credit card on a rotating seven-day period or to a PayPal account.



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