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DealDash Reviews 2023: How it Works | Is Legit or a Bidding Scam

Buying products or services for less than the estimated amount is quite intriguing. Apart from getting them discounts, bidding is the next possible way.

According to its TV commercials, bidding for products is at the core of DealDash’s existence. But most viewers have a lot of reservations. For them, the offer sounds too good to be true.

DealDash Reviews examines this business offer and the ability of the company to live up to its alluring promises.

Basically, a mail that claims it has in its custody millions of dollars escrow for you gets the scam alert button which is dearly followed by the delete email button.

This rule applies to investment companies promising you to double your money in a few hours. It seems fair for a bidding company to give the auction a trial; especially if the auction is enticing.

Will you be staking your money on a scam site on DealDash? What are your chances of bidding for an item and getting the item if won? Is DealDash another bidding scam site?

Well, the table of contents below highlights answers to these numerous concerns and more – you should take a glance.

What is DealDash?

Founded in 2009 by William Wolfram, DealDash is a bidding company with a replica business model with other sites.

The 16-year-old Finnish entrepreneur had lost $20 bidding unsuccessfully for a MacBook on an earlier penny auction site. With money saved from affiliate marketing, DealDash was launched after his unpleasant experience.

On DealDash, customers enter a bidding process where they pay for each item regardless of whether it is successful or not. Each bid on the site marginally increases the price of an item until the end of the auction. Once the time elapses, the item is sold to the final bidder.

The company’s early financing is traceable to a youth program of Tekes, a Finnish public funding agency. Its venture financing worth $1.5 to $2 million was later raised by the CEO of Rovio Entertainment.

By 2013, DealDash had 67 employees with yearly revenue of $100 million. It ranks no 2 for most visible startups in Finland. To accommodate reviews and testimonials from customers, DealDash launched

How Does DealDash Work?

DealDash’s business model is similar to other auction sites. It is clearly a gamified approach to e-commerce.

Registered bidders’ first buy bids are priced at $0.60 each on the bidding site. Standard auctions begin with an opening price of $0.0. Every bid on the item increases the price by $0.1 and removes one paid “bid credit” from the user’s balance.

The site allows bidders to choose between placing a single bid by manually clicking the bid button or automatic bidding with “BidBuddy”.

The auction clock restarts after a maximum of 10-30 seconds. Once the auction time elapses, the highest bidder becomes the auction winner.

According to DealDash official site, the series of actions below explains how DealDash makes its revenue:

  • Once the auction begins, a 10-second timer begins to count down.
  • During the countdown, any user with prepaid bids in their DealDash account can place the first bid.
  • If a higher bid has been placed, the countdown clock resets to 10 seconds.
  • This pattern continues as long as higher bids come in until the 10-second clock runs out.
  • At the end of the auction, the total revenue amounts to the prepaid bids placed by the participating bidders and the final sales price of the auction.

How Much Does Deal Dash Cost?

Bidding on DealDash Costs comes in different packs. Bidders can get a pack as few as 60 bids or as many as 1000 for just 60 cents.

If you do not win an item, you are bound to lose the bids except if you choose to buy products through the Buy It Now Option.

DealDash Auctions Last for How Long?

Deals on DealDash usually last for about 20 minutes to an hour and 20 minutes. You need to purchase at least 60 to 200 bids.

Generally, the best times to bid are weekdays during the daytime and holidays.

How Do You Win on Deal Dash?

To win on Deal Dash, you should buy bids in small or moderate packages. Before bidding, you should check out all the packages that bids sell for. Ascertain if they are on sale or sold at the full price.

If you are going to become a regular bidder – you should keep track of how many bids your competitors spend. This will give you a better strategy for winning on Deal

What is DealDash Reviews?

Unlike this personal review on, the company has a full site that it dedicates to getting customers’ feedback.

DealDash reviews allow first-time users to gain insight into what is obtainable on this bidding site. Other users’ experiences can shape your though and propel or discourage you from placing a bid.

How Does DealDash get Its Auction Item?

This bidding site claims it has direct relationships with brands. This allows them to purchase items in bulk, thereby striking great deals per item’s price.

Also, the Finnish Entrepreneur owned company posits that it has bargain hunters who are always looking for great deals.

The company also sells overstock and seasonal inventory from other brands. Recently, DealDash’s full-page announcements in the Wall Street Journal and New York Times indicate that they are liquidating other companies’ brand-new products.

Is DealDash Legit? Company’s View

With a strategic Customer Service team and marketing, DealDash will always pop up on your screen, claiming to be a legit company.

On its blog section, it has a full page dedicated to how legit the bidding site is. According to reviews, the company recognizes the impact of online reviews on brands. So, it will not leave the opinion of customers entirely to make.

Their opinion of themselves is that they are 100% legit. It went further to state clearly that over 24, 000 DealDash customers have reviewed the company on Apple App Store, and the rating is 4.3 out of 5.

On Google Play Store, a larger number out of 37, 000 reviews left them a 5-star review. Stats they say do not lie. However, if this appears to be the situation, I guess you are wondering where the disturbing complaints you see online are coming from.

Well, they have spoken, let’s see what customers have to say about this bidding site.

Searching for other auction sites? Read this Review on Quibids online auction company.

Is DealDash Scam? Customers DealDash Reviews

Contrary to the company’s online image branding, customers have a different view. Although, there are quite a number of reviews about the company online; especially, on and – most of them share an ugly experience using Deal Dash.

A total of 41 complaints were received in three years, with 25 being attended to in the last 12 months.

Major reoccurring issues among these complaints are

  • Buying credits to bid
  • being asked to buy an item for the original listing price – after winning an auction
  • debiting credit cards upon sign up
  • paying for bids and being charged even when you win
  • delay in the arrival of won items

On the other hand, many reviews suggest that DealDash has excellent 24/7 customer service support. This team is professional, polite, and ready to listen to customers and resolve issues in the least possible time.

Is Deal Dash Legit or Scam? An Honest Review

If you browse through reviews on DealDash, you will probably get perplexed.

A lot of reviews littered over the internet, with some sharing very awesome experiences and others – very disturbing experiences.

This review from a DealDash customer summarizes the various opinions sampled online.

“People complain about DealDash, but if you play smart, it’s a great site. I’ve gotten a lot of really great deals since I’ve been part of it. Recently, an item I’d won for a really fantastic price arrived broken. I contacted customer service, and my problem was immediately addressed, and a replacement item was sent to me. I have no complaints about this site at all.”

Clearly, DealDash .com is not a scam bidding site; however, it has a lot of technical issues that should be addressed.

For instance, the terms and conditions for bidding on the site should be duly explained to users. This will solve ninety percent of most complaints online.

The company’s customer service is already doing well, building a reputable image. Basically, before you stake or bid on Deal Dash, you need to understand that you may lose or win just like gambling.

Unlike other auction sites, Deal allows you to purchase the item at a slated price if you lose a bid.



While bidding is an exciting way to purchase items at a favorable lower cost, it could be saddening if you continually lose every bid.

It is important you understand how DealDash works clearly before registering as a bidder on the website. DealDash login page welcomes you to a controversial bidding website.

Read through this piece to discover if you are getting scammed before signing up.




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