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What Is Digital Real Estate? How Can I Invest My Money Into It | 2023?

This platform is the wealth circle, your best spot to learn how to make money, invest, and save. I am confident you visit the Kiiky often to learn about the latest scholarship opportunities and how to become a beneficiary of them.

Well, you need to know that these platforms are someone’s investment in digital real estate. And, that real estate investments have left the shores of land acquisition to the acquisition of internet properties.

Just like physical real estate investments, their worth appreciates rather than depreciates over time. Do you have some money and you are wondering what to invest in?

Or you’ve been in the IT field for some years now and wish to acquire real estate, this article is specifically written for you.

It doesn’t just explain digital real estate; it provides a full guide on how to invest wisely into digital properties in 2023.

A glance at the table of contents below reveals the order in which a series of digital real estate investment questions is duly answered.

Table of contents

What is Digital Real Estate?

Real estate may not sound foreign to you but digital real estate is difficult to comprehend. It’s fine if you think it refers to mansions, lands, and other real estate products in an electronic device.

You are not far from it. In fact, just like buying a house or land to rent or sell for profit, digital real estate involves buying internet products to sell for profit.

In clearer terms, digital real estate refers to purchasing internet properties for sale to make a profit. So many people live off buying and selling digital properties in recent times.

To ascertain this fact, type any two-three four-letter words that come to your mind as a domain name. You will be surprised they are either not up for sale or expensive.

If it is up for sale, someone had bought it previously and now wants to resell; this time at an exorbitant price. So, digital real estate is an investment that allows you to buy and sell internet properties for profit. Below are some of the digital houses and lands you can buy to start up a digital real estate business:

  • Websites
  •  Domain names
  •  Social media accounts and handles
  •  Uniform Resource Locators

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What are the Requirements for Digital Real Estate?

Just like any business, you need the technical-know of it to succeed. The online real estate business is included. In fact, you need advanced technical knowledge and years of experience to start trading and making money.

So many websites may tell you what you wish to hear- “you don’t need any form of experience to become a digital real estate tycoon”.

Well, except you wish to try your luck. If not, true success begins with preparation and adequate training. So, the requirements for online real estate investing will include the following:

  • Knowledge of at least one content management system
  •  Digital marketing skills
  •  Personal computer
  •  Steady power supply
  •  Internet connection

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Is Digital Marketing Important for Digital Real Estate Business?

What you need most on your digital real estate business is content. And, whichever way you wish to make money on your internet properties, you must be visible to your target audience.

So, digital marketing is quite important for your digital real estate business. Virtually, all your properties for sale would need someone to buy or at least visit. This will only be achieved if you’re visible to your audience.

How Do I Do Digital Marketing for Digital Real Estates?

Digital marketing for online real estate involves increasing the visibility of your internet products.

Basically, digital marketing for your digital real estate will include reaching out to more customers through digital channels.

And, to reach an audience through your digital real estates, you may have to employ digital marketing skills like:

  • Paid Search Advertising
  •  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  •  Paid Social Media Advertising
  •  Content Marketing
  •  Affiliate Marketing

What is Digital Real Estate Investing?

This implies putting some money into digital real estate to sell them later for a profit. It could also refer to getting an online property and equipping it to convert to sales.

There are multiple ways to achieve the latter, which will be discussed in detail. Just like real estate investing, digital real estate shares a number of qualities that makes it worth:

  • Accessible – Digital real estate is accessible because anyone can buy it. Anyone can buy it
  •  Appreciable – It increases in value over time.
  •  Rentable – You can lease an internet property out to get returns
  •  Improvable – Digital real estate can be improved over time

How can I Invest my Money Into it | 2023?

It is clear what digital real estate is and what investing in online real estate implies-the next big question is how?

As I said earlier in this piece, you need help understanding any business’s nitty-gritty to succeed.

This principle is applicable to digital real estate investment. Before staking your money, you must understand the nitty-gritty of how online real estate investment works.

The good news about digital real estate investment is the singular fact that you only need some of the money on earth to get started. In fact, it is cost-effective. To invest your money in Digital real estates in 2020, follow the guide below:

Buy or Build Websites

The first step toward digital real estate investing is getting a website for your self. You may need to buy one or better still build one from scratch. The major difference between the two is the cost.

Generally, building new websites cost less than buying an established website. However, it takes longer for a new website to yield a return, unlike an already established website. Below are a number of ways you can put in the required hard work necessary for their growth.

#1. Decide what to do with your website

Whether you buy an established website or build a new one, you need to work hard to ensure your investment yield results.

First, you must decide what content to publish on this platform. You need to keep up with your publications and remain interesting to your audience. In addition, you need to drive massive traffic to your platform. This is the only way your investment could convert to sales.

#2. Advertise on your Websites

Advertising is one of the surest ways to make money off your investment in digital real estate. If several people visit your website, you can easily apply for Google Adsense.

This means authorizing google to place some ads on your website to reach a wider audience. Voila, you get paid for it anytime someone clicks on an ad.

Another way to convert your digital real estate into a money-making spree is by dropping your affiliate link on strategic points on your website. Majorly, one of the things you pay attention to is understanding your readers’ interest.

Then, look for products that appeal to their interest and place them on your websites. Affiliate marketing allows you to earn anytime someone purchases a product using your link.

So, this entails converting your digital real estate into online stores without having physical products. You earn by advertising for a company.

#4. Sell Your Products

As we earlier said, digital real estate investing continues beyond purchasing a website. It involves driving real traffic to your online mansion. If this is achieved, you can sell your products in this space.

Because you are reaching a teeming crowd, you are bound to sell more than if you had a physical store. In fact, if you have investments in real estates, you can clearly state your offers on your digital real estate. That’s like merging two investments into one and making great returns off it.

#5. Publish Sponsored Contents

Well, many marketers and businesspeople who understand traffic’s importance will identify with you. If you run a blog site, you should accept guest posts for money or run ads for companies around you on your platform. This will in turn convert to good money.

Buy and Sell Websites on a Market Place

If you need more time and capacity to build and grow a website from scratch, buying and selling domain names, established websites, and handling resource locators is a great option.

Another way you can invest in digital real estate is to buy and sell established websites on popular marketplaces. You would still need to put in some work to avoid losses.

For instance, you should trust more than just the listings in the marketplace for the exact money the site generates every month. Research on your own and pay attention to the type of monetization strategies a website uses to generate revenue.

A tool like SEMrush would help you analyze the website. Check a website SEO, backlinks, visitor count, and other statistics before buying.

Below are some popular marketing places to begin trading established websites:


Digital real estate investment is a feasible and worthy online investment to make. You don’t have to go bankrupt whichever way you choose to invest, unlike when investing in stock or real estate.

However, you need to put in some work to reap this investment. This article summarizes the possible ways to invest and earn from digital real estate.



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