Do Volunteer Firefighters Get Paid? I Want to Become One

Are you currently thinking about being a volunteer firefighter and confused about whether you may get a little monetary compensation? Well, it is not impossible to get paid as volunteer firefighters, though it is not completely straightforward either.

Volunteer firefighters stop and put out fires and administer the first tool within communities where there are fire outbreaks.

Nowadays, volunteers make up fifty-five% of all active firefighters, which makes it a fantastic first stage on the ladder to being a paid firefighter.

Read to discover what it takes to fill up this essential function and learn exactly how you can create a difference now.

Who is a Volunteer Firefighter?

A volunteer firefighter is one who introduces the first aid treatment to victims of an inferno or other types of fire emergencies.

What are the Duties of a Volunteer Firefighter?

There is a long list of what the volunteer firefighter does apart from just ensuring that a fire outbreak is put off.

Some of the duties include;

  • Search and Rescue: When a group of persons go missing, a volunteer firefighter goes in the group of others to make a search and rescue effort. Places include water bodies, hilly areas, etc.
  • Fire Emergencies: This volunteer responds swiftly to infernos just as paid firefighters would. He carries out the connection of a hose to the hydrant, setting up ladders, and spraying fire to prevent more spread.
  • Emergency medical services: A volunteer firefighter undergoes training on how to get involved in administering CPRs to fire victims.
  • Maintenance: When there is no fire emergency to attend to, a volunteer firefighter works to repair the equipment that has been used to take care of previous outbreaks.
  • Sedentary Work: After responding to an emergency, a volunteer firefighter goes on to create an official report and then, file it up for future purposes.
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What are the Benefits of Becoming a Volunteer Firefighter?

Apart from the fact that you do not receive payment as a volunteer, there are lots of other perks that come along with this position.

We’ll consider some.

Free Training Sessions

As a volunteer, I could bet that you may not have had access to a safety class. But, by doing this, you get all the training you need to do well as a volunteer firefighter.

Most times, the department where you work foots the bills on EMT, CPR, and some other life-saving trainings that are key to your development.

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A Work Family

Those who work along with you in very dangerous times can be more than jst work colleagues. You can call them family!

Your work as a volunteer firefighter bonds everyone of you together that you are likely to go through some personal changes alongside others.

Tax Incentives

In some States like South Carolina, volunteer firefighters receive some tax credits that help reduce their tax.

However, it is important that you find out waht the incentive is like in your state as it varies.

Access to Retirement Programs

According to the number of years you spend in service, most departments will give you access to retirement benefits.

To gain access, you may have worked for up to 10 years or even more as a volunteer firefighter.

Scholarships and Tuition Reimbursement

As a volunteer firefighter, you may be lucky to work with departments who acknowledge the importance of hgher education and then, provide schemes to help volunteers just like you to go through the process.

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Do Volunteer Firefighters Get Paid?

No, volunteer firefighters do not get paid as it is a general rule.

The Fair Labor Standards Act states that anyone who earns an hourly wage must be paid minimum wage and if they work beuond a certain timeframe, they must be paid an overtime rate.

So, the FLSA only recognises those who are paid hourly as employess and not volunteers.

However, it does not in itself mean that a volunteer cannot be given a stipend to cover their gas expenses.

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Should Volunteer Firefighters Get Paid?

While there is an ongoing debate on whether volunteer firefighters should be paid or not, others believe they should stay happy knowing it’s their own way of giving back to the society.

Some persons on the flip side, also believe that those who have stayed much longer volunteering should get some form of compensation.

Here’s our take; it is expedient that you know what you’re going in for before even signing up for it.

This is just so you don’t get really disappointed after so much expectancy. Because, no matter how we twist it, volunteering for a job means no payment while you’re at it.

How Does a Voulunteer Firefighter Foot his Bills?

One can’t help but wonder how a volunteer firefighter keeps up with the bills. So here’s the thing; they all have their respective professions.

Most volunteers are not full-time workers as they can come from anywhere. It is the zeal to give back to the society that spurs them to serve effortlessly.

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Final Thoughts

You definitely should not count on making bank account on the job of a volunteer firefighter – you will neither get a salary nor an hourly wage.

If your division provides for it, you may get a token and this won’t reflect the performance of yours on the task.

Nonetheless, there are certain benefits you may be due for especially as a volunteer firefighter, that could be an extremely enjoyable extra in the senior years of yours.

Most of all, being a volunteer firefighter earns you a lot of respect.



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