7 Places to Donate Eyeglasses in 2022

Whenever you want to change your glasses, you would probably choose to get rid of the frame and lenses as well. Well, I would like to let you know your old glasses can be recycled to create a superior one.

So, why don’t you head to any of the best places to donate eyeglasses to submit your glasses.

You might be glad to know that donating your glasses can help reduce your tax. And who wouldn’t want that? I bet you would.

However, if you’re already paying low taxes, let me give you other reasons why you should donate your glasses.

Why Should I Donate Eyeglasses?

Glasses might be easier to produce and construct due to technology but this ease doesn’t affect the price. Studies have shown that the price of eyeglasses have continued to rise due to production costs.

When you donate eyeglasses, you help reduce the cost of creating eyeglasses. Furthermore, you help recycling which leads to a cleaner and safer environment as tips of glass on the floors are harmful.

So, if you want to donate your glasses, you don’t just walk up to any store. You have to make it count! Let’s see how in the next section.

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7 Places to Donate Eyeglasses in 2022

As I earlier said, there are certain places to donate eyeglasses but there are a few who stand out for different reasons. These ones include:

#1. Goodwill

Goodwill has a noble responsibility of heping individuals with little or no income possess eyeglasses to help their vision.

For this cause, Goodwill partners with other non-profits to provide low-income people with used eyeglasses.

You can find any of their local stores.

#2. Walmart and Sam’s Club

Walmart Vision Centers continue to join arms with the Lions Club to collect eyeglasses. You can find the donation box or asking your local Walmart store reps to help you out.

There are other optical chains within the area that accept glasses as well.

#3. Respectacle

Respectacle is a non-profit agency wherein you can donate your eyeglasses. All donated eyeglasses are distributed to communities wherein they are needed.

You can do this through their mail system.

#4. New Eyes

New Eyes is an organization that accepts a wide range of glasses. Unlike other places, they use drop-off locations near you to pick up your old glasses.

This company accepts all prescription glasses, reading glasses, and sunglasses. They use them for global distribution and also to aid medical missions.

You can access their mail option to make your donation request.

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#5. OneSight

This is an independent nonprofit that has helped more than 8 million people in over 45 countries.

They have gradually set up permanent vision centers and hold charitable clinics around the world. While OneSight basically dispenses new eyewear to patients, they also accept donations of used eyewear and send it to Lions Clubs International in support of their recycling programs.

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#6. Lions Club International’s Recycle for Sight Program

The Lions Club donates over 29 million pairs of glasses every year to developing countries, and you can easily locate their collection boxes in libraries, community centers and other neighborhood locations.

More so, you can easily volunteer at any of their eyeglass recycling centers to process the collection, processing and distribution.

Here are some of their centers.

#7. Eyes of Hope

Eyes of Hope has made it possible for vision insurer VSP Global to provide access to no-cost eye care and eyewear for more than 2 million people around the world. They accept donations of new and gently used eyewear to help push this cause forward.


Donating your eyeglasses will always be profitable than keeping them in a case locked up in an area of your house. You can see that the benefits are tremendous to you and society at large.

Do well to donate your glasses today and make your contribution to a reduced cost for producing glasses and a reduced tax for yourself.


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