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10 Best Free Encrypted Messaging Apps | Ultimate Guide

We live in a digital world where we can access messaging apps that provide a free and easy-to-use service to communicate with friends, family, and co-workers.

If confidentiality is critical for your communication, check out this list of some of the best encrypted messaging apps for Android and iOS platforms. 

What is Encrypted Messaging?

According to, End-to-end encryption (E2EE) is a method of encrypting data that only allows the sender and receiver of the message to decrypt and read messages shared between them.

A message is end-to-end encrypted if your service provider cannot open it on their servers, i.e., only the people you are communicating with can access the message. Not even the Government or developers can access it. E2EE prohibits anyone from seeing the contents of the message except for you and the intended recipient. 

List of Best Encrypted Messaging Apps

Blow is a list of the best Encrypted Messaging Apps available for free downloads.

  • Telegram
  • Whatsapp
  • Wire
  • Signal Private Messenger
  • Viber
  • KakaoTalk
  • iMessage
  • Dust
  • Wickr
  • Cyphr

#1. Telegram

Cost: FREE w/no ads
Number of Users: Over 200 million

Telegram is a popular Encrypted Messaging Apps. Voice calls and group chats involve end-to-end encryption (if both parties have Telegram).

No option to self-destruct warnings files, photos, videos and within a certain time after they sent and received. Even self-destructive news.

Message to the experienced users was more secure App to help the forces of the other side of the ends of the advanced guard, the Secret of the app from Armenia to blot out the words of Arabic if you wish to do the same. A personal chat with this type of device is that you can only access the source device. If yours is protected, you and the secret chats.


  • Private messages can self-destruct
  • Distributed servers are spread globally for security and speed
  • Open API and protocol
  • No limits on the size of media and chats
  • Ability to coordinate groups of up to 200,000 members
  • Messages can be destroyed with a timer
  • Send documents of any type

#2. Whatsapp

Cost: FREE
Number of Users: 1.5 billion

Wherein explicitly inform users not only WhatsApp app-to-end encryption when the goal is mainly applied to chat. WhatsApp was one of the first applications to enable chat and more secure to implement end-to-end encryption communication.

Instead of storing them in WhatsApp his commandments and his servants, ‘If the cybercriminals, and enter the next step, you may not decrypt any messages. Aside from the fact which the traders brought, WhatsApp does not have the key to view the encrypted messages.

By default, WhatsApp obeys its commands in a way that allows them to back up to the cloud of iOS and Android. But this WhatsApp chats allow users to delete the backup cloud.

The downside is that it is inseparable from the WhatsApp of the big tech company (in this case Facebook), which is another feature that looks for analyzing the security app.


  • Ability to share messages, photos, and videos with up to 256 people at once
  • Free video calls using phone’s Internet connection instead of cell plan’s voice minutes to avoid calling charges
  • Built-in camera
  • Document sharing

#3. Wire

Cost: Free version (personal use) and paid (large enterprises) w/no ads
Number of Users: Wire reported that its daily active users are in the hundreds of thousands.

The cost-free version solves and for personal use instead of organizations (large companies) without ads. Users number of active users and daily reports on the state of one hundred thousand.

Some chat app wire safe alternative. After a few apps for the default setting wire and encryption to protect your messages, pictures and files. The thread is at work in the background of the transparent encryption, it is enabled and there is no need in it, and always.

In addition, the new encryption key is applied to a messenger to him, reducing the impact of one key being compromised by the crisis. There is 100% open source, the source code is available for users to test, check and improve the way GitHub. Analytics wire or sell it, she was not given to the use of the parts of the third.

These programs are securely the quantity the fully complies with the laws in the strict sense that has been given to protecting the Union of the European and in the public, it is verified in most of Switzerland and a reward for the effort of communication and collaboration, and in the forum software.

The number of users: publish statistics Now Aliquam non to have a plurality of users, but Google Android Play Store has been downloaded 1 to the sign she gives that was not given to publish 5 million times and iPhone’s App Store.


  • Conferencing
  • Timed/ephemeral conversations
  • 100% open source
  • File sharing
  • Group Chats

#4. Signal Private Messenger

Cost: FREE w/ no ads
Number of Users: N/A

Here is another Encrypted Messaging Apps that can keep you safe. Whisper Systems created Signal as a successor to two separate apps dedicated to encrypted voice calling and encrypted texting.

Millions of people use Signal Private Messenger for free and encrypted communication because it’s one of the most well-known is the size of the secure apps on the market. And safety makes the sign of the secret of the word, which is one of the few apps has its privacy-preserving technology always enabled.

The size of the encrypted signal cross-platform service dedicated to the ultimate end encrypted voice calls and SMS. The product’s encryption has always been at the core of society, and when I asked to be someone, that the proposal is to enhance the protection of the advance farther in the secret of his own tribunal.

For added security, on them to choose the users to have the option of a variety of the range, a conference, which was called in the chat’s history with each other to keep the messenger came to them.

A sign is something donations and grants support open source projects, so neither does the advertising does not affiliate marketing, and covert tracking. And it does not have the key to decrypt the advice of and in his course were a sign, to which you are discussing is the portal to users who are not content with that.


  • Open-Source Protocol
  • Self-destructing messages after a given time frame
  • Uses phone’s data connection to void SMS and MSS fees
  • Encrypted stickers
  • Group chat
  • View-once media

#5. Viber

Cost: FREE
Number of Users: N/A

The Viber app is a cross-platform amount of encrypted space, originally available for iPhone. The application is similar to Skype. When you launch version 6.0 and start Viber end-to-end encryption, for the health of multiple users.

This app is made by an encryption manufacturer. Overview Viber is a great place for people who want to delve into the general security improvements in this information. Rakuten Viber since 2017 and its current company name is based in Luxembourg.

Users of private chat applications can finally enrich themselves with high-quality benefits and the use of such calls is made and the way the famous participant ends up at the end of the encryption becomes easy.

Until you make friends with the vibration, and the data will remain encrypted until the end of the receiver.


  • HD video calls
  • Chat Extensions allow searching GIFs, videos, restaurants, events, etc. through websites without ever leaving the chat
  • Trusted Contacts verify the identities of who you’re chatting with by exchanging secret keys
  • Instant messaging
  • Stickers
  • Service Messages
  • Instant Voice message
  • Public and Group Chats w/ unlimited members
  • Delete Seen Messages

#6. KakaoTalk

Cost: FREE
Number of Users: Over 220 million registered

Like private chat with other applications listed above, Korea’s KakaoTalk application, amount of space and our conversations fully encrypt 2014! To take advantage of this feature, I use the “Secret Chats” function, which is inspired by Telegram.

This feature gives users the end-to-end encrypted messaging public chat option. KakaoTalk’s default chat mode, but end-to-end, is encrypted, so you’ll need to enable it.

The app maker boasts that over 90% of KakaoTalk uses smartphone users in South Korea, where information security and privacy are important.

#7. iMessage

Cost: FREE
Number of Users: N/A

iMessage is one of the best Encrypted Messaging Apps available on iPhone, iPad, and macOS devices. In fact, it’s well connected to the Apple ecosystem, and comes equipped with end-to-end encryption and takes other measures to safeguard your text online.

On top of security, iMessage comes loaded with tons of features, including AR-powered Animoji and Memoji stickers, an easy user interface, and much more.

One handy feature is that you can add YouTube videos, Spotify links, photos, videos, etc. in messages without ever leaving the app. The only downside is that the app is not available for Android (for obvious reasons).

#8. Dust

Cost: FREE
Number of Users: N/A

Formerly known as cyber Dust, this is the use of another term, amount of private space, application-to-end encryption for security and privacy as key features.

This secure chat app disables the possibility of taking screenshots of your messages. It automatically detects and notifies you if somebody takes a screenshot, which makes it one of the most secure messaging apps around. Moreover, Dust is also a social media platform that lets you follow people, send and receive text messages, stickers, links, videos, and more.

#9. Wickr

Cost: FREE
Number of Users: N/A

A group of security experts and privacy advocates created another chat app that offers in 2012.
This app is open source and does not require a phone number or email address for registration. Wickr I was created with privacy in mind and does not collect or access user data.

This page, dedicated to the encryption standard used in Wickr, is extremely useful for those who want to understand how end-to-end encryption works.

#10. Cyphr

Cost: FREE
Number of Users: N/A

Cyphr is another easy to use and free encrypted message for Android and iOS users.
The company’s technical director explains on the blog how Cyphr works for laypeople. We therefore recommend reading this section before installing the application.

Golden Frog, the company that makes Cyphr, also makes a VPN product so they are very knowledgeable about privacy and security.

Cyphr is an unconscious messaging app where your private messages can only be read, shared, or decrypted by third parties. While there aren’t any desktop or web apps yet, Cyphr is worth a try.


In this digital age, security and privacy matters more than ever. If you are concern about your data and value privacy, then it’s a must use an encryption messaging apps to better secure them from spies, hackers or any other malicious actors.

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