15 Best Expense Sharing Apps | Updated

It’s not very easy to track one’s expenses or bills especially when they are shared, this is why everyone needs an expense sharing apps.

You’d never know how much you need an expense sharing apps until you’re caught between during some unnecessary maths trying to balance some change to your roommate, sibling, friend, or friends or whoever it is you’re shared a bill with.

We recognize how difficult this can be and therefore we’d be reviewing some of the best expense-sharing apps in 2021.

Bill splitting apps make it easy for you and your pals to keep track of, split, and pay for shared expenses in one spot.

They make a terrific financial tool for everything from group dinners to family holidays to shared housing situations because they let you upload expenses, split products among numerous users, and track who owes money to whom.

The finest bill splitting applications provide sophisticated features like the ability to upload receipts or cover more advanced bill splitting, such as when one couple at the dinner table wants to pay together or when you agree to split a bill 25/75 rather than 50/50.

After you’ve uploaded all of your spendings, you’ll be able to settle up outside of the app or pay each other straight in the app.

How Does a Bill-Splitting App Work?

A bill-splitting app is a program that you can download to your smartphone or tablet and use to split bills while you’re on the move. It splits the bill’s cost into equal parts and assigns each person’s expense down to the penny.

Some bill-splitting apps may be linked to your bank account, as well as other payment apps and peer-to-peer payment platforms, allowing invoices to be split and paid instantly.

When you go out with a group of friends, you don’t have to worry about underpaying or overpaying because the bill-splitting software helps you evenly divide the expenditures.

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When Should Bill-Splitting Apps Be Used

Because most people don’t carry as much cash as they used to, bill-splitting software is typically the handiest and straightforward way to split a bill’s costs. Here are several scenarios in which you might want to use a bill-splitting app:

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  • Eating out with a large group
  • The restaurant won’t give you separate checks
  • Friend’s birthday dinner
  • Bar tabs
  • Group trips 
  • Buying a birthday gift paid for by multiple people

What Is the Price of a Bill-Splitting App?

The majority of bill-splitting apps are free. However, not all of them are available for Android users, and some bill-splitting applications have both free and paid versions.

Paid versions usually don’t have adverts and have extra features, such as receipt photos. The versions are typically affordable, with some as low as $1.99.

Other apps may charge a fee of 1.5 percent for using a checking account and up to 3% for using a credit card.

15 Best Expense Sharing Apps In 2022

15 Best Expense Sharing Apps In 2022

Below are some of the best bill/expense sharing apps and their features…

#1. IOU

The IOU expense sharing apps help you equally share bills and expenses with whomever you want to share certain bills with. It could be your roommate or just a friend.

With the app you’d be able to keep track of your debts, and also know those you owe, while uploading expenses.

You could also share those expenses equally with the IOU app, as well as send email reminders to those you’re sharing it with.

IOU allows you to create recurring IOUs for bills that must be paid on a monthly basis. It’s useful if you’re planning to split regular expenses like power, internet, or gas.

This tool can also be used to create a payment plan for large purchases. IOU helps you to keep track of various payments and preserve a record of debt history so you don’t get confused about whether or not you paid back your roommate for your current supply of paper towels.

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#2. Billr

Billr doesn’t just allow you to share expenses it arranges and itemize your costs in a place to allow you easily keep track.

The expense-sharing apps cost less than a dollar and are very ideal if you and your roommate are somewhat of nightcrawlers.

With Billr you won’t have to go through the excruciating process of calculating everyone’s entree at the end of a late-night dinner.

The Billr expense sharing app makes the process of eating out fun and easier as you can share items such as wine and appetizers. Billr can also help you add tax and tips. (Alprazolam)

Additionally, you can send a copy of the bill you split to all those involved as an email or text. Personally, Billr is my go-to expense sharing app

#3. OurGroceries

Are you considering sharing meals and drinks with your roommates on a regular basis? OurGroceries can assist you in keeping track of your purchases. If you share some common components, for example, this app can ease the stress of always having these goods on hand.

You can create, edit, and share grocery lists with OurGroceries. To enhance the experience, you can cross off the goods you buy and create extra lists.

The expense-sharing app will help you share grocery expenses so no one feels cheated.

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#4. Splittr

Splittr simplifies the bill-sharing process by making it free and simple to use. This program runs offline, allowing you to calculate expenses whenever you need to.

This expense-sharing app allows you to upload costs and then divide them evenly or unevenly across your group.

Do you wish to receive a debt history? Splittr is also capable of completing this task. The program lets you create a PDF to send to your housemates, ensuring that everyone gets the most up-to-date information.

The app does not require a login and syncs with other users. It can also be used to track your costs.

You should definitely check it out if you’re looking for an expense-sharing app.

#5. Settle Up

Settle Up allows you to split payments evenly or choose separate payment amounts for each roommate. The expense sharing app has share options that allow you to send expenses via email, WhatsApp, or social media.

It also backs up and syncs these expenses so that they are visible to everyone in the group. If you upgrade to the paid edition of the app, you may upload receipt photographs and customize your groups.

For overseas transactions, Settle Up can apply the day’s local exchange rate. If you and your roommates become best friends and decide to go on a great trip together, this app can help you keep track of spending while you’re away.

#6. Splitwise

Splitwise is an excellent tool if you frequently share a variety of expenses with your roommates and need to cope with a roommate bill splitter. You may download the app for free on your iPhone or Android device. You can add spending for everything from shopping runs to happy hour beverages and more, and the app keeps track of who owes what to whom.

Because Splitwise keeps track of your multiple IOUs, you and your roommates can handle reimbursements as a single payment when it’s convenient for everyone. In other words, you won’t have to deal with a slew of small payments that are difficult to keep track of.

Upload an expense and choose who you’ll split it with, then decide how often you’ll settle the bill with your housemates. Splitwise may send out payment reminder emails to assist everyone stays on track.

Overall, Splitwise is a fantastic rent-splitting program that can also be used to split other bills.

#7. Venmo

Venmo is popular, free software that allows you to send and receive money. The software provides a safe way to repay other app users. You can also add a debit card or bank account to send money to your roommates at no extra charge, or retain some cash in your Venmo account to send to them when they want payment.

Venmo is a terrific bill-sharing tool for roommates, as well as a convenient way to transfer money with other people in your life. If you need to repay family members or friends, or if you need someone to repay you, Venmo provides a free option to do it.

Living with roommates can help you afford your ideal home while saving money on other expenses, and it can also lead to lifetime friendships. To keep everyone pleased, you’ll need to communicate and be organized. Sharing bills with roommates can be made easier by using a bill-splitting app.

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#8. Group Me

GroupMe is mostly a group chatting service, however, it does include a Split option. This is useful for raising funds for a collective event or demanding recompense afterward.

Simply click the paperclip icon to the left of the message compose area in a GroupMe group, press collect and input the amount each individual owes you.

People pay with a credit card (there’s a 3.5 percent fee plus 30 cents per donor), and you’ll be alerted when everyone has chipped in. If someone doesn’t have the app, you can get a special link for them to pay over the web and share it with them.

#9. Square Cash and Google Pay

Square Cash or Google Pay are two alternative options for sending and receiving money between friends or acquaintances. You can also send and receive money by email using both services.

Simply attach your debit card to your Square Cash account, then insert the recipient’s email address, Cc [email protected], and the amount in the subject line. It’s the same method if you want to request money, but you Cc [email protected] instead.

Everything is done using the app. With Google Pay, you may send and receive money for free from a linked bank account, or send money with a debit or credit card for a 2.9 percent transaction fee. You may also transfer it by email by using the “Attach Money” icon in Gmail.

#10. Tab

Tab was designed to let you split the bill at restaurants without having to rely on your waiter (or someone in your group who is skilled with numbers) to do all of the work.

It’s one of the few free bill splitting apps that allows you to upload receipts, making splitting a dinner bill as simple as tapping the things you ordered and adding them to your own bill.

With Tab, you can upload with automatic price detection. Also, you can easily split bills equally and the Tab can be integrated with Venmo.

However, advanced splitting might be a bit difficult, and it has no PayPal option.

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#11. Cash App

Although Cash App is more of a regular payments app than a bill-splitting app, it is one of the top bill-splitting applications for students due to its ease of use and popularity among younger people.

When it’s time to pay the bills, you can make cash requests to your housemates, then cash out your balance or load up your free Cash Card.

With Cash App, you can request and send money instantly, make payment with a linked bank account or debit card. You can also receive your paycheck two days early. You could also invest in stocks and pay with bitcoin.

#12. Plates

This is an iOS-only app and it’s owned by Splits. The app would help you split bills just how you want it.

It works by giving every person in the group a plate, and as each individual adds an item to his or her plate, so are the bills added for such person or it’d be shared amongst the group.

Items like appetizers are usually split among a number of persons in the group or all those that ordered for it.

Plates can take up to ten people, giving you the opportunity to have very large dinners. With [lates you can also add tips and taxes, and share the total amount amongst everyone.

#13. Splid

It can be difficult to divide the cost of a group trip. Splid allows you to enter all of a trip’s expenses and then divide them among the participants. Non-trip expenses can also be divided using the app.

For example, if two persons covered the cost of food up front but five people need to contribute to the bill, multiple payees can be added to each charge. You can settle bills in a variety of currencies, with over 150 to choose from.

You can obtain a PDF or Excel file with a complete breakdown of all the expenses if you need an offline record of them. For one group, the software is free to use.

#14. Divvy

You don’t even have to type anything into your phone when using the expense sharing app Divvy on your iPhone. Simply take a photo of your receipt and drag each item to the individual who will be paying for it. Each person’s portion will be automatically adjusted to include the necessary tax and tip. It’s only 99 cents to download.

#15. Bank of Me

Sure, you might offer a pal $20 if she gets this one, but more frequently than not, you might offer to pay for her next lunch if she gets this one. This 99-cent software allows you to create your own currencies in order to keep track of the favors, meals, and beverages your bestie has promised you.

Bank of Me will also keep track of who owes whom what, as well as link with your contacts to send receipts and reminders to your friends.

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All these apps offer virtually the same, but with certain unique features. While some are only for iOS devices and paid for, there are those meant for android and iOS and are also free.

The idea is to look for what will suit your needs and get it.


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