Extra Debit Card Review: How it Works

The Extra Debit card is a game-changer for millions of Americans. One reason the Extra debit card is famous, is that they are the first debit card that helps in developing your credit history without stopping/limiting you from spending your money.

Basically, Extra debit card creates a safe and flexible credit where you have access to build your credit experience over the time of usage. 

At the same time, everyone knows the Extra debit card for their no hidden fees, no credit checks, and no interest rates policies, which has been working for them, and their uses for a long time.

The Extra debit card gives you access to earn rewards each time you purchase or make use of their card regardless of the place, and this makes them more unique than another debit card, as there’s limit to other debit cards rewards to certain places.

Even most well-established banks don’t offer what the Extra debit card offers. 

In this article, I’ll be explaining everything you need to know about, What is the Extra debit card, why you need to have one, how the Extra debit card works, the pros and cons of having the Extra debit card, and more.

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What is the Extra Debit Card?

The Extra debit card is a stealth finance company with the purpose of helping over a hundred million Americans build their credit.

The extra debit card enables users to build their credit history with no interest charges or any other hidden fees of which other debit cards collect.

Also, the Extra debit card allows users to enjoy every big perk they are offering without charges that might limit their credit.

Equally, the Extra debit card also reports Experian and Equifax annually.

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Why You Need the Extra Debit Card?

There are multiple reasons why you should have the Extra debit card, and most of these reasons will help you decide on the debit card you should get next. 

The Extra Debit Card makes use of your spending to build your credit up with the top credit bureaus. This means they report all of your transactions on a monthly basis to Experian and Equifux.

Also, they report these transactions as positive information (timely payment) to help you build your credit. However, the Extra debit card offers their uses a chance to increase their credit history and also earn rewards each time they make use of their card.

 The Extra debit card is also safe to use as they increase the level of their security, as they take care of their user’s personal information.

In case of a fraudster or scam alert, the Extra debit card will send you a real-time mail informing you of the transactions you make with your Extra debit card, and when you notice that you didn’t make any other transactions, you can notify their member concierge.

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We all want to earn some reward for something, and the Extra debit card can help you earn some points for each transaction you make regardless of the location or the reasons.

You get point and exclusive access to the Extra shops. When you purchase goods or services with your debit card you earn points and these points can be used to boost up your credit score. 

One reason you need the Extra debit card is that they help increase your credit history and here is how they do that. All the transactions you make at the end of each month are gathered and will be reported to the credit bureaus in order to help you increase your credit history. 

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How Does Extra Debit Card Works?

Are you curious about how Extra debit cards work? Well, you are on the right page.

An extra debit card is the first debit card to help you build your credit score, and they do that by gathering all of your transactions within the month and reporting them to the top credit bureaus. 

The Extra debit card helps you to monitor your credit score and help you build your credit history. This is how the Extra debit card works, they link your bank account to your debit card, although they do not help with credit checks but help you figure out your limit through your bank account.

Once you sign up, your bank account is to be linked with the Extra debit card, and then you can make some purchases with your card and it will build your credit score.

The debit card does not charge you for any hidden fees and at the end of every month report your transactions to credit bureaus and this will boost your credit and help you take loans in case you are looking forward to taking loans from banks.

When you make transactions with your Extra debit card, they spot you for that certain transaction, Extra debit card is a card that helps you build your credit while they give you a spending limit based on your bank account.

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What are the Eligibility Status for Applying for the Extra Debit Card?

Here are the few requirements for applying for the Extra debit card:

1. You need to be 18 years of age or above 18.

2. An ITIN or SSN number are required, so it is a must to have one of these numbers.

3. A physical address is required, so you can receive your extra debit card.

4. You need to have a valid US/Canadian-based bank account, so you can link your card.

How to Apply for the Extra Debit Card?

If you think applying for the Extra debit card is difficult, then you’re wrong because it is very easy with few requirements. Here are a few steps on how to apply for the Extra debit card:

Step 1

The first step is to visit the official Extra page. The link to the official page- -https://extra.app/application?device_tag=brbCUW7gIVQARiiNTHsogJNtaenlmoGwZ9

Step 2

Then click on the “Apply now”, then proceed to click on the box asking if you are up to 18, then click on “Begin Application”.

Step 3

You will need to input some of your personal information such as your phone number, your email address, and afterward select “Continue”.

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Step 4

I will send a verification code to your phone number or email, then input the code and click on continue. Then complete your application by providing you SSN and other private information and finally connect your bank account. Then wait for the approval.

Where Can I use my Extra Debit Card?

For the Extra debit card, you’re not limited to just one place, as you can make use of your debit card anywhere they accept MasterCard and this is easy because MasterCard can be used anywhere.

Even if you decide to travel, you can make use of your extra debit card abroad and still continue to score points when you make various transactions and this will help you build your credit.

How Long Does it Take Before I Can Get the Extra Debit Card?

Usually, Immediately your Extra debit card is approved, you’re expected to receive your debit within five to ten business working days.

And if it is beyond that time frame, you can reach out to the Member concierge in the Extra app or visit their website to read through the debit card policy reports.

How Much Does it Cost to Get an Extra Debit Card?

One of the best perks about Extra debit card is that they don’t charge you much as other debit cards do. But they charge a flat monthly subscription, which ranges from $7 and above and you can decide to pay them all at once.

When you make a purchase with your Extra debit card, you get at least 1% cashback as a reward making it easier to pay for the monthly subscription.

With an extra debit card, it doesn’t cost much to main as you won’t have any reason to be bothered about hidden fees, steep interest, or even data mining, and they offer more rewards.

Pros of Having/Using the Extra Debit Card

The Extra debit card is the best and first in helping their users build credit, and also offer various perks. Here are some of the advantages of having/using the Extra debit card:

1. One of the missions and advantages of having an Extra debit card is that they help build credit, when you make a purchase with your card, your extra debit card helps you increase credit with no hidden fees or and extra charges.

2. Here is what we like more, the reward part, a most debit card does not offer what the Extra debit card is offering in terms of credit. With your card, everything purchase you make will earn you 1% with no interest charges.

3. The Extra debit card offers you no credit check, as this is rear with other debit cards, and this gives you the opportunity of enjoying the advantages of a credit card with your extra debit card.

4. There is no delay for using your extra debit card because your card works immediately after getting it.

5. Extra debit card requires a working bank account but not necessarily a new one. You don’t need to go through the trouble of opening a new account as your old one can be linked to your extra debit card.

6. With your extra debit card, there are no credit checks and no deposit required because you can only spend what you have in your bank account, and this will have a positive impact on your credit score.

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7. Extra debit card is safe to use as you don’t have to be on edge each time you make transactions, and you’ll get fraud alerts in case there are attempts to your card or any suspicious activities. 

8. Extra debit card is one of the safest ways to build credit and earn some points when you make transactions. And when you make transactions in a foreign country, no fee is required

9. The Extra debit card has excellent customer support that replies immediately.

Cons of Having the Extra Debit Card

Just as the advantages of the Extra debit card are amazing, there are also some downsides to the debit card.

Here is a few lists of the downsides of having the Extra debit card: 

1. One of the disadvantages of the Extra debit card is the monthly subscription fees, the debit card charges up to $7 for this fee. And for credit building with reward plans, you’ll pay up your $12 USD.

2. As much as the debit card promotes earning, it offers limited rewards because if you don’t spend up to $500 or more, you won’t earn up to $3 and you can only cash them out in Extra’s store. The terms and condition for earning is limited.

3. There is a monthly fee of $7 for a basic plan or $12 for the plan that includes rewards, and if you plan on paying them all in a year, it will cost up to $108/year

4. Most debit card gives you access to withdraw cash, but there is no access to ATMs with the Extra debit card.

5. The Extra debit card is not insured by the FDIC but their banking partners are FDIC insured.

6. The Extra debit card customer support is also limited to the live chat on their official website.

7. There is no access to ATMs with your Extra card.

8. The Extra debit card does not offer any welcome bonus or promotion to new users.

How Secure is the Extra Debit Card?

FDIC might not directly insure the Extra debit card, but FDIC well insured their partner bank Trust, and they create a legal way to build your credit score.

The Extra debit also sends direct mail to their users informing them of any suspicious or fraudulent activities, and also help in blocking these transactions.


Can the Extra debit card ruin my Credit score?

Answer: No, having the extra debit card only help build your credit, not to ruin them.

Why should I apply for the Extra debit card?

The extra card is the only debit card that helps you build your credit score.

Is Extra debit card safe to use

Yes, Extra debit card is safe to use.

Does Extra debit card really help build credit?

Yes, the extra debit card helps you increase your credit.

How long does it take to get the Extra debit card?

Once your account is verified, expect to get your card within five to ten business days.


The Extra debit card has more benefits than its downside, and they can help you build your credit score.

They also offer more cash back rewards each time you make a purchase and you can redeem them at the Extra’s store and they are safe to use.

I am certain this overview will answer most of your questions on “Extra Debit Card”.


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